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Ancient History
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What influence did the Aryan invasion have in the ancient civilization of India?

First of all, it wasn't an Aryan Invasion. It was a Migration. The Aryans moved north from their homeland in South India around 40,000 BCE, according to DNA research. Some of them left Pakistan and settled in Iran and started the Persian Empire and Zoroastrianism. We know this because of glossochronology, which is a technique used by linguists to study languages and how they change over time. We know that Sanskrit was a descendant of the original Aryan language because of how similar certain words are across India, Iran, and even ancient Greece.

If you look at Zoroastrianism, you will see a lot of similarities with Hinduism, such as worship of fire. Similar structures of Gods and their holy books are called Avesta, whereas Hindus call them Vedas. Similarly, Hindus have Kathas, they have Gathas. During their migration north through India, the Aryans composed the Vedas.

Some Aryans left India gradually. Some remained in Pakistan and northwest India and built the Indus Valley Civilization.

History of India
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How did the south tip of India differ from the rest if India?

Being such a diverse and large country, the differences are much larger than as found in small countries of Europe like England, France or Italy.

For example, in South India, they speak Dravidian languages like Tamil.

In north, central and west India, they speak Indo-European languages like Hindi. Besides that, the Hinduism of South India, particularly Tamil Nadu, is purer and of an older variety than that practiced in the north, which unlike the south was repeatedly invaded by Islamic Persians and Central Asians.

The food differs in spice and meat quantities, and in staple products (rice, not wheat).

However, they aren't as different as people like to say they are.

Both North and South have similar tastes in curries, spices and sweets. Most people from both still practice similar forms of Hinduism, and the basic regional clothing of both is more or less the same - dhoti for men, sari for women. Plus, despite its apparent hostility towards Hindi, many (especially young) Tamilians in urban areas like Chennai can speak fluent Hindi. Rural or small-town dwellers don't speak Hindi, much like they wouldn't in West Bengal or Gujarat or Orissa.

The Carnatic music of the South isn't the same style as the Northern Hindustani style, but they are still similar.

Its not just the south tip that differs. The far east has much in common with China and Burma, and is predominantly Sino-Tibetan speaking.

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What is serial number of gta punjab when you install the game?

The serial number is on the packaging

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What is the hindrance in the development of tourism of India?

== == 1) Stress on resources and amenities A) Water- There is water scarcity all over. The big hotels are provided with water on a regular basis. Water is pumped from wells and bore wells, and water is becoming saline. The local peoples, taps go dry, and no one cares about it. B) Electricity-There is a big problem of electricity, and there are frequent power cuts, and people are put in a lot of hardship. The govt. has no systematic plan for electricity. All the big establishments are provided with lights, but not the poor. The poor cry "Give us today our daily lights." C) Essential foodstuff- The Goan has his unique eating habit common to all, that is fish, curry, and rice. This is their important dish, but the demand for fish is very high in the hotels, so the common man suffers, and the prices of fish are very exorbitant, and the other commodity is much more compared to other places. D) Transport- The transport system is not so good especially during the tourist season. From September to May the buses are filled to capacity and are overcrowded. There is no comfort, and the women are targets of teasing, pinching and so on. People getting into the buses are treated worse than animals, like herds of sheep or goats carried to the slaughter houses. E) Land- The land prices are soaring and rising everyday. The locals are given high remuneration to sell their land to the builder. A Goan is not able to buy land and especially near the coast. The agricultural land is being used to put up big structures. 2)Ecological Imbalance and Environment Degradation A) Sea Pollution- The sea is polluted and the scenic beauty is spoiled. The waste from big hotels is dumped into the sea, which leads to sea pollution and death of fish. B) Destruction of tree cover- Age old and beautiful trees are chopped to beautify the cities and tourist places. The tree, which is to act as a cover for the common man, now does not find a place and becomes a source of obstruction; and it follows that it must be removed by all means. C) Defacement of the sea front- The coastal belt of the sea should be beautiful with trees and coconut plantations, but one notices that there are big hotels that come close to the beaches, and sometimes the tourist is not able to venture into the sea because of the block created by these big hotels. 3) Socio-Cultural And Moral Effects A) Displacement of traditional occupations- The traditional occupations of the people of Goa are farming, fishing, toddy-tapping, etc. Now, with tourism, people, and especially the young generation, do not want to get into traditional occupations. They want fast money. They take on work in the hotels and sometimes are not paid the minimum wages, and also work in inhuman conditions. B) Distortion and commercialization of culture- As explained before about Indian culture, there is respect for all, but in Goa there is distortion of culture. The folk dances and mandoes that are sung are commercialized and performed in cheap ways especially on the cruises. There is an imitation of the alien life of the foreigners such as be hippies, nudism and free sex. C) Destruction of values- Women are considered to have a prominent place in family and society, but tourists considers women as things - Tu cheez badi hay mast (you are a good thing ). There is a steep rise in prostitution. Many girls are becoming a prey and act as call girls satisfying customers. Children too are abused. D) Spread of drug abuse- There is secret importation of drugs used by tourists, and slowly it has affected the youth, who are affected by the drugs, especially those staying at the coastal belt. F) Cheap labour- The labour classes are most affected. With the minimum wages they get, they have to manage with regard to food, clothing, shelter and education. With the high prices of all essentials, it is difficult for the labor classes to survive. And especially if there is off season of tourism, they have to find alternative jobs, and some of them get involved in prostitution, robbery, murder and so on. The other problem is that migrant workers take lower wages, so they are preferred to the locals. 4 Geographically vast area

