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Tests that are administered under controlled conditions are called standardized tests. They are used to measure IQ, determine how much a child has learned, and in a number of other ways. Whether your question is about standardized tests in general or a specific test, you can ask it here!

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How long does it take to walk 8 km?

about 50 mintues

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Where can you find your 1974 ACT scores?

You would have to inquire through the ACT website. They do keep archives. That long ago, I am not sure about. They might, but you will have to pay an additional fee for them to retrieve it from the archives.

Standardized Tests

How do you pass a Biology benchmark?

Well I have a PhD in BioChem, so here is how I pulled it off. First study all sections that will be on the test, what I mean is vocabulary and key points. Then go to a friends house and have him test you, also dont be stupid and wait till the last 3 day to study, because then there is a 95% chance you wont get an A or B+. So just study, study, and study. Plus how did you get to biology if you can not figure out a way to study?

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How can you study for the CogAT?

buy and do the building thinking skills company. it has great questions that are similar to the cogat. the lessons are alike too.

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How do you get a test prototype made?

Getting a Test PrototypeHere's one company that does it:

Central Indiana Pattern and Mold (CIPM, Inc.) does prototypes. They can make anything from many different materials, including wood, plastics, urethanes, metals, fiberglass. They have been in business beginning with the owner's father, since 1974, and have since acquired computerized methods and machines in addition to the traditional ways. They welcome new business and new customers.

To the left are some more links that may help (hatchone, cosmeticindex, pardev, t2inventions, utleys).

If you wanna make the prototype in China, there is a reputable company name Vulcan Industry Co.,Limited who can also do the prototype with good quality

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Is woodfield high school a scam?

Woodfield is an online high school offering accredited high school diploma program. In general, accredited schools are considered legitimate. Woodfield offers prior learning based diploma program, which provides academic recognition to individuals based on their acquired knowledge, experience, skills, or talents. These programs are different from conventional educational system because it is an online program and it is a prior learning based diploma.

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Free practice test for phlebotomy exam?

Is no free practice test on line. Everyone is asking for money.

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What are GRE and Toffel Test?

The GRE is the Graduate Record Examination, required at most US universities for entrance into a graduate (Masters or Ph.D.) program. the TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, required by students for whom English is not their first language for acceptance to most US universities for undergraduate or graduate studies.

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What is a perfect ACT score?


United Arab Emirates
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Previous question paper for moh exam in uae for pharmacist?

For details search these sites: www*pharmawebs*com

and for previous questions: www*pharmawebs*com/Exams*aspx( please replace the stars with dots when you put it on your browser )

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High School

Will the quality of your high school affect your chances of getting into a good college or is it just based on your grades and tests?

Great question! And the truth is, yes, while every college does things differently, the admissions committee will take your high school into consideration when reviewing your application.

But that doesn't mean that coming from a so-so high school is going to prevent you from getting into a GREAT college, so don't worry!

Basically, admissions committees look at your high school to give you and your application context. And that's important because every high school is different! Some have more opportunities for students to take AP classes, for example. Some weigh their GPAs, while others don't. Some are very, very small and others are very, very big... which means being number 20 in your class can mean very different things. At some schools a 4.0 is the best GPA you can get and at others the scale is out of 10! And at some schools, GPAs don't exist!

So the admissions committee is going to look at what kind of school YOU came from and what your profile looks like in that context.

If you go to a school that offers 20 AP courses and you only take 2, they're going to look at you a bit differently than the student who took 2 AP classes at a school that only offered 2.

And if you have a 4.0 in that school that offered 20 AP courses and you coasted through your 4 years taking all easy courses, that 4.0 isn't going to look as impressive as the student who took every opportunity to challenge himself/herself at the school that only offered 2.

Does that make sense?

