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“Family Guy” is an American animated comedy TV series set in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The series was created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company, which aired from January 31, 1999 to the present.

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Family Guy
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What is Kathy griffin's mom's name?


Family Guy
Word and Phrase Origins

What does Marketable skills mean?

skills talents, and training you have that can be used to make money.

Example: I never thought that knowing Photoshop could be a marketable skill, but now I am a famous artist. *

*above fore-mentioned example is strictly for word use only, knowing photoshop does not actually make you an artist.

Family Guy
Glee (TV Series)

What is the black guy in glee surname?

His name is Dijon Talton

Family Guy

In which episode does Peter buy volcano insurance?

When You Wish Upon A Weinstein

Family Guy

When did Family Guy premiere?

Family Guy first aired on FOX after the Super Bowl on January 31, 1999 with the episode Death Has a Shadow

Family Guy

Who voices the Family Guy characters?

Listed in alphabetical order by character's first name.

Obviously these are not ALL the characters that have ever appeared on Family Guy, that list would be far too long to write and read.

Listed are prominent and/or recurring characters.

Mayor Adam West | Adam West

Al Harrington | Danny Smith

Angela | Carrie Fisher

Barbara Pewterschmidt | Alex Borstein

Barnaby | Wally Wingert

Bellgarde | Alec Sulkin

Bertram | Wallace Shawn

Bonnie Swanson | Jennifer Tilly

Brian Griffin | Seth MacFarlane

Bruce | Mike Henry

Carl | Jon Benjamin

Carol Brady | D.D. Howard

Carter Pewterschmidt | Seth MacFarlane

Chris Griffin | Seth Green

Cleveland Brown | Mike Henry

Cleveland Brown Jr. (when the character appeared on FG) | Mike Henry

Connie D'Mico | Lisa Wilhoit

Consuela | Mike Henry

Dan Quagmire | Seth MacFarlane

Dave Campbell | Fred Willard

Death | Norm McDonald (First Appearance Only)

Death | Adam Corolla

Derrick Wilcox | John Viener

Diane Simmons | Lori Alan

Dotty Campbell | Jane Lynch

Dylan (Brian's Son) | Seth Green

Dr. Elmer Hartman | Seth MacFarlane

Ernie (the Giant Chicken) | Danny Smith

Evil Monkey | Danny Smith

Fjurg Van Der Ploeg | John Viener

Fouad (pronounced Fwad) | Mike Henry

Francis Griffin | Charles Durning

Franz Gutentag | John Viener

Fred Flintstone | Jeff Bergman

Freddy | Frank Welker

George Bush | Kirker Butler

Glenn Quagmire | Seth MacFarlane

God | Seth MacFarlane

Herbert | Mike Henry

Hitler | John Viener

Horace | Johnny Brennan

Ida Davis | Seth MacFarlane

Jake Tucker | Seth MacFarlane

James William Bottomtooth | Chris Sheridan

Jasper | Seth MacFarlane

Jay (The Greased Up Deaf Guy) | Mike Henry

Jesus | Seth MacFarlane

Jesus | Alec Sulkin

Jillian Russell-Wilcox | Drew Barrymore

Jim Kaplan | Danny Smith

Joe Swanson | Patrick Warburton

Mr. Jonathan Weed | Carlos Alazraqui

Joyce Kinney | Christine Lakin

The Judge | Phil Lamarr

Dr. Kaplan | Sam Waterston (First Appearance)

Dr. Kaplan | Wally Wingert (Second Appearance)

Kevin Swanson | Seth MacFarlane (previously) Scott Grimes (currently)

Kool Aid Man | Seth MacFarlane

Lana Lockheart | Drew Barrymore

Lois Griffin | Alex Borstein

Loretta Brown | Alex Borstein

Meg Griffin | Lacy Chabert (Season One)

Meg Griffin | Mila Kunis (Season 2 Onward)

