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Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream... Chocolate has been a favorite confection throughout the ages. Ask or answer questions about this sweet treat.

Asked in Chocolate

What is the chocolate Brenda Leigh Johnson eats on The Closer?

I think they're Ding Dongs. Ding Dongs is her favorite and is shown in the series several times (if my recollection is correct.) In the season 4 finale where Brenda marries Fritz, TV Guide's "Jump the Shark" wrote an article lovingly titled: The Closer Finale: Ding Dongs and I Dos, February 25, 2009. "Our favorite moment of the episode came at the very end, when Brenda ditched her wedding cake in favor of her beloved Ding Dongs. The look on her face as...
Asked in Science, Chocolate, Hot Chocolate

Why placing a lid over a cup of hot chocolate keeps it warm longer?

If you place a plastic cover over a cup of hot chocolate it stay hotter longer because the heat is trapped in a material that prevents it from escaping. For instance if you placed a tissue it wouldn't stay hot long because the tissue is made of cloth that has very tiny holes. The heat is carried by heated air which expands and so has lower density than the surrounding air and therefore rises. So if you prevent that heated air...
Asked in Chocolate, Gluten

Are ferrero rocher gluten free?

I have just researched online and it seems they contain wheat flour therefore are not gluten-free. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Chocolate Chips

How many gram a chocolate chip cookie?

A small cookie may be 5 or 6 grams, but a large or jumbo cookie could be 10x or 15x that. ...
Asked in Food & Cooking, Chocolate

Can very old cocoa powder make you sick?

Yes it could but it depends how old it is. But you shouldn't eat anything that is old. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Chocolate Chips

How do you sweeten semisweet chocolate chips?

You could melt them with some sugar, but it would be easier just to buy milk chocolate chips if you didn't want semi-sweet. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Is copha an alternative for cooking chocolate?

Copha is a name for solidified coconut oil. Some web posters have suggested using another form of solid vegetable shortening may work. It is not a substitute for chocolate, but is used in a number of recipes which also contain chocolate - Rocky Road, Chocolate Crackles. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Cakes

Does cocoa have sugar in it?

No, cocoa does not contain sugar. A product labeled "Hot Cocoa Mix" or "Hot Chocolate Mix" would contain sugar. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Is chocolate irresistible?

It is to me. Maybe to a lot of people also. I love chocolate and anything that has chocolate in it. If I am full and someone offers me chocolate, I'm not full anymore. everyone tells me that chocolate is the best thing on this planet. i cant have it. so it can be irresistible. i am allerigic to cocoa and its in chocolate so i am pretty much screwed. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Why does ice melt faster than chocolate?

Chocolate has a higher melting point than Ice. Ice is around 1 degree, where as chocolate is higher. Therefore, the second ice is taken to above 0 degrees, it melts. ...
Asked in Animal Parasites, Centipedes, Chocolate

Can you get worms from eating chocolate?

Not usually, no. Lol no but I also believed you could until I was in my early 20s.. Seems my mum didn't want my teeth to rot! ...
Asked in Cooking Measurements, Chocolate

How much does 1 pound of chocolate cost?

Its about $1.50 to $3 (grocery store prices). It also depends greatly on the quality of the chocolate. If you're getting grocery store chocolate, it will be cheap (and low quality) where you might get higher grade chocolate and pay substantially more but get a much better product. Which one you should aim for depends on what you plan to make and who you will serve it to. ...
Asked in Chocolate

How much does 1 ton of cocoa beans cost?

Today its 3.439,38 us dollar. The price will change with the season it will be at its lowest between September and November when most of the producers selling ...
Asked in Chocolate, Hot Chocolate

Is hot chocolate good for you?

No, its not the best choice...but it is good for your soul. :)
Asked in Switzerland, Chocolate

What makes Swiss chocolates so good?

I just did an extended tour of the Swiss chocolate factory, Callier, in Broc (near Gruyere) and I was amazed at the ingredients, Selection of the base cocoa beans based on global locations are critical to the creation of great chocolate. Also, using key ingredients found in the area help make the chocolate different from all others. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Candy

What candy is never on time?

How about choco-late?
Asked in Desserts, Snacks, and Treats, Chocolate, Candy, Candy Bars

What is the most expensive candy bar?

The most expensive candybar is called wispa gold
Asked in Chemistry, Temperature, Chocolate

What is chocolates melting point?

85 degrees for milk chocolate 92 for dark chocolate
Asked in Veganism, Chocolate, Chocolate Chips

Where can you buy vegan chocolate chips?

Trader Joe's has vegan chocolate chips! As does Whole Foods and several online retailers. Check the packaging on chips at your local grocery store, often times a semi-sweet chocolate chip or baking chips are accidentally vegan. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Candy Bars

Did World's Finest Chocolate bar get smaller?

This is so funny...i am eating one right now...i remember selling these when i was in grammar school and they definitely did get smaller..i just made the same comment minutes before reading this.... ...
Asked in Definitions, Drama and Acting, Chocolate

Who is the narrator in trifles?

there is no narrator, its a play there is no narrator in a dramatic plays
Asked in Baking, Ingredient Substitutions, Chocolate

What is the conversion of powdered cocoa to unsweetened chocolate?

The exact conversion of commercial powdered cocoa to equal unsweetened chocolate is usually found on the cocoa container. For "Trader Joe's unsweetened Cocoa Powder," the conversion is: 3 Tablespoons cocoa powder plus 1 Tablespoon oil = 1 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Candy Bars

Where was the chocolate bar first made?

willy wonkas chocolate factory CONOR SCOTT IS AMAZING