Middle School/Junior High

Middle schools and junior highs are environments designed to be a transition from elementary school to high school. Middle school focuses on the unique needs of children between the ages of 11 and 14.

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Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High

How do I get my boyfriend to hug me in Junior High?

get really close to him and if you have to just ask for a hug, he shouldn't reject a hug from his girlfriend :

Or you could just start crying and see if he does it of his own accord

Just ask -gimme hug

Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High

How should you handle your middle school crush?

just take your time with her be a friend to her/him stand up for her/ him then when your ready ask if she want to study over and then you should tell her how you feel

HSC Maharashtra Board
Maharasthra State Entrance Engineering Test MHT-CET
Middle School/Junior High

What is the date for the DEd CET new GR maharashtra?

ded new gr

PRE 2006i(4767)/PRA SHI-1 Date-16 DEC 2009

History of Canada
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Terry Fox

Where is Terry Fox Junior High School?

It is in Calgary Alberta i go to that school

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Middle School/Junior High
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Request letter to principal for admission in school?

how to write a request letter to the principal of a school about the admission of my son to the primary school.

Middle School/Junior High

How do you make a locker organizer?

It's really simple.


Small box like a pop tart box, mini cereal box, cream of wheat

Magnetic strips or double sided foam stickies to make it stick to your locker


wrapping paper or any color construction paper

tape or glue

crayons or markers


1.) Cut out the lids from your small box. You can cut it anyway you want.

2.) Take your wrapping paper or construction paper and carefully wrap it around your box.

3.) Cut out excess paper you don't need.

4.) Put the magnetic strips or double sided foam stickies on the back or your box(es.) Tip: If you're using a double sided foam sticky, then don't peel of the sticker until you're ready to put it on your locker. If you do, the sticky will wear out.

Put anything in your boxes. Great for makeup, combs and hair accessories, medicines, lotions. Basically any feminine products.

Also: If you're using plain construction paper you can used markers or crayons to decorate the box so it doesn't look boring.

Enjoy being organized!

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Middle School/Junior High

Is being a tattle tale bad?

yes, and no

sometimes telling is the right thing to do. especially if someone is going to get hurt. but some times its not worth telling on people if its only a little thing.

think about it like this is anything REALY bad going to hapen if you don't tattle?


Tattling is not wrong. If something has happened that is still weighing on your mind then its best to get it off your shoulders. Tattling is neccesary even if the person is not going to be harmed. Stealing does not harm the person however it is something that should be "tattled" on (think of yourself as the one being stolen from) Friends doing drugs most definentely is harmful and should be "tattled" on, very low level and annonymously. As much as they would be mad at you for telling on them (briefly if they are true friends) The time you "tattle" may be the "push" out of that lifestyle they need.

Most of the time, if you are constantly thinking about a certain issue then you yourself are concerned. When your friends tell you what they've eaten for dinner, do you feel the need to tell autoritive figures? No, you most likely forget, however if something that had happen or something that had been done is on your mind, the feeling you most likely are feeling is guilt. Guilt for knowing something and not doing something about it. You yourself could put forth the effort before-hand and try to fix it without adults help. But if you fail or just know it is out of your hands, then its best someone is notified about the problem.

**Answered BASED on Middle/Junior High

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What are seven reasons not to talk in class?

Primarily because it is incredibly rude unless you are called upon.

1. You get yelled at.

2. could get detention

3. sent to principle's office

4. Teacher or whoever might talk to your parents and get severe consequence.

5. someone might tell the teacher that your talking

6. could go on report making you stay back a year

7. could go on permanent record

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Middle School/Junior High

What does it mean that a middle school girl holds on to your hands in middle school?

It means she likes you! If you like her too then ask her out!

Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High
How To

How to organize your locker in middle school. girl?

For girls it is harder to get organized because usually we get obbsesed with it. You could use labels for every book or every thing that you have. You are going to need some sticky notes to remind you of your stuff(it would be better if you carried them with you). You also need an agenda to copy down your homework and a notebook for your notes. if you have dress code at school it would be good for you to have a shirt, jeans, and a jacket in your locker too. Under some of you thing you need to keep a pad or a tampon for experiences. You are going to need a corkboard and tacks. You may also need a mirror. You are going to need to have a pencil holder with pencils that are sharpened in case something happens to your pencil case(we never want detentions for being late for class).

Now here are some tips to decorate your locker

always have a mirror

put a small stuffed animal if you would like to

a picture of you and your BBF or your boyfriend

stickers and much creativity



High School Football
Peyton Manning
Middle School/Junior High

What are the benefits of playing high school football?


Having fun and staying in shape. But it mainly, in my terms, depends on what positions you would succeed in. i.e., if you were a skinny person and tried to play on the line, you would be crushed by the lineman.


Sports, particularly contact sports, are a great character-builder.

It takes courage to continue to 'go for the ball', for instance, when you know a defender is bearing down on you. Sports help teach teamwork and they teach sportsmanship, whether you are winning or losing. They teach stamina of body and stamina of mind and concentration. You learn how to place the body second for the accomplishment of a goal ... and, generally, they prepare you for a happier, healthier, longer life with more friends than would be otherwise.

