Pokemon Black and White

Pokémon Black and White are the latest games in the Pokémon franchise for the Nintendo DS system. These games feature new Pokémon as part of the 5th Generation of Pokémon.

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How do you get Pokemon eggs in Pokemon black?

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Get a bit and girl chimecho give the girl a pure incense and put them in the day care

How do you revive a fossil in Pokemon White?

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You have to take a fossil to Nacrene City Museum. The lady at the entrance will tell you that if you have any pokemon fossils, she can revive them for you. Give the fossils to her, leave the museum run around a bit, come back and she will give you what ever is in the fossil you got.

Dome Fossil - Kabuto

Helix Fossil - Omanyte

Old Amber - Aerodactyl

Claw Fossil - Anorith

Skull Fossil - Craniados

Shield Fossil - Shieldon

Cover Fossil - Tirtouga

Plume Fossil - Archen

How do get Rotom on Pokemon Black and White?

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On Route 15, there is a little trailer right before you leave and in there, a lady will trade you a rotom for a ditto.

What level does muuna evolve in Pokemon white?

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Munna evolves by stone, not level.

it evolves with moon stone

Where do you get the three musketeer Pokemon in Pokemon black?

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1. Cobalion Surf to mistralton cave, a guy will tell you about it inside the cave. Surf+Strength required.

Once cobalion is killed / captured, the other two of the trio can be caught

2. terrakion victory road, (from the top) go down and take the path on the left (the middle is where the end is, right is where you came from) strength required

3.Virizon pinwheel forest. deep inside it, easy to find. nothing required.

they all come at level 42 and are good to use for the league.


See the related link for more detail.

Can you fight gary in Pokemon Black and White?

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Gary's name in SoulSilver is Blue, so the name Blue will be used to tell how to get a rematch. Blue is always too busy, so you have to go to his sister, Daisy, in Pallet Town. Get a massage every day between 3 and 4 p.m., and when a Pokemon reaches a certain happiness level, she will give you Blue's phone number for a rematch.

What happens after you beat Cynthia in Pokemon black?

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Nothing really important. You can re-battle Cheren at Victory Road, train further to get your pokemon to level 100, Battle Subway things, exploring... But yeah, nothing really important from now on.

You've beaten the game. Hurray~

Can you trade unova Pokemon to Pokemon HeartGold?

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Yes you can but only after you get the national pokedex. You have to go to the poke transfer lab which is like the pal park. Hope this helped :)

How do you get victini without wi- fi or trading?

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To get victini on Pokemon black/white :

First you must get the "Liberty Pass".

(If you haven't got it , use the mistery gift and obtain it on Nintendo WFC (Requires Internet) Or you can go to a shop that sells Pokemon black and white and you ask if they are giving "liberty pass")

Second , you must go to Castella City. Then you head left all the way to the corner. Then you go down. You will see a yellow boat , talk to the lady near the boat and she will take you to "Liberty Garden".

Third , when you are in liberty garden , you fight all team plasma members , and you enter on center cave. Then you go all way down , and you will find victini.

Hope i helped !


Can you play Pokemon Black and White version on your PC?

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No. It doesn't exist but you can try and download a hacked version or even hack it yourself from a DS

Where do you get the TM mean look in Pokemon black?

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Mean Look isn't available as a TM. Pokemon can only learn it by themselves
You can look around Stores and talk to a lot of people or one gym leaders will give you it!!

Hope I Helped a bit!!

Is this a good team of Pokemon Samurott Volcarona Hydriegon Scrafty Gigalith Conkeldurr?

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personally i don't like to have multiples of a type, like you have chandelure and cofagrigus, and i think chandelure is better than cofagrigus, i don't think emolga is a good Pokemon at all, if you want a good Pokemon, krookodile is amazing, as well as hydreigon but if you don't want to go to lvl. 64 to get it haxorus is a beast too. I feel like there are better fighting types in the game, like conkeldurr or mienshao. i do like the samurott and chandelure, i think vanilluxe is pretty good, but i like fast Pokemon so i wouldn't get it. hopes this helps.

different person

first of all you have 2 ghost types. now i wouldn't prefer two Pokemon of the same type. you could either switch chandelure with a darmanitan cuz you don't have any Pokemon that has great offensive stats also with a high speed stat. or another option is to switch emolga with an archeops which is the best flying type i in the game even for its terrible ability it also has a blistering attack stat and then you can switch cofagrigus with a zebstrika or a galvantula which are great Pokemon to use and can get rid of water types even though emolga can, there are much better Pokemon out there. other than that your team is pretty good, you just need to fix a few things in it. also you could get a dragon type or a ground type in there to replace vaniluxe if you want and don't listen to the other guy about scrafty. its a great fighting type blessed with dark typing and can learn both bulk up and dragon dance so i think it could ohko mienshao with hi jump kick after a bulk up or dragon dance and 2hko conkeldurr with the same move after a few of those stat boosting moves.

