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Eggs (food)

Eggs can be served in many ways, and they are a good source of protein. Chicken eggs are commonly used, but turkey, duck, peacock, and quail eggs are also common depending on the culture.

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What are the market forms of eggs?

The market form of eggs is as follows: Shelled eggs grades A and B (fresh) Bulk whole eggs (fresh and frozen and dried) Bulk egg whites (fresh and frozen) Bulk yolks (fresh and frozen) ...
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How do you bast an egg?

A basted egg is one cooked sunny-side up, but with the top cooked by "basting". It's often basted with hot fat from the pan, but some people do it with hot water instead. You cook the egg in a fair bit of fat, and spoon some of the hot fat over the egg while it cooks. You can also get a "basted" egg just by covering the pan with a lid as it cooks, steaming the top to make sure it...
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Can you eat boiled eggs left out overnight?

Eggs can only be kept at room temp for at most 4-6 hours (i.e. Picnic, hors d'oeurves, etc) and the left-overs must be thrown away. ...
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Why do you need to beat egg whites until a thick peak is formed?

Beating egg whites until a thick peak forms is ideal when making angel food cake as the egg is the leavener in the recipe. For meringue, it is what makes the meringue hold its form and not become watery and runny. ...
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What if a recipe calls for two eggs but you have only one?

It is possible to use less eggs than a recipe calls for, because I have done it many times. Usually, they'll be a slight change in texture, like the cake may come out tougher or crumblier, but it will still be edible. There are also sites that will tell you other ingredients you may add to make up for a deficiency of one particular ingredient that will also salvage a cake. In certain circumstances, you could also cut your recipe in...
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What if you eat bad egg salad?

You'll start barfing and getting REALLY sick
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How do you know when the chicken eggs spoil?

One way I know how to tell whether an egg is spoiled or not, is the "water test". You need to have a container and fill it with water. Big container if you want to test more eggs, small (like a drinking glass), if you want to test just one or two. Drop the eggs carefully into the water filled container. Fresh eggs sink to the bottom and lay on the bottom horizontally. Eggs that are not in complete contact with...
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What do peahen eggs taste like?

They taste great. slightly richer than chicken eggs, larger than chicken eggs and great for use in baking. They are a real treat just because unlike the chicken, the peahen only lays eggs at a certain time of year and only in limited quantity. ...
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Can a boiled egg turn into rubber?

No, rubber is something completely different. An over boiled egg can become rubbery, meaning that it is tough. another possibility: You can also make a boiled egg "rubbery", shell and all, by soaking it for about 24 hours in a container of vinegar. The egg should be completely covered in vinegar. A chemical reaction between the calcium in the egg shell and the acid in vinegar leaches minerals from the shell, leaving it soft and rubbery. ...
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Can store bought eggs be fertilized?

Most store bought eggs come from hens not socialized with roosters, therefore they cannot be fertile. If you mean somehow fertilizing them after purchase, no. Fertilization happens inside the hen during mating. The shell is then formed around the yolk and white, and is then laid by the hen. Once the shell is formed, it is too late for it to be fertilized. ...
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Can you eat a soft shelled chicken egg?

Yes. Most farms will use the soft shelled eggs for themselves as they do not keep well and the lack of calcium in the shell makes them hard to store. There is nothing wrong with the "rubber" egg except the hen can no longer process the calcium she ate for use in the making of an egg, or is not receiving enough calcium in her diet. It's a good idea to feed hens the shells from their eggs, dry and crushed,...
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Do you put butter in scrambled eggs?

Butter the pan so it doesn't stick
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How long is an omelette good if frozen?

Technically, frozen food can be stored indefinitely and still be edible. Nutritional value and flavor eventual decay and this process is accelerated with a self-defrosting freezer because the food is not stored at a constant temperature. Frozen omelets should remain flavorful and edible (relatively speaking) for 8 to 12 weeks in the freezer, if wrapped to be airtight to prevent freezer burn or ice crystallization build up. Beyond that the quality will start to suffer. ...
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Why are my chicken's egg whites runny and not firm when the egg is cracked?

Unrefrigerated eggs or not-super-fresh (aka grocery store eggs) - fresh from the hen same day eggs, or eggs which have been promptly refrigerated from the hen will not have runny whites. ...
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Can egg salad be frozen?

yes but that is if you want to eat frozen food
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How long does a hard-boiled egg stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Hard-boiled eggs are best if used within a week. Do not freeze them. Even with its natural (but easily cracked) calcium-carbonate container, a hard-cooked egg is a perishable food, so it shouldn't be kept at room temperature for more than two hours. If kept in an unbroken shell and in the refrigerator about a week. If the shell has been cracked or peeled off, only about 4 days. Eggs spoil faster than most foods.Especially when raw. ...
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Why does egg wash make baked goods shiny?

An egg wash does not soak into the dough as it bakes but stays on top of the surface. The egg cooks in a very thin layer giving the shininess of the egg to the baked goods. One characteristic of cooked egg is shininess although we rarely notice that in ordinary cooked eggs. ...
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Can the runny egg be fixed?

Thin albumen is a sign of quality loss. When a fresh egg is carefully broken out onto a smooth flat surface, the round yolk is in a central position surrounded by thick albumen. When a stale egg is broken out, the yolk is flattened and often displaced to one side and the surrounding thick albumen has become thinner, and watery, resulting in a large area of albumen collapsed and flattened to produce a wide arc of liquid. Properly refrigerated eggs stored in...
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Can a hard-boiled egg cause diarrhoea in a dog?

It is unlikely. Eggs tend to firm up stool instead of causing diarrhoea, although an egg given as a treat on occasion is unlikely to have any noticeable effects on the dog. ...
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Who invented the deviled egg?

satan, around about 1600bc
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Can gout patient eat egg white?

If you just do some searches you'll see that egg whites are OK for gout. It's the yolks that have the nucleic acids and the purines. ...
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What does a raw egg taste like?

First, unless they are marked "pasteurized" they should not be eaten raw - they can contain salmonella. They don't have much of a taste and the texture is slimy. ...
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Can you give a one year old hard boiled eggs?

well there shouldn't be a reason not to. just crack it and make sure all the shells are off maybe into little bits and pieces you should cut it in a small bowl your or someone else's one year old should be fine ...