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Traveling by rail in India is economical compared to air travel. Almost all trains in the country are run by Indian Railways, the world’s third biggest rail network. Train travel is a good way to enjoy the spectacular Indian countryside.

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Acronyms & Abbreviations
India Train Travel

What is the full form of MST in railways?

monthly season ticket

Acronyms & Abbreviations
India Train Travel

What is full form of TXR in indian railways?

Train Examiner

India Train Travel
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How do you find passenger ship lists?

You can find passenger ship lists at railway stations passenger reservation board, A ticket checker have also a list contain passenger name details.

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Distances and Travel Times
India Train Travel

What is distance from karjat railway station to panvel railway station?

Distance from Karjat Railway station to Panvel Railway station is 24 Kms by train and about 20 Kms by road.

India Train Travel

What are the advantages of metro railway?

Its less time consuming and too fast.

Salary and Pay Rates
India Train Travel

What is new pay scale of railway assistant station master?

The Pay scale for Assistant station master is: 5200-20200

Payband is 8560/- and Grade pay is: 2800 /-

so, the basic pay will be at 11360/-

and you will get the other allowances like DA,HRA,TA with the basic of 11360/-


India Train Travel

What is meant by 2S in train ticket reservation?

It is second class sitting. It provides bench style seats for traveling.

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India Train Travel

Indian railways goods train fares table?

Goods train tariff

India Train Travel

What is the pay scale of a health inspector in railway?

rs 9300/- 34800/-

grade pay- 4200/-

India Train Travel

What is the full form of CK in Indian railway?

Tatkal quota is a full form of CK, though the first letter is not matched here but it is the full form of CK according to the Indian Railway.

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India Train Travel

What was the reason to start first train in India from Bombay to thane?

it easy and economical rout

India Train Travel
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What is the largest railway station in Indian railways?

Mughal Sarai

India Train Travel
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What is the email address of Indian railway cabinet minister?

"" I want to do some complain and necessary sugesstion Soumitra Saha 09313899686 IRCTC Tavel Card No. 20872401146

History of India
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What is qualification for Indian railway ticket collector?


India Train Travel
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When was railways invented?

in 1820's

Traffic Violations and Tickets
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What happens if the wrong age is written on a ticket?

Though all the information should be correct on a ticket, it really doesn't matter if the age is wrong as long as the other information and driver's license information is correct. The ticket won't be dismissed for that reason.

India Train Travel

What is mean by 2S in Indian railway reservation?

The cheapest class of travel on the Indian Railways, Second Sitting has ordinary coaches which have seating arrangement on cushioned seats in two rows of 3 seats each.

Credit and Debit Cards
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Can you use sbi shopping card for railway ticket reservation?

Yes you can use SBI shopping card for railway ticket reservation.

Acronyms & Abbreviations
India Train Travel
Lalu Prasad Yadav

What is the full form of fmco in Indian railway?

Travelling ticket examiner

Acronyms & Abbreviations
India Train Travel

What is the full form of TT in railways?

ticket teller

India Train Travel

How many type of Indian railway gauge?

Railway gauges are of three types :-

Gauge may be defined as the horizontal distance of inner faces of both the rails..

Broad Gauge -( 1676mm) 50% laid in india

Meter Gauge -(1000mm) 40% laid in india

Narrow Gauge- (763 to 610) 10% laid in india

Salary and Pay Rates
India Train Travel

What is the new Pass Rule of Indian Railways according to the 6th Pay Commission?

all the officials of sixth pay commission are sleeping. if the employee sleeps or delays in his normal work, he will be punished on the spot.


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