The stomach is a part of the digestive system where food is broken down by acid. It is then transferred to the intestines.

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Digestive System

What tube connects the mouth and the stomach?

The esophagus (also spelled Oesophagus) is the tube that connects the mouth and the stomach. It works through continuous wavelike muscle contractions known as peristalsis, along with downward gravity, to move food and liquids from the mouth and throat into the stomach.


How can you make your butt bigger and stomach smaller?

Butt bigger and stomach smaller
  • For a smaller stomach you need to do cardio exercise. Cardio is the best fat burning exercise. A healthy diet is essential, too. Make good use of 'fat burning' foods and quality protein. In addition, colon cleansing can help. Eliminate all junk food and refined (processed) carbohydrates. Allow yourself treats just once per week. Doing yoga (for breathing techniques) while doing cardio exercise can also help.
  • To get a better butt do weight training. Eat small amounts of good carbs such as low carbohydrate berries and non-starchy vegetables before working out. Make good use of fat burning foods such as quality protein. Increase your daily water intake by at least three glasses. When working out always increase your resistance and reps at least once a week and change your exercises every few days.
  • Contrary to popular belief, crunches alone will not help you get a flatter stomach. All this will do is build muscle UNDERNEATH the layer of fat that already exists. To get rid of this layer of fat, you must first change your eating habits (more veggies and less refined carbohydrates and fatty foods. Do cardio exercise, such as brisk walking, for 20-30 minutes 3-5 times a week. Only do abs exercise after you have lost the fat.
  • You need to burn off calories through cardio exercise. Change you eating habits. Eat less saturated fat and use beneficial fats. Let go of the junk foods and refined (processed) carbohydrates. Refined (processed ) carbohydrates are the major cause of fat accumulating around the abdomen.
  • Exercises that you can try: Squats. Those really do work. When you go down, squeeze your butt so it firms it. Look straight ahead and squeeze your bum while bending your knees. Try using heavy weights that allow you to do only 6-15 reps of squats. Ball squats. This is an alternative to traditional squats. Place an exercise ball against a wall so you can rest the middle part of your back on it. Hold weights in each hand and lower your body down, legs hip wide apart. Lunges. (However, some suggest squats rather than lunges, saying that lunges may flatten and tighten your butt, while squats will make it rounder and firmer.) Walking lunges. Kickbacks or "donkey kicks". This is where you kick your leg back while on all fours. Do 12 repetitions with 2 sets, three times a week. Standing kickbacks with weight. Side and back kick outs. Stairs. Try running up and down stairs holding in your stomach Walk uphill on your toes (this also builds your calves). Jog on a treadmill with a hill incline. Running bleachers. Leg curls. Weight training (by target training), remembering that you have to tightly squeeze the butt in order to target that area. The buttblaster at the gym.
  • Cardio exercise if the best for fat burning and stomach fat.
  • Old school crunches (with legs to work the lower tummy too) and to make your butt bigger and tighter try lunges and donkey kicks.
  • Swimming, especially legs-only (kick) with a flutterboard will definitely work your butt. Check out the butts on Olympic swimmers.
  • To build a bigger butt, you might need to include squats and sprints to your list of exercises.
  • If you can afford it, get a personal trainer and tell him or her exactly what you want to achieve. Do not just ask the person at the gym unless he or she is professionally qualified. If you plan it yourself, you may want to try the following books: The Woman's Body Bible (Adrianna Bocanegra). Women's Strength Training Anatomy (Frederic Delavier). Fit for your shape (Matt Roberts). The body sculpting bible for women (James Villepigue).
  • Do not overdue it, more than 45 minutes exercise continuously can be negative, producing excess cortisol, a hormone with great importance in how we assimilate fats. Do not train every day, the muscle only develops with alternate periods of exercise-rest. Weight training sculpts you, Pilates gives position, dance (best are Latin dances) helps to burn calories and work the curves. Skating, principally ice-skating, can also help.

For more information about how to use cardio exercise, weight training, and 'fat burning' foods, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.


