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The Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test score ranges from 60 to 240. The average final PSAT score for 10th grade is about 125. The average PSAT score for 11th grade is roughly 140. The overall average in 2014 was 142.

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It varies from year to year depending on the average score of the test.

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The PSAT score needed to earn National Merit scholarships changes from year to year, based on the scores of the test takers.

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Q: What is the average final score for the PSAT?
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What has a maximum score of 240?

psat test score PSAT, the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test

How do ptsa scores differ from SAT scores?

PSAT scores give you a general idea of what score you would make on the SAT. Adding a zero to your PSAT score gives you a ballpark number of what you would make on the real thing. The highest score possible on the PSAT is a 240, while the highest score on the SAT is a 2400. The PSAT is not an acceptable test to send to colleges in place of SAT scores. However, the PSAT can earn you recognition with scholarships for making a high enough score.

What do the percentiles on the psat score report mean?

how students compare with other psat test takers

What is a great psat score?

Over 9000

What is a perfect score on an psat?

On the psat the perfect score would be a 2400. because u add a zero to the end of the number. so if u get a 240, that's a perfect score. on the sat, 1600 is the perfect score.

Is 176 an ok score for the PSAT if I did not study at all?

A PSAT score of 176 places you in about the top 25% of PSAT test takers. According to the website of the College Board, for 2009 the average score of PSAT test takers was 141. A PSAT score can be multiplied by ten to get the rough equivalent of what a student is likely to make on the SAT unless he engages in serious SAT preparation efforts. If an SAT score of 1760 is likely to be sufficient to allow you to gain admission to the colleges that you want to attend, then 176 is an "ok" score on the PSAT. If you would like to make a higher SAT score than 1760, then you should go to the website of the College Board an register for their online course about how to improve your SAT score. You should be aware that a few random hours of study is unlikely to impact your SAT score. You may need to spend five hours or so per week for many months taking practice SATs and studying SAT preparation materials in order to improve your SAT score. But it can be done! Good luck!

What is the highest PSAT score you can receive in 2011?


What is the maximum composite score on PSAT?

240 points

Is there anyway you can get psat scores again if you lost them?

PSAT scores are sent to the schools, so if you have lost your PSAT scores, ask the guidance counselor at your school for the score report.

I received a 223 on the PSAT what do I need to score on the SAT to become a National Merit Finalist?

They only check your SAT score to see that you weren't cheating on the PSAT, so you would need to get close to 2230.

Which of following is not a test score required by at least some applicant?

the psat

Is a 155 psat score good for a sophomore?

Actually its pretty good but remember that the PSAT is alot easier then the SAT. anyways Good Luck!