I believe another benefit of playing sports, especially those where one moves in close proximity to others, is spatial awareness of others in one's regular daily living and in interaction with them (an awareness, and spatial consideration, of other moving people around you).


- Release Stress - Stay in Shape - Build Muscle Mass - Build Friendship - You could get a scholarship if you are very good - Fun activity - You could get chicks ;) - Gain Discipline - Learn more about the game - Entertain a Crowd

makes you more of a team player and allows you to get a good scholarship to a more advanced school

:Personally I play high school football. It's a great sense of pride, and it gets your name out there, and you make a lot more friends. All around, it makes a really great time, and is definitely worth doing.:

If the person playing high school football thinks playing football is fun, this is a benefit. This is probably the most important benefit there is to playing high school football or any sport. Is it fun? Do you enjoy playing the game?

If not, there are other benefits as well. These are somewhat less valuable if you ask me.

Becoming a great high school player can save the student money on college if he gets a scholarship. If he develops into a superstar there is a chance he can make lots of money as a professional.

Middle School/Junior High

The sum of two odd numbers is always odd true or false?

False. The sum of 3 and 3 is 6. And 6 is even. The product of two odd numbers is always odd. false the sum of 2 odd numbers is always even 3+3=6 5+5=10 103+103=206

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Baseball Rules and Regulations
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Middle School/Junior High

Can metal cleats be worn at junior high level?

well it depends they cant be worn in little league but in feb ball the can and it high school they can also be worn

Middle School/Junior High

Amu scholarship of abk union high school class 5th to 10th?

abk union high school boy amu scolarship 2011 list

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High School
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How many years is high school?

High School has 4 years it consists of the first year level (I), the second year level (2), the third year level (3) and the fourth year level (4).

ANSWER First year - Freshman

Second year - Sophomore

Third year - Junior

Fourth year - Senior

Car Selling
Middle School/Junior High

Where are dealer seminar schools in Florida?

Try searching for "auto dealer license training" in the Google search form to the right. Then click on the ads or the search results. There may be no Florida-specific training available. All dealers must go through a two day course that is known as the Florida Auto Dealer School. They are generally held on the weekends at various locations throughout the state. Call your local DMV office and they can give you the number. Cost is around $150 if memory serves me correctly. Call 1-888-587-0004 to schedule school

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Where is breckland middle school located?

Breckland Middle School is usually known as BMS and is located here:

Crown Street



ip27 onj





Solar System



And Libby Cash is a HALF FAMOUS 11yr old who went on BGT once.

Middle School/Junior High

What school did Marco polo go to in junior high and high?

Marco Polo did not go to junior high or high school. Such schools are a relatively recent invention, and did not exist during his lifetime (ca 1254 to 1324). The term High School is not recorded before 1505, though the school being described was older. Junior high schools are newer than that.

We know Marco Polo was educated, and had been taught how to do a number of things associated with merchant life, but that he knew little or no Latin. This points to an education in a type of school that existed at the time called an abacus school, in which the children of medieval merchants were taught reading and writing in their own language, and mathematics using Arabic numerals and with an abacus.

There is really very little we know of Marco Polo's early life. We do not even know when or where he was born. It is believed he was born in about 1254, probably in the Republic of Vienna, though we do not know exactly where, and the republic covered a fair amount of Italian countryside, with many towns, in addition to the city.

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What is phone number for Williams Middle School Williams Arizona?

Williams Middle School Phone NumberThe phone number posted on Google is (928) 635-4672.
Teen Dating
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What does it mean if a guy says he needs time to decide if he likes you in middle school?

What he probably means by this is that he wants to think over whether he wants to make the commitment or not. He might think that if he says yes straight away you might be clingy and go tell everyone. If you reassure him that that isn't going to happen, something good could happen.

Math and Arithmetic
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What are the square numbers between 5000 and 6000?

√5000 ≈ 70.71 → first square number is 71²

√6000 ≈ 77.45 → last square number is 77²

→ The square numbers between 5000 and 6000 are 71², 72², ..., 77² which are:

5041, 5184, 5329, 5476, 5625, 5776, 5929

Shot Put
High School
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How much does a high school shot put weigh?

12 pounds form men

Cars & Vehicles
Nissan Maxima
Middle School/Junior High

Why would a 2000 Nissan Maxima not start after replacing an ECM but still starts with the old unit?

First check to see if the security light stays on steady while cranking. If so, the key must be reprogrammed to the system. If the security light is off then the software must be downloaded into a Consult II or Consult III the downloaded into the ECM via the Consult II or Consult III. The Consults are dealership items.

110 Meter Hurdles
Secondary Education
Middle School/Junior High

What is the height of a middle school hurdle?

boys- 33"

girls- 30"

Middle School/Junior High

How do you make all the boys in school like you?

Why would you want to make all the boys in school like you? Girls will be jealous of you, boys will get mad if they can't get you, friendships will be broken up, and lots of unnecessary drama. Just be yourself! Dressing cute and flirting a little once in a while won't kill anybody, but just make sure you don't go over the top because remember, it's always chicks before dicks!


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