Why do you get an upset stomach after eating sugar?

Not alot of people get this, but it is usually just your stomach making sure its safe.


Is falling to sleep with a full stomach or an empty one better?

Dont go to sleep starving, but don't eat a full meal before bed. There is a happy medium. Have a healthy snack an hour or so before bed time.


What could cause a sharp pain below your stomach on the left side of your body?

If the pain is persistent or chronic, or varies in intensity and isn't just a fleeting pain (which could be gas), then you may have a problem in your colon (inflammation, ulcerated, or a spastic colon, or even severe constipation) .

If you are mid cycle and female, and the pain is lower left hand side of your abdomen, it may be pain sometimes felt when ovulating. This may also be felt lower right hand side when your ovulation takes place from the ovary positioned on the opposite side.

To be sure of the diagnosis, if any pain persists, then you should see your Doctor, telling him of any other symptoms that you have noticed since you have had this pain.

If the pain is severe or accompanied by vomiting or other distressing symptoms, as with any severe abdominal pain, you should go to an emergency Doctor or your Emergency Department.


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What is the gas in your stomach called?



Can you live without a stomach lining?

no, the acids in the stomach would burn your organs.


What kind of epithelium tissue line the stomach?

simple columnar

Men's Health

How much does a adult male stomach weigh?

it weighs about 2-3 pounds


Does paper dissolve in the stomach?

we dont have anzim for hidrolis of sellolas in ather word i think that we cant digest paper


Why does rennin clot milk quickly in the stomach?

I think you mean Rennet . Rennet is the lipoprotein that turns milk into curds & whey to separated the milk for cheese making, if you add a small amount of rennet to formula milk it clots quickly forming a lumpy mass & is often used for children with a weak esophageal sphincter muscle that results in projectile vomiting.


Why does red meat upset your stomach?

It is because red meat takes longer in its journey through your body to digest, and then "goes off" while on its travels, which then release toxins that cause an upset stomach

Red meat never upsets my stomach nor does it "go off" in my stomache. I chew my meat before I swallow and since your system was designed to use meats and veggies and grains and nuts of all types you shouldn't be having any troubles if you chew your food properly and don't over eat and eat slowly.


How long does it take to get your stomach pumped?

It completely depends on the contents of your stomach.

Say you took a bunch of pills; depending how many you took, it'd take about an hour or so.

Say you drank a lot of booze, that would take about an hour.


Why does decaf upset your stomach?

and regular doesn't?

Conditions and Diseases

Are cramps gas vomiting upset stomach diarrhea and weight gain symptoms of a digestive disorder?

  • Doctors will pass this off as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and there is no such disease (I had that confirmed by a Gastroenterologist.) In many cases it can be the depletion of the mucus lining of the stomach (happens in many people.) I would see a Homeopathic doctor and discuss this with them. There are many things that will help build up the mucus lining of the stomach. It wouldn't hurt to have a good physical and also be checked out for thyroid (T3/T4 blood test) and gall bladder as these can cause the same symptoms.

Have you tried a pregnancy test? These are symptoms of digestive disorder, but they are also symptoms of many other ailments as well.

Yes, they are symptoms of a digestive disorder.

All these symptoms can be caused by PREGNANCY...the weight gain for obvious reasons, the others as side effects of the hormonal changes. The digestive changes usually cease after the first 3 months.

They can also be caused by eating a diet very high in refined carbohydrates, but low in fibrous vegetable matter. The lack of fibre makes the stools very loose, while gas (and resulting bloating) are caused by the fermentation of partly digested food in the digestive tract. The bloating creates pressure which causes pain, which can be severe enough to cause vomiting. As such a diet usually also involved excessive quantities of carbohydrates, there is an excessive intake of calories, leading to weight gain.

The rise of such symptoms is in step with the rise of obesity in a population; supposedly more than 25 million Americans (some 10% od the population) suffer from such symptoms under the catch-all title of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a syndrome often self-diagnosed thanks to the widespread publication of the symptoms by drug manufacturers offering over the counter remedies for it. IBS is much less known in countries with lower obesity rates.

