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Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream... Chocolate has been a favorite confection throughout the ages. Ask or answer questions about this sweet treat.

Asked in Cooking Measurements, Cooking Techniques, Chocolate

How many ounzes in a tablespoon?

I'm assuming you're talking liquid measurements here. There are eight ounces in a cup, and sixteen tablespoons in a cup, so that makes two tablespoons per ounce. A tablespoon would therefore be half a liquid ounce. ...
Asked in Christmas, Chocolate

When do you start eating chocolate on an advent calendar?

December 1st i think. that's when we start. but the true meaning of Christmas is not just the chocolate and presents, but christs birth ...
Asked in Desserts, Snacks, and Treats, Chocolate, Cakes, Chocolate Chips

Why do chocolate chips sink to the bottom of cake mix?

The Chocolate Chips are heavy so they just sink to the bottom the same way we can drown in water if we can't swim. If you use mini-chocolate chips, wet them with water, milk or extract and then coat them with a light dusting of flour, they won't sink to the bottom of the cake mix. ...
Asked in Health, Conditions and Diseases, Chocolate

Can chocolate cause a fever?

No, normal amount wont cause.If some one has allergy to chocalate it is possible to have fever but is extremely rare occurance. ...
Asked in Chocolate, Candy Bars

Who invented the galaxy chocolate bar?

It is part of and was invented by the Mars Company. It was launched in 1956. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Where is dove chocolate made?

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Asked in Chocolate, Hot Chocolate

How do you make frozen hot chocolate?

Make Hot Chocolate and put it in the freezer.
Asked in Chocolate

How do you unseize chocolate?

Add a tablespoon of milk or cream, mix well and reheat. Keep adding a tablespoon at a time until it reaches the desired consistency. ...
Asked in Recipes, Chocolate, Pastries

Is Chocolate eclairs made from puff pastry?

No. Eclairs are made from choux pastry. Choux pastry involves cooking flour,butter and water, then adding egg. The egg acts as a leavening agent in a choux pastry. A puff pastry uses layers of butter or other solid fat between a bread type dough that puffs up due to air and water expansion between layers of fat and dough for leavening, it does not contain egg. ...
Asked in Chocolate

What is writing chocolate?

writing chocolate is melting chocolate to a liquid form, then emptying the ink in your pen, refilling it with melted chocolate. I think. Or you can melt a chocolate bar till it is soft and write with it. ...
Asked in Chocolate

What wax from madre de cacao extract?

Cocoa butter.
Asked in Chemistry, Chocolate

Is melting chocolate a reversible reaction why?

Yes. It's just like ice to water and back to ice. - - - - - "Reaction" implies a chemical change. Melting chocolate is a physical change. (Hardening melted chocolate can involve a whole series of physical changes but that's a different issue.) ...
Asked in Chocolate, The Difference Between, White Chocolate

What is the difference between couverture chocolate plain chocolate and coating chocolate?

Couverture is used mainly by professionals because it is a lot more temperamental to work with. It contains only cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar (and milk solids in the case of milk chocolate couverture). In order to be properly labeled as "couverture", the percent of actual cocoa butter must be between 32-39% I'm not sure what is meant by "plain chocolate." If you just mean chocolate chip kind of chocolate, then that more depends on the brand, but basically it's chocolate with...
Asked in Insects, Spiders, Chocolate

Why do they have insect legs in chocolate?

During summer,don"t buy chocolate with nuts.
Asked in Chocolate, Cookies, Chocolate Chips

Are morsels chocolate chips?

Morsels just means small pieces of something. In a cookie recipe morsels generally refers to chocolate chips. ...
Asked in Mice and Rats, Chocolate

How much chocolate does the UK eat per year?

The UK consumes about 605,000 tonnes a year
Asked in Chocolate

What US City was Called Chocolate City?

houstin Texas
Asked in Conditions and Diseases, Allergies, Rashes, Skin Disorders, Chocolate

Can chocolate cause a full-body skin rash with red swollen bumps or - on mild days - small red bumps?

Chocolate allergies have several possible symptoms. A red bumpy rash is among them. Some others are: * Headaches * Migraines * Hay Fever * Hives * * Heartburn * Rectal itching * Confusion * Breathing problems See the related link below for more information on chocolate allergies and the symptoms. ...
Asked in Monkeys, Mice and Rats, Chocolate

Is chocolate poisonous to monkeys?

Chocolate is dangerous to any animal but humans. A few chemicals in the chocolate is really hard for them to digest. It blocks their systems and it will be fatal. ...
Asked in Baking, Chocolate

What can you substitute dutch process cocoa with?

Any other brand of baking cocoa
Asked in Temperature, Food Science, Chocolate

Is chocolate at 50 degrees Celsius a liquid or solid?

Chocolate is liquid at 50°C. Chocolate melts around body temperature (37°C), so that is why it melts in your mouth. ...
Asked in Chocolate

Can you eat chocolate when you have fever?

I don't see why not.