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Caste System

Full form of English?

ENGLISH - England Natives General Language for Irish, Scottish and Hales.

Math and Arithmetic
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How many zeros in 1 crore?


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What is the Malayalam of milk thistle?

In malayalam, milk thistle is known as Keezharnelli. In northern parts of India, this plant is known as bhumi amalaki. For more information on this plant, please visit the Herbs section of

Probabily wrong

Keezharnelli is phyllanthus amarus

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Hust methun se kya nuksan hai or kya fayada hai?

Hastmaithun ek hanikarak aadat hai, jo mansik bimari ban jati hai. Is-se bachen.

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Telugu Language and Culture

Telugu name for salmon?

Sora Chepa= is shark!

Persuasive Speech
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Why do you think following your swadharma is important in the transformation of the nation?

if swadharma is our motto we will think about development and social servies

Environmental Issues
History of India
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How can India achieve sustainable development?

  1. India should stop using such fuels which are non-renewable and not good for our environment, such as petrol, diesel etc. In place of these, research should take place to think about other alternatives, such that the recent research into the use of hydrogen in vehicles in place of petrol etc.
  2. We should do more afforestation. The Indian government should have a plan in which every colony should have to contain about 30 to 40 percent area with trees and plants.
  3. Industries should have to stop using the dangerous chemicals like chloro-fluorocarbons i.e cfcs, methane i.e ch4 or other chemicals which are not only affecting our environment but us too. The recent example of this is the change of the colour of our one of India's most beautiful monuments i.e "The Taj Mahal" and now its condition is getting worsened day by day due to acid rain which is caused by these horrible chemicals.
  4. Our awareness and sincerity could be the most effective factor in sustainable development .because we are responsible for making our environment polluted and now we are trying to develop and only we can develop our country sustainably.
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How much does cetuximab cost in India?

Its for Rs. 17500 for vial

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Salman Khan

Is arbaz khan brother of salman khan?

yes arbaz khan is salman khans younger brother

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Ayurveda health tourism a boon or curse?

Health tourism is good for the country's economy and the individuals who are benefited by it. But any country which is benefit ted by the health tourism should provide the health benefit for the poor and down trodden first and the only open the health tourism. Other it is a mockery.

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Is Health tourism a boon or a curse?

Health tourism is not a curse. Thanks to the availability of lower cost treatments. Many people have been able to receive treatments quickly and cost effectively.

His excellency President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam during his visit to Kerala put forward ten important points to the Government of Kerala with the intension of overall development of the state. These points have been widely heard and discussed among the masses. Of this one important point was Propagation and development of Health Tourism in the state. It is estimated that about 3.5 lakhs foreigners are coming to Kerala as Tourists in a year. Steps should be taken by the state government tourism department to increase the number of tourists from 3.5 lakhs to at least 10 lakhs within the next few years. If that goal is achieved no doubt about 20 lakhs unemployededucated youth in the state could be absorbed in that department directly or indirectly. At the same time the state exchange could be about 3000 crore rupees in its account statement as foreign exchange earning according to the Hon'ble President.

Hon'ble President also insisted that the state should be keep up the traditional system of tourism in fact at the same time steps should be taken to propagate Health Medical Tourism through out the state. While promoting Medical Tourism in the state, importance should given to traditional Vaidya Sastra ie. Ayurvedic Medical Tourism. As a matter of fact medical Tourism is not a new subject to Tourism Sector. History reveals that in ancient Greece during the period of 'Askalepiyosis' itself there prevailed Medical Tourism. During the said period people from the surrounding regions including Mediterranean Region's were making medical tourism to Greek also with the intention of praying in front of the 'Queen of the Heavens' who can sheen

and cure all source of diseases. Step by step the medical tourism has reached to the present 20th century stage particularly as an industry.

Now a days the states are extending to the people through Medical Tourism all sorts of Medical Treatment despite to rest and entertainment. In the state of South Africa, Medical Tourism is tide up with Safari Tourism which is much popular there. South Africa is also famous and one among the leading nations of the world where Plastic Surgery is in an advanced stage and few centers are very famous in that field.

It is estimated that by 2012 India could achieve a target of 200 Crore Dollars per year in the Medical Tourism sector. This will be about 8% of the Gross National Profit (GNP) of the country. Thus in this sector the growth rate per annum will be about 30% as estimated. In the capital city of Trivandrum, there are few private Super Speciality Hospitals were treating the patients coming from Mali etc. is provided in a cheaper rate comparing with the other neighbouring nations. These nationals are coming to this hospital, since such treatment is most available in their country. Recently certain Super speciality Hospitals in India have treated few children hailing from Pakistan comparatively in a cheaper rate for Heart Diseases. Since Pakistan does not have sufficient such hospitals there. This venture could also help stabilize the drained bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan.