So no matter what school you are coming from, the admissions committees want to see students who are challenging themselves as much as they can, and taking full advantage of the opportunities available to them. You will NOT be negatively affected if your school didn't have as many opportunities available to you as the fancy private school up the street. But you WILL be negatively affected if you didn't apply yourself and push yourself as hard as possible in your personal high school environment.

Standardized Tests

How accurate is the Lorge-Thorndyke IQ test?

It is said that it isn't accurate because it only tests one "type" of intelligence. However it is my opinion that is accurate to a great degree.

[Spelvin adds] The Lorge-Thorndike is, as you may know, a group test, not a test that a skilled examiner gives to an individual. Its "accuracy" is a function of a testing authority's willingness to stay within the guidelines for interpreting and using such test results.

The "Examiner's Manual" for the Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence Test states:

"To evaluate the ... validity of an intelligence test one can examine the items to see if they require a pupil to make responses which one would call 'intelligent'. [Note: This is "face validity."] The items for the Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence Tests were selected so that, for the most part, they deal with relationships. In answering most of the items a pupil is required to find a principle and then apply it. The tests, then, have been designed to measure reasoning ability." [emphasis added]

One example of the limitations of the Lorge-Thorndike IQ test is the finding that in the few studies that have explored its effectiveness for evaluating children with learning disabilities, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (a test administered to individuals) has emerged as the preferred instrument for that purpose.

Before we agree that the test measures "intelligence" and that it is "accurate," we have a long row to hoe.

Standardized Tests

How many reading passages are there on the PLAN reading test?


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Thoughts on woodfield high school?

There are many schools called Woodfield High. You need to specify which one you are referring to.

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Which are examples of Roman achievements?

Invention of the dome and concrete.

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Difference between teacher made test and standardized test?

Teacher made test are designed to evaluate students on what has been taught with respect to the curriculm whereas standardized test are designed to test on the subject matter without regard to standard reference or curriculm.

Standardized Tests

How do you pass your music test?

Let's start with this: Do you know the material that will be covered in the test?

Standardized Tests

Where can you take free practice CLEP tests?

Check out the related links below.

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Importance of teaching and learning materials?

By: Respicius Rwehumbiza (University of Dodoma)


To assist pupils to enhance their memories. Usually, pupils can remember concrete materials in a longer periods rather than abstract facts.


To make it easier for teachers to present their lessons. With the help of teaching aids, teachers do not need much to explain a certain concept by using many words.


Using teaching aids such as prepared charts with important information, teachers can save a lot of time because it is no longer required to write notes on the boards for the pupils to copy.


To stimulate the pupils interest so that they will concentrate on their lesson.


To help teachers to present their lesson precisely.


To enable pupils to relate concrete things with abstract facts.


To assists pupils to carry out enrichment or remedial activities.


To enable pupils to do research by using project or inquiry-discovery method, and to draw conclusion with the help of learning aids; and


To help pupils to solve problems themselves with learning aids.

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Which states release their bar exam results first?

The order in which states release their bar exams differs greatly. There is no "set" order. However, it seems typically that states with smaller populations are released earlier (WV, WI, AK) with more populous states (like CA, NY, FL, VA, NC) released later. The WV bar released their July 2008 results 6 weeks after the exam (mid-Sept). Ohio didn't release until early November.

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What is the standard test for hydrogen?

Insert a lighted splint into the reaction test tube. If it extinguishes with a "pop" sound, Hydrogen is present. The duller the pop the purer the hydrogen is.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.S. that's a burning splint.

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Where can you get the WASSCE syllabus for the 2010 examination?

I added a link below where you can get the syllabus.

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When do you get back the SHSAT scores?

the school gives you a paper telling you if you passed or failed early February

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Are there answers for FCAT Explorer?

There are, but it would be inappropriate and a violation for them to be shared on WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers does not promote nor condone cheating.

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How long after you take the ISEE will you receive your test results?

you get your test scores several months after you take the ISEE, usually in the beginning of summer. i took my ISE in January and didnt get it until June.


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