One of major reasons because the country is so diverse it gets difficult to unitize the entire tourism scheme. Hence no common pass etc are possible which make traveling easier for foreign as well as domestic tourists. 5 Disregard to local tourism While the government may lay stress on providing amenities to foreign tourists it may simple ignore the same foe domestic tourists. Tourism industry has not yet been fully tapped locally.If things are made better for domestic tourists like clean and cheap hotels, lodges , pass for traveling in a specific area etc.

== ==

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Short meaning of 5 star hotel?

5-Star hotel means, minimum requirements such as having a high quality menu and receiving guests at the entrance and having luxurious accommodation with a range of extra facilities. Simply furnished Well maintained with an average standard, Well appointed with a comfortable standard of accommodation, Exceptionally well appointed with a high level of facilities & A number and variety of room styles and/or suites, choice of dining facilities, 24 hour room service, housekeeping, valet parking, porterage and concierge services.

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Tamil Language and Culture

Kamasutra in Tamil version free download?


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What salary you get after hotel management courses in India?

20 to 25k

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HSC Maharashtra Board

First year ba exam schedule of mg?

i am doing ba sociciology in mg .so i requested to know the dates of exams

United Kingdom
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Jet Airways

You want to become a member of jet airways?


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Can you check into a hotel at any time of day?

The simple answer is yes, most hotels run the Front Office 24 hours and if they have a room available to suit your needs and theirs they will check you in. However, most hotels have posted check-in (~3-4pm) and check-out (~11-12pm) times. If they don't have a clean room they are under no obligation until check-in time.

The best advice is to call first. Most hotels have a very good idea whether they will be able to get you an early room. Ask them.

John Abraham
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What is John Abraham's father's name?

David Abrahm.

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How many 7 star hotels in the world are there?

Burj al arab Dubai UAE is a 7 star No 1 in the world. Then comes as second a hotel 7 star in los angelos USA. then emitates palce in abu dhabi UAE 3rd and its also a 7 star hotel.

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What is the salary for a 5 star hotel manager?


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Slogans and Mottos

Taglines of various companies?