1 To expose the characteristics and importance of Ayurveda to the

tourists coming to India In India, Kerala is the only state taken much interest to retain Ayurveda Medical System in its present shape since 5000 years of its origin. Efforts are taken by researchers / practitioners all over the world in search ofdevelopment of modern Medical Science. These developments are taking placein the English System of Medicine. Thus this is the high time we should takesteps to popularize among other nations also the importance of Ayurveda whichis originated and developed to the present stage in India. The medicines which are commonly used in the English System ofmedicine is mostly made out of Chemicals which badly affects thehuman body in future even though it shall cure the diseases quickly. Whereas the medicines manufactured in the Ayurvedic System of Medicine the ingredients are mainly taken from plants, metals and minerals and animals which would not affect badlythe human body. This fact is to be brought to the notice of the foreigners coming to India as Health tourists. As a matter of fact there is no doubt if we shall chart out a plan to propagate the importance of Ayurveda Medicine among the foreign tourists in the future taking them to confidence that this system shall provide them body fitness aswell as pleasure and joy in the patients mind. In terms the shall be able to popularizethe system through out the world.

2. How to remove the misunderstanding about the Ayurvedic System

of Medicine In the name of popularizing the Ayurvedic System of MedicalTreatment in the world, we are displaying the picture of half naked picture of"Madamma" laying down in the ground to undergo massage etc. If this sort ofpractice is allowed to grow future, there is no doubt it will badly affect theAyurvedic System and at the same time leads to giving a bad impression aftercalling it as Sex Tourism in India. Also it shall be a measure by which we are disgracing the traditional good name of Ayurveda Vaidya Sastra of India. In Ayurvedic System of Medicine treatment is provided to persons for maintaining good health. The places selected for giving this sort of treatment is resorts and places which are naturally gifted with good climate etc. Through this treatment the body and mind of a person could be made fit to defend the body from any

sort of diseases. This fact should be taken in confidence in the mind of the nationals as well as foreign tourists.

3. It create opportunity for Employment

Instead of going behind the foreign investors for aid etc. with the intention of creating more opportunities to the nationals, in the field of Ayurveda we should find out resources with the help of development of health tourism in our country itself. Also most of the Ayurveda Medicine should be cultivated in our country itself as a mixed crop along with the traditional crops. This will no doubt indirectly help the agriculture worker to get rid off from the present tragedy of helplessness and suicide.

4. How shall we can attract the Indian Nationals to bring close to

Ayurvedic System of Medicine Nationals will prefer more what is endeavoured and supplied by nature itself to a country than what is brought from other countries. It will be liked more by the nationals when they understand that more foreigners are coming to India to study more about Ayurveda and Health Tourism.

5. Not only Treatment to maintain Health Only

Ayurvedic Medicine not only used for maintaining health alone but also these are used as preventive measures by which shall cure the diseases such as rheumatism of various types, ulcer, nervous diseases, allergy, psoriasis, eye diseases, diseases normally found among the old aged. Due to the very reason in recent times the number of health tourists coming to India have enormously increased. It is beyond doubt that the importance of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment is not at all a hidden subject even to the foreigners.

6. How effective the System of Ayurvedic Medicine and Treatment

A cheap advertisement about the Ayurvedic Medicine can achieve only a reverse effect to the progress of system and only the business community shall gain profit out of that. At the same time the fame and dignity of Ayurvedic Medicine will diminish. The medicine produced with the intention of gaining profit alone cannot contribute much to this system, whereas it can give an adverse effect only to the system as a whole. All possible steps should take to produce genuine quality Ayurvedic Medicine. By that we shall be proud in front of the world community. If quality medicines are produced and supplied that shall be a step further to promote health tourism in India.


1. It shall promote activities connected with anti social elements in

the society Some times Ayurvedic Health tourism shall become a curse to the society. For example there are numerous massaging parlours are coming into existence here and there without following the required standard resources. It will be a blow to the good name achieved through ages in the traditional way of treatment. If this sort of ventures are allowed to grow without any check it shall lead to activities connected with anti social elements.

2. Illicit production of Ayurvedic Medicine are increased In the name of Ayurvedic Medicines there are so many complaints and individuals are engaged in producing Ayurvedic Medicine which is normally below standard and this cannot be treated as genuine one. It is a well known fact that Ayurvedic Medicine has no side effect. Taking these facts as an advantage some companies are producing medicine without including all the ingredients needed for a particular medicine. Such act of irresponsibility shall lead to defame the Ayurvedic Medicine. Now a days in each and every small shops people shall find Ayurvedic Medicine with sub stand. These sorts of Ayurvedic Medicines will defame the genuine traditional Ayuvedic system. The only way to get rid off from this practice is to make proper Government rules. By which the quality of medicine should be tested in the level of production, manufacturing sales and should be

carried out by the authorised medical shops only.