Megatron | Frank Welker

Michael McDonald | John Viener

Mickey McFinnigan | Seth MacFarlane

Mike Brady | Gary Cole

Morgan Freeman | John Viener

Mort Goldman | Johnny Brennan

Mother Maggie | Anne Hathaway

Muriel Goldman | Nicole Sullivan

Nate Griffin | Seth MacFarlane

Neil Goldman | Seth Green

New Brian | John Viener

Olivia Fuller | Rachel MacFarlane

Ollie Williams | Phil Lamarr

Opie | Mark Hentemann

Pasqual | Mark Paredes

Peter Griffin | Seth MacFarlane

Phineas | Seth MacFarlane

Principal Shepard | Gary Cole

Randy Newman | Will Sasso

Santos | Denis Martell

Seamus | Seth MacFarlane

Stewie Griffin | Seth MacFarlane

Thelma Griffin | Florence Stanley (First Appearance Only)

Thelma Griffin | Phyllis Diller

Tom Tucker | Seth MacFarlane

Tomak | John Viener

Tricia Takanawa | Alex Borstein

Vern (The Vaudville Guys) | Seth MacFarlane

Victor | Jeff Bergman

Yoda | Jon Banjamin

Family Guy

What episode does peter say these are facts?

"Family Gay"

Family Guy

Who are the main characters on Family Guy?

Peter Griffin | Dad (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane)

Lois Griffin | Mom (Voiced by Alex Borstein)

Meg Griffin | Eldest Child & Daughter (Voiced by Mila Kunis)

Chris Griffin | Older Son (Voiced by Seth Green)

Stewie Griffin | Younger Son (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane)

Brian Griffin | Dog (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane)

Glenn Quagmire | Neighbor (voiced by Seth MacFarlane)

Joe and Bonnie Swanson | Neighbors (Patrick Warburton and Jennifer Tilly)

Family Guy

What are the things Family Guy has made fun of?

There are FAR too many things to list here.

It quite possibly would take less time for you to watch all the seasons of episodes than it would be for one person (or multiple people) to write all the things that Family Guy has made fun of all these years.

However, some of the top things/people Family Guy has referenced would perhaps be

  • Michael J Fox
  • Back to the Future
  • Wizard of Oz
  • 9/11
  • George Bush
Family Guy

In Family Guy what words are said with too much emphasis?

Ruined: too much emphasis on the 'i', Wil Wheatton: too much emphasis on the 'h' in both words, While: too much emphasis on the 'h', Cool Whip: too much emphasis on the 'h'.

Family Guy
The Vampire Diaries (TV Series)

When is the release date of Vampire Diaries season 3?

September 15, 2011

The DVD was released on September 11, 2012.

Family Guy
Apostrophes and Ellipses

Is Lois' the singular possessive of Lois?

There are two accepted forms for possessive singular nouns ending in s:

Add an apostrophe (') after the existing s at the end of the word: Lois'

Add an apostrophe s ('s) after the existing s at the end of the word: Lois's


I met Lois' mother at the meeting.

I met Lois's mother at the meeting.

Note: The -s's is the most commonly used form, but if you are a student, use the form that is preferred by your teacher.

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Animated TV Series
Family Guy

What does Stewie Griffin dislike?

He hates Lois & Broccoli

Family Guy

In which episode of Family Guy is Lois pregnant?

the banned in the U.S. episode, Partial Terms of Endearment

Family Guy

Can you watch Family Guy outside the U.S.?

Of course

Animated TV Series
Family Guy

How many people has Peter Griffin killed?

•Cybil Shepard.

•Joan Cusack.

•Francis Griffin.

•Loretta Brown.

•Peter Griffin Jr.

•Verne Troyer.

•Mordecai the Dancing Yiddish Clown.

•19 Children at the hospital he blew up.

•2 Children as Mary Poppins.

•2 Pilots.

•1 woman at the golf range with chris.

•1 Man with his thinking grenades.

•1 Man with Exploding Cupcakes

•1 Girl (at least) with the Retarded Horse

•1 Clown.

•1 Stripper hidden in the cake.

•1 Child from Amish Guy

•Accidental, but the driver of the truck died when he had to swerve to avoid Peter & Lois kissing in the road.

