Secondary Education

Secondary education is the stage of education that comes after elementary education. It is often the last stage of compulsory education.

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Borders and Boundaries
Secondary Education
High School

What is the ' Mumbai high ' and 'Vasai high ' called?

Gas stations

Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High

How do I get my boyfriend to hug me in Junior High?

get really close to him and if you have to just ask for a hug, he shouldn't reject a hug from his girlfriend :

Or you could just start crying and see if he does it of his own accord

Just ask -gimme hug

Secondary Education

What are some Flirty hairstyles for middle school?

A lot of the girls I know pull there hair back completely then put a hair band in.

Plus bobbi-pins are really big for pulling back locks of hair out of your face.

And just your hair down not in a ponytail is cute too!!

Having your hair half up half down and curly is quite popular round our school, especiallu with big Bow bobbi pins

School Subjects
Secondary Education

Contoh esei kerja khusus pendidikan moral ting4?

kerja kursus pendidikan moral ting 4

Secondary Education

What does an AP student mean?

An AP Student is a high school student who is taking one or more "Advanced Placement" or AP, courses. Depending on the score obtained on an exam at the end of the course, the student may receive college course credit or even be excused from a college course requirement in the subject covered by the AP Course.

School Subjects
Secondary Education

How many days a week do children go to school in Germany?

Children inGermany go to school 5 days a week.

Senior Secondary Certificate SSC
Secondary Education

6th class annual exam papers in state syllabus?


Math and Arithmetic
Secondary Education

How many equal side does a pyramid have?

A pyramid does not need to have any equal sides. A REGULAR pyramid has as many equal sides as the number of sides on the base. So, a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron) will have 3 equal faces, a square based pyramid will have 4, etc.

Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High

How should you handle your middle school crush?

just take your time with her be a friend to her/him stand up for her/ him then when your ready ask if she want to study over and then you should tell her how you feel

Basketball Rules and Regulations
Secondary Education

How far back is the 3 point line in middle school?

12 feet

Justin Bieber
Secondary Education

What elementary did Justin Bieber go to?

jeanne sauve catholic school, a french immersion school in stratford, ontario.

History of Canada
Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High
Terry Fox

Where is Terry Fox Junior High School?

It is in Calgary Alberta i go to that school

Secondary Education

What is the meaning of postulate?

To stand firm on an argument as truth.

Math and Arithmetic
Secondary Education
Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values

What is the history of percent?

The word percent comes from the Latin, per centium, literally 'of one hundred' and is an abbreviation in English of the French pour cent from when the Franks controlled Britain. The use of percentages, or similar standards in probability, has been seen in pre classical China, India, and Egypt, with is believed first appearance in India around 3500 BCE (date subject to debate)

Secondary Education

Tugasan harian pendidikan moral tingkatan 4?

Saya nak tugasan harian untuk kerja kursus pendidikan moral tingkatan empat.

College Applications and Entrance Requirements
Senior Secondary Certificate SSC
Higher Secondary Certificate HSC
Secondary Education

NECO GCE exam registration website?

when is exact place to register the n.g.c.

School Subjects
Educational Methods and Theories
Secondary Education

Give three examples of force pairs that occur when you do your homework?

1. Inertia

2. Friction

3. A force when you move your pen or hand

Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High

What does it mean that a middle school girl holds on to your hands in middle school?

It means she likes you! If you like her too then ask her out!

Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High
How To

How to organize your locker in middle school. girl?

For girls it is harder to get organized because usually we get obbsesed with it. You could use labels for every book or every thing that you have. You are going to need some sticky notes to remind you of your stuff(it would be better if you carried them with you). You also need an agenda to copy down your homework and a notebook for your notes. if you have dress code at school it would be good for you to have a shirt, jeans, and a jacket in your locker too. Under some of you thing you need to keep a pad or a tampon for experiences. You are going to need a corkboard and tacks. You may also need a mirror. You are going to need to have a pencil holder with pencils that are sharpened in case something happens to your pencil case(we never want detentions for being late for class).

Now here are some tips to decorate your locker

always have a mirror

put a small stuffed animal if you would like to

a picture of you and your BBF or your boyfriend

stickers and much creativity



Basketball Rules and Regulations
Secondary Education

Who are the top 3 middle school basketball players in Kentucky?

1. luke ezell

2. Cole janes

3. Andre Harris

Math and Arithmetic
Secondary Education

What does a 4 mm circle look like?

What is the size of a 4MM kidney stone? Comparable to a BB or a Pea?

0.157 inches to 3 decimal places, or practically 5/32 inch, so smaller than a pea.

India Colleges and Universities
Secondary Education

Why are some students always late to school?

Because they don't want to get up or maybe because they were partying, texting, on facebook, or playing video games the night before.

Learning Theories
General Educational Development (GED)
Secondary Education

Why education is better than money?

because education brings happeniess and money does not.

money is the root of evil while education is the founder and sustainer of happiness

Math and Arithmetic
Mathematical Finance
Secondary Education

What is 80 percent of 5 dollars?

4 dollars

Secondary Education

What is Academic Center Of Excellence?

Academic Center of Excellence is a tutoring center in the Ardenwood area of Fremont, CA. A.C.E has served students in Fremont/Newark/Union City school districts and other areas in the East Bay since 1994!

Academic Center Of Excellence Location: 4942 Paseo Padre Pkwy,Fremont, CA 94555. For more information about A.C.E visit their website at www. for more info.


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