The majority of digestive disorders caused by disease lead to weight LOSS, as most digestive system diseases prevent proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, including glucose, and often additionally cause eating-related pain/nausea and reduced appetite.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Stomach and Abdominal Pain

When pregnant does your stomach begin to bulge below or above your belly button?

All women are different. But I'd guess the average women starts to show lower on her belly. When I first started to "show", it looked like I got a layer of fat over my tummy, hips and waist. Then I started to notice a small bulge very low on my stomach.....which just seems to expand all the time!! As your uterus grows upward, you'll notice higher on your abdomen becoming larger. What some refer to as a "bump" in early pregnancy usually shows under the belly button where the uterus is located. As time goes by and baby grows, you will show in various ways depending on how your baby grows. Some women carry high in late pregnancy, some low.

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What causes stomach fluttering spasms?

gas or you could be pregnant and feeling the baby kicking.


What is the cause for stomach bruising?

trouble swolowing and tough to breathing and hurts to cough


What fruits can be eaten when you have stomach ulcers?

Apples, pears, tomatoes, peaches. Just avoid the acidic fruits like oranges and grapefruits and limes.


What causes thickening of the stomach lining?

Some specific conditions, but in general it is from chronic inflammation, infection or irritation.

Conditions and Diseases
1982-1994 Chevy Cavaliers

What would cause your pointer finger to twitch for a couple of days and it will not stop?

Alzheimer's is one possibility, but not the only one.

This happened to Michael J. Fox while shooting the film "Doc Hollywood". He would go back to his motel room and his finger started shaking.

While this is probably not the real reason ... one should seek a Medical opinion and have it checked out. Any nervous tics could be the symptoms of something to come. See your Doctor.

AnswerMichael J Fox has Parkinson's disease AnswerCould be nerve damage. Have you ever had a back or neck injury? I suffered a cervical spine fracture of the C-6 vertebrae (shoulder line) roughly 20 years ago (15 at the time) and I still have little twitches in my fingers on some days. Late at night my feet will also involuntarily twitch as well. WE ALL GET TWITCHES!All people will get the odd twitch or "tick" in their eyelid, brow, lip, fingers and even toes. Some doctors believe it is low calcium, but it's possible you could have slept wrong, stressed some muscles or even done something as simple as carried something heavy in that hand. EXAMPLE: I had a very sore right shoulder for weeks and also I had one finger that twitched (more aggravating than anything else) and I couldn't figure out what it was. It suddenly dawned on me I carried a purse with strap over my right shoulder that had notes and books in it that I use for meetings. The weight was the issue. I've even had this happen to a finger due to carrying those plastic groceries bags by the handle (if the bag is full of heavy articles the plastic digs into the fingers and caused lack of blood circulation for a few minutes.)

Are you a typist? My pointer finger on my left hand started twitching, sometimes it went into my thumb. I was told it could be Carpal tunnel syndrome which I always thought was just in the wrist but apparently not! I work as a medical office assistant typing all day.


Does the stomach have enzymes in it?

Yes the stomach does have enzymes. Enzymes are also certain organs like the salivary glands, pancreas, small intestine or from the food we eat

Stomach and Abdominal Pain

How do you get rid of minor creases on your stomach?

Creases can be caused by excess fat. When you sit down see if the creases are where your fat rolls are.

I used to have a minor belly roll, just at the bottom of my belly when I would sit down, the best way to get rid of it is honestly....crunches. all kinds of crunches help different parts of your belly. I usually start of with a set of 50 normal crunches, then 25 leg lifts, then a minute plank and then 30 second planks on either side. Total time = 3 mins. Try this, you'll feel the fat burn away as you do it

Energy and Sports Drinks

Does Gatorade eat the lining of your stomach?

well theres no chemicals in gatorade that do anything near, no. but it does have a lot of sodium which you should definitely limit.


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