What good Pokemon that could beat the elite four in Pokemon black version 2?

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A good pokemon to catch would be sandile (and turn it into krookodile) because he is strong against Chantel (ghost type user) and Caitlyn (phsycic type user) then I would probably get a Conkeldurr/Gurdurr (gurdurr evolves into Conkeldurr when traded) because he is strong against the Dark type user (forgot his name) finally, just get alot of pokemon for backup against marshal (use Dig which Krookodile can learn to make his Mienshao fall when using jump kick and make her HP go down) and after that, it should be easy. Scraggy is a good pokemon for the game in general.

Here are all of the Elite 4's weaknesses:

Chantel: Dark and Ghost

Dark guy: Fighting

Caitlyn: Ghost and Dark

Marshal: Flying and Pshycic

Are Pokemon white 2 and black 2 the same game?

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yes they are, there is Pokemon Black edition and Pokemon White edition.


Like with past Pokemon RPG games, the new games will be available in two versions upon launch, and then a updated 3rd version is usually available about 2 years later with more features and in some cases, new forms of Pokemon as evident in Pokemon Platinum.

When does deerling change form?

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Deerling will only change form if it's in your Party. If it's in the PC, it cannot change form and won't change right away when withdrawn from the PC. Just save and reload the game and it should change it.

Pokemon Black 2 where is the gym leaders?

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you have to beat your friend in the Pokemon school. then you go to the gym. this is also available in Pokemon white version

How do you delete Pokemon black data?

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Press Up + SELECT + B Button on the title screen if you want to erase the current saved game file

What is pokemon number 636 in pokemon white?

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Larvesta, the basic form of Volcorona. You can breed to get one of hatch onr from an egg you get on route 18

What is the outbreak Pokemon in route 15 in pokeon black?

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The gates in Unova have a monitor inside that will alert the player where an outbreak is taking place. During winter, the monitor may occasionally not report on outbreaks, which is due to parts of Route 8, where Croagunk can be found, becoming frozen during Winter and not allowing the Pokémon to be caught there

Here is a list:

Paras Route 11 15-55 B W

056 056 Mankey Route 15 15-55 B W

083 083 Farfetch'd Route 1 15-55 B W

084 084 Doduo Route 12 15-55 B W

102 102 Exeggcute Route 18 15-55 B W

161 161 Sentret Route 7 15-55 B W

193 193 Yanma Route 14 15-55 B W

204 204 Pineco Route 16 15-55 B W

228 228 Houndour Route 9 15-55 B W

235 235 Smeargle Route 5 15-55 B W

236 236 Tyrogue Route 10 15-55 B W

261 261 Poochyena Route 9 15-55 B W

285 285 Shroomish Route 11 15-55 B W

311 311 Plusle Route 6 15-55 B W

312 312 Minun Route 6 15-55 B W

313 313 Volbeat Route 3 15-55 B W

314 314 Illumise Route 3 15-55 B W

353 353 Shuppet Route 13 15-55 B W

360 360 Wynaut Route 2 15-55 B W

449 449 Hippopotas Route 4 15-55 B W

453 453 Croagunk Route 8 15-55 B W

How does piloswine evolve in Pokemon white?

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Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine by learning AncientPower. Your Piloswine can remember AncientPower(since it's a Lv. 1 move) by going to the Move Family's House in Mistralton City, and giving a Heart Scale to the reminder girl. Then, level up Piloswine while it knows AncientPower.

Can you catch Latios in Pokemon Black 2?

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You can only get latias in pokemon black 2 by link trade or poke-transfer, but you can get latios in pokemon black 2.

What is a good way to get victini on Pokemon black?

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There was a Victini giveaway a while ago and there might still be the event one still out.

Other than that you can:

-get from a trade

-action replay

I reccomend the trades bcuz theres always someone out there willing to trade.

How can you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon White?

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What you will need is:

  • 2 DS systems
  • A copy of Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon White
  • To have beaten the main story on Pokemon White

Once you've beaten the main story on Pokemon White, go to Route 15. You'll find a building there that will give you the Poke Transfer option on the main menu. You will need to use the Download Play option on the other DS to send Pokemon over.


  • You cannot send Pokemon from White back to Pearl
  • The Pokemon you transfer cannot know HM moves
  • They cannot have Items equipped to them
  • You cannot send Eggs
  • You cannot send Spiky-Eared Pichu

How do you get leavanny on Pokemon black?

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Catch a Swadaloon and give it a Soothe Bell. It will evantually evolve into Leavanny. (Swadaloon evolves with friendship.)

How do you earn easy money in Pokemon black?

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