3. The most beneficiaries are always the famous medicine producing

companies In the name of health tourism well known companies are making

economic growth without any check. Even though they are earning more income out of that, the fruits of those benefits are not at all reaching to the common people. There are so many Ayurvedic Hospitals coming into existence in the private sector only. The motive behind it is always economic growth only, not the benefit of the common people. Due to the very reason private agencies prefer to be in urban sector only comparatively ignoring the rural sector. Therefore it is very difficult to find doctors in the rural areas. The rural people find it very difficult to get treatment when they needed.


The following proposals are put forward by which Ayurvedic System

of Medicine and Treatment shall be made progressive through the Health Tourism.

1. Take measures by which the good standard of Ayurvedic Medicine in the country should be checked in all level.

2. Ayurvedic Hospitals and Medicine producing centers should be owned by the Government and avoid permitting the private agencies to start such hospitals.

3. Exact rules by which the less quality medicine should be checked and those who are violating the rules should be taken into book.

4. Provide quality treatment and medicine and supply costless genuine Ayurvedic Medicine through registered makers.

5. Ayurvedic Health Medicine Centers / Parlors be owned by the Government itself and avoid giving permission to the Private Sector.

Of these above said proposals, kept in mind there is no doubt in the tourism sector Ayurvedic Health Tourism can contribute more advantages in the field of using our beautiful nature of the country, earning in the field of foreign exchange, advanced travel facilities and in the communication sector, and other related sectors like cultural, information technology etc..

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Punjab India
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GTAPunjab CD key?

the answer is gta Punjab or gtapunjab. tRy Both These and i am definitely sure it will work

Conditions and Diseases
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Which type of fatigue is the effect of stress or illness?

Pathological Fatigue

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All India Council For Technical Education AICTE

Which has a better scope bds or bams in India?

I think bams has more scope now as more and more people are thinking about treatments with less Sid effects. Ayurveda is again becoming popular.

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What is the current maternal mortality rate in India?

current maternal mortality rate in India

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Where was the first corporate hospital in India?

The private hospitals, which were seen as a lucrative business opportunity in Indian healthcare with emerging needs of over one billion people, is wit.. ... When I read about the project, my first thought was that we could set up ...

India Business and Finance
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What is the percentage of ESI deduction in India?

1.75% of gross salary from employee side and 4.75% of the same from employer's side.

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India Politics

Who is the Health Minister of India?

Jagat Prakash Nadda is currently the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare in India

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What is name of the most famous ornithologist of India?

Dr salim Ali

History of India
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Name oh the first Indian pharmacist?

The first Indian pharmacist was Dhanwantari as per the ancient texts.Medicine has been on earth perhaps as old as human civilization since there is a natural instinct to try to cure if it hurts.The father of modern pharmacy is Prof M.L.Schroff,who started pharmacy education in India.

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Birth Rate
Death Rate

What are India's birth and death rates?

AnswerThe Birth rate is: 22.69 births/1,000 population, and the Death rate is: 6.58 deaths/1,000 population.

(2007 est.)

For more briefly information just visit: -

Alternative Medicine
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What is rasa shastra in Ayurveda?

Although mention of Rasa compounds (Copper, Gold and Bitumen) are mentioned in the Caraka Samhita (ancient treaties on Ayurveda) there is not much text available on this subject that has been translated into English. There are many introductory books about this science available but most are authored by modern Ayurveda physicians that regurgitate their contemporaries.

Two of the most useful works available in English at this time are: Rasamritam by Dr. Damodar Joshi & Rasa - Jala-Nidhi (Ocean of Indian Chemistry, Medicine & Alchemy).

Rasa is Mercury (Quicksilver), this compound being the master ingredient in the most powerful of remedies. Classically, there are over sixty compounds listed as being beneficial in the treatment of serious diseases, these include: Gold, Emerald, Mica, Asbestos, Magnetic Iron Ore and Sulphur.

Each substance has a specific treatment of purification assigned to it, rendering it safe for human consumption. These processes are quite often complicated, requiring reduction of the material to a fine substance and exposure to high temperature. After final processing these now reduced materials are combined with either herbal decoctions / extractions or other Rasa substances. These combinations of various ingredients become the Final Rasa medicines.

For those that want to get a better understanding of these compounds and like to intake information visually, there is a great free PDF download at: website. This website also offers a detailed DVD presentation on how to process various Rasa compounds. It is the science and art of ancient pharmacology and alchemy in Ayurveda.

Lyrics and Sheet Music
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Death Rate

Why don't stillborn babies get a death cerf or why don't they get a birth cerf WHY?

In Canada the mother of a stillborn child has the right to a Death Certificate. It hardly makes sense if anti abortionists feel a baby is living from the time of conception and then just because it is stillborn it no longer exists as a human being. YOU have every right to ask for a Death Certificate and demand one! There would be no Birth Certificate as the child was stillborn. I am very sorry if this has happened to you. Fight for that Death Certificate!

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How do rich people live in India?

they live with good lives

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India Business and Finance

Is Nilavanti Granth good to read?

nilawanti granth reading marathi


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