ABN AMRO Bank - Making More Possible
Accenture - High Performance. Delivered
Adobe - Simplicity at work. Better by adobe.
AIG or American International Group Insurance Company - We know Money
Air Canada - A breath of Fresh Air
Allianz Group - The Power on your side
AMAZON.COM - Earth's Biggest BookStore
ANDHRA BANK - "Much more to do, with YOU in focus."
Apple Macintosh - Think Different.
ARCELOR - Steel solutions for a better world
AT&T - The World's Networking Company
Bank of America - Higher Standards
Bank of Baroda - India's International Bank
Barclays - Fluent in Finance; Its our business to know your business
Be Fearless. - SYMANTEC
BIG BAZAAR - Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga
BIOCON - The difference lies in our DNA
BLOGGER.COM - Push Button Publishing
BLOOMINGDALES - Like no other store in the world
BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine
BOEING - Forever new Frontiers
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) - The Edge is Efficiency
BPCL - Pure for Sure
British airways - The Way to Fly.
British Petroleum - Beyond Petroleum
BUSINESS INDIA - The Magazine of the Corporate World
BUSINESS TODAY - For Managing Tomorrow
BUSINESS WORLD - Play the Game
Caring for life - CIPLA
CAST AWAY - "At the edge of the world, his journey begins "
CEAT - Born Tough
CENTRAL - Shop. Eat. Celebrate
CHEVROLET AVEO - When Good is not good enough.
Chevron Corporation - Human Energy
CHIP - Intelligent Computing
Choose Freedom - TOSHIBA
CITIGROUP or CITIBANK - The Citi Never Sleeps
CNBC - Profit from it
COMPTRON and GREAVES - Everyday Solutions
Dell - Easy as DELL.
Deutsche Bank - A Passion to Perform
DIGIT - Your Technology Navigator
DR. REDDY'S LABORATORIES - ÿLife. Research. Hope
DUPONT - The Miracles of Science
EBAY - The World's Online Market Place
EPSON - Exceed Your Vision
Ernst and Young - Quality in Everything we Do
Essar corp - A positive a++itude
Exxon Mobil - Taking on the World's Toughest Energy Challenges
FIAT - Driven by Passion. FIAT
FORD - Built for the Road Ahead
GAIL - Gas and Beyond
GM - Only GM.
HAIER - Inspired Living
HINDUSTAN TIMES - The Name India trusts for News
HOME DEPOT - You can do it. We can Help.
HONDA - The Power of Dreams
HP Invent - Everything is Possible
HSBC - The World's Local Bank
HYUNDAI - Drive Your Way
IBM - " I think, therefore IBM."
IBP - Pure bhi. Poora bhi
Infosys - " Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values; Improve your odds with Infosys Predictability"
Intel - Intel inside.
IOCL - Bringing Energy to Life
Jet Airways - The Joy of Flying
JVC - The Perfect Experience
Kingfisher Airlines - Fly the good times
KMART - The stuff of life.
Kotak - Think Investments. Think Kotak.
KROGER - Costs less to get more
LARSEN and TOUBRO - We make things which make India proud
LEE - The jeans that built America
Lehman Brothers - Where Vision Gets Built
LENOVO - We are building a new technology company.
Life's Good - LG
Lufthansa - There's no better to fly
Macromedia - What the web can be.
Malaysian Airlines - Going Beyond Expectations
Master card - There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there'sÿMASTERCARD.
Max NewYork Life Insurance - Your Partner for life
McDowells Signature - The New Sign of Success.
METRO - The spirit of Commerce
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife. - Have You Met Life Today
Microsoft - Where Do You Want to Go Today ; Your Potential Our Passion
MITTAL STEEL - Shaping the future of steel - Never Settle
MRF - Tyres with Muscle
NASDAQ - Stock market for the digital world
NDTV Profit - News you can Use.
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) - The world puts its stock in us

Email and IM
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What is the email id of ankita lokhande?

my name is amar dhande and your big fan ankita and ankita smile good

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Who was the Founder of Golden temple?

Guru Arujn Dev

ZIP Code
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Postal Codes
Post Offices

How many post offices in India?


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Where the first oberoi hotel started in India and who were the key people in it?

The key person was Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi , In 1934, Mr. Oberoi acquired his first property, The Clarkes Hotel, from his mentor by mortgaging his wife's jewellery and all his assets. Four years later, he signed a lease to take over operations of the five hundred rooms Grand Hotel in Calcutta that was on sale following a cholera epidemic. With his customary confidence and sheer determination to succeed, he was able to convert this hotel into a highly profitable business venture.

New Delhi
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Advantages or disadvantages of metro rail in delhi?

advantages- it breaks the barrier of time and cost. you reach a place very fast. people who work in office if the go to office at 6:00 so there is no problem as the metro runs from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm so don't worry.....

Birth Control Pill
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How do you ask for a packet of condom from shop?

you can just ask for topi ie.cap or chhatri ie.umbrella

Luxury Hotels
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How many five-star hotels are there in India?

There are many 5 star hotels belong to the reputed hotel The Ashok, India group, like the taj group, the oberoi group, the ITC group, the welcome group and many others. All of them feature among the luxury hotels in India.

Some other 5 star Hotels Chains over India are Jaypee Group Hotels, Sinclair Group of Hotels, ITDC Ashok Hotels, Ramee Group of Hotels, And apart from this Hotel groups there are many other Individual 5 stars hotels In India.

I also heard that India has the only 6 star hotel

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What is a retail showroom?

what is the retail showroom

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Shahrukh Khan

Which cigarette does shahrukh khan smoke?

Marlboro is the cigarette smoked by Shah Rukh. He smokes the Hard English edition. He is advised not to smoke by doctors.

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How do you arrange travel with Hajj And Umrah Services?

Hajj and Umrah is the religious issue of all Muslims, so it must be done with fully concentrations and with out any tensions, to avoid such problems must select any local or international services agent. Let they arrange for you the following services: Umrah & Hajj 3,4,5 Star Package Services Visa arrangement Services Transportation Full Trip Meet & Assist at all spots and Holy Cities The above all services are your main requirements when ever any Muslim plan to do his Umrah or Hajj and want to perform in better way. I know one person who is handling all these services in good way and on too cheap cost, even arranging services for Travel Agents along with Individuals.

Entertainment & Arts
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Tag line of top 10 Indian companies?

list the top ten Indian companies

reliance-growth is life

airtel-express yourself


reddy's lab


infosys: Powered by intellect ,driven by values

IBM: Solutions for a small planet

satyam-what business demands

tcs-experience certainity

wipro-applying thought



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