Bowling is a fun and healthy sport in which players try to score points by rolling a ball through a lane towards the target pins or balls. Bowling varies in different countries, but still the fun never changes.

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How much does it cost to start a bowling alley?

The price can depend on a number of factors, such as if the property is purchased or leased, how many lanes, if scoring needs to be purchased, etc.


What is a perfect game in bowling?

A perfect score/game in Bowling is a 300. It occurs when you get 12 strikes in a row. Yes, there are only 10 Frames, but if you get a strike in the last frame (10th Frame), you get two more shots.


What is position round in bowling?

The position round in a bowling tournament or league occurs when the currently ranked #1 bowler (or team) bowls against the #2 bowler (or team), #3 bowls #4, #5 bowls #6, and so on.


What does opens mean in bowling?

Open bowling means that the lanes are open to the public, because currently there are lanes that are unoccupied by leagues/tournaments.

There is also a term called open used when you do not get a pick up your spare.

= =

An open is also a type of tournament. There are 2 types of tournaments. There is an open where anyone can enter the tournament and there is an invitational where you must qualify one way or another (depending on the tournament) to play in a tournament. Either type can be a pro-am tournament where both professional and amateur bowlers can bowl. There are tournaments that only a professional can enter and some tournaments that only an amateur can enter.


What is astro bowling?

Astro bowling is when they turn off all of the lights and turn on the black lights and the multi-colored lights. They do this at night or for a special event.

Cricket (Sport)

Does the new ball rule apply in county cricket?


Apart from changes of innings, the "new ball rule" only applies to Test cricket, which is always international.


What drops faster a 100lb bowling ball or a 10lb bowling ball?

Near the surface of the earth, all objects fall with the same acceleration; after any period

of time spent falling, all objects are falling with the same speed, and have fallen the same

distance. If there's any difference in falling behavior between two objects, it's the result of

air resistance. If they fall through a region where there is no air, a feather and a battleship

fall with the same acceleration. If they're dropped side by side, they stay side by side all the

way down.

This has been known for roughly the past 500 years.

Right. The gravitational attraction is bigger, but so is the inertia in the same ratio.


What is the circumference of a bowl?

It can range from from 26.704 inches to 27.002 inches.


How far apart are arrows on bowling lane?

A standard 10-pin bowling lane is 41.5 inches wide. There are 39 boards, and the arrows are spaced every 5 boards. Consequently, the arrows are 5.32 inches apart on center.


What weight is Norm Duke's bowling ball?

Norm Duke uses 16-pound Storm bowling balls.


Is there a left handed bowling ball?

Of course! If you just want to use a house ball then you might have to search around a bit to find one. But if you're buying one then they will typically drill the holes for you so that it can fit correctly to a lefty.


When should you replace a bowling ball?

whene ever you want to

or wen ever it braeks


What skills are needed to play bowling?

Balance, hand/eye coordination and control, core strength, basic hand and arm strength, focus, concentration, and the deisre to have fun!

Salary and Pay Rates

What is the salary of a professional bowler?

As of the 2007-08 PBA season, the highest winnings in a year was by Walter Ray Williams who won $419,700 in the 2002-03 season. In a good season, a professional bowler might make $175,000-$225,000.


How many strikes is a turkey in a bowling match?

A turkey is three strikes in a row. In ten-pin bowling, this results in an increase in scoring for the initial strike to the maximum of 30 points (10 points plus 10 for each of the two succeeding balls thrown, which are strikes).


How long is a bowling alley lane?

60 feet.The same length from the pitcher's mound to home plate.


Do you have to make a reservation if you go bowling with your family or do you just buy tickets there?

Wow. someone lives under a rock. Everyone knows that you have to sacrifice your first born son to go bowling. JK all you have to do is drive there, go up to the counter and ask for a lane. Then just give them your credit card number and social security number. After that you should be good to go.

Real Estate

Why was Marzano's Miami Bowl on Archer torn down?

The city offered to buy the land when the Marzano family decided to get out of the bowling business. The also sold Clearing bowl to the city.

Word and Phrase Origins
Vintage Slang

What is the origin of the bowling term lily referring to the 5-7-10 split?

The term lily is referring to the petals of a lily. I have also heard the term 'Grandma's Teeth' used for the 5-7-10. I've always heard this called "the sour apple".

Math and Arithmetic

What did one bowling ball say to the other bowling ball?

im gonna beat u rolling egghead

r it said nothing because bowling balls cant talk


Where to buy international bowling balls?

there might be some on-line or at some bowling Ally or something

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Points for knocking down all pins in one frame in bowling?

If you get strikes in all of the frames in a game, it is called a perfect 300 score

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Where was the bocce player Umberto Granaglia born?

Umberto Granaglia was born in Italy.


What is the top bowling company?

Brunswick Bowling is the highest revenue bowling company in the world.


How can you pick up a 5-7-10 split?

First Response:

Use two balls! {laughing out loud}

Second Response:
This is one of the more difficult splits to pick up. I stand slightly left of my strike shot setup. Aim for right side of the 5 pin. The goal is to shoot the against the wall and deflect it into the 7 pin so that the 7 pins shoots towards the 10 pin.

Another common method is for people who use plastic balls for their 10 pin shots. Stand left (though not quite as left as one would for the 10 pin only) and throw a straight balling aiming to the right of the 5 pin. The goal is for the 5 to take out the 7 and your ball to deflect into the 10 pin. Many people feel this is more difficult to pick off than the 7-10 pin split.


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