•Also accidental, but he was responsible for Jonathan Weed's death.

•He & Ernie (Giant Chicken) were no doubt responsible for dozens (if not hundreds) of deaths during their multiple fights.

Questionable Ones...

•He "threw away" the three women when he tried Mormonism, the only way he could have done that was to have killed them first.

•He threw a woman overboard on the cruise ship.

•He may have killed Hanson.

Family Guy
American Dad

When did American Dad premiere?

The Pilot episode aired February 6th 2005

Family Guy
Greek and Roman Mythologies
Egyptian Mythology

Where do Gryphons originate?

They are most commenly found in Greek Mythology but can also be found in Egyptian myth.

The griffin, griffon, or gryphon(Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle was the king of the birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. The griffin was also thought of as king of the creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. Adrienne Mayor, a classical folklorist, proposes that the griffin was an ancient misconception derived from the fossilized remains of the Protoceratops found in gold mines in the Altai mountains of Scythia, in present day southeastern Kazakhstan. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine. Some have suggested that the word griffin is cognate with Cherub.

While Griffins are most common in Ancient Greece, there is evidence of Griffins in Ancient Egyptian art as far back as 3,300 BC.

Most statues have bird-like talons, although in some older illustrations griffins have a lion's forelimbs; they generally have a lion's hindquarters. Its eagle's head is conventionally given prominent ears; these are sometimes described as the lion's ears, but are often elongated (more like a horse's), and are sometimes feathered. The earliest depiction of griffins are the 15th century BC frescoes in the Throne Room of the Bronze Age Palace of Knossos, as restored by SirArthur Evans. It continued being a favored decorative theme in Archaic and Classical Greek art. In Central Asia the griffin appears about a thousand years after Bronze Age Crete, in the 5th-4th centuries BC, probably originating from the Achaemenid Persian Empire. The Achaemenids considered the griffin "a protector from evil, witchcraft and secret slander".

The modern generalist calls it the lion-griffin, as for example, Robin Lane Fox, in Alexander the Great, 1973:31 and notes p. 506, who remarks a lion-griffin attacking a stag in a pebble mosaic Dartmouth College expedition at Pella, perhaps as an emblem of the kingdom of Macedon or a personal one of Alexander's successor Antipater.

The Pisa Griffin is a large bronze sculpture which has been in Pisa in Italy since the Middle Ages, though it is of Islamic origin. It is the largest bronze medieval Islamic sculpture known, at over three feet tall (42.5 inches, or 1.08 m.), and was probably created in the 11th century in Al-Andaluz(Islamic Spain).

From about 1100 it was placed on a column on the roof of Pisa Cathedral until replaced by a replica in 1832; the original is now in the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo (Cathedral Museum), Pisa.

Infrequently, a griffin is portrayed without wings, or a wingless eagle-headed lion is identified as a griffin; in 15th-century and later heraldry such a beast may be called an alce or a keythong. In heraldry, a griffin always has forelegs like an eagle's; the beast with forelimbs like a lion's forelegs was distinguished by perhaps only one English herald of later heraldry as the opinicus.

See provided link for further information.

Family Guy
Mila Kunis

Which Family Guy character does Mila Kunis voice?

Megan "Meg" Griffin

Family Guy

In which episode does Stewie beat Brian up for owing him money?

Season 4 | Episode 20 | Patriot Games

Brian lost a $50 bet that Mike Tyson would win a celebrity boxing match with Carol Channing.

Family Guy

How do you pronounce quahog?

It is pronounced Co-Hog on the show however, the real world pronunciation of "Quahog" is "Kwa hog". All of the preceding generations of my family pronounced it that way because they wrote "QUA" (KWA) + "HOG" (HOG) phonetically the way they heard the indigenous peoples pronounce it.

Family Guy

Why is Family Guy a season ahead in the UK?

They aren't. The U.K.'s Seasons are just advertised differently. They are the same episodes as aired in the U.S.

In fact, the U.K. is actually behind in the episode airings. The episodes have already aired in the U.S. by the time they air overseas.

If by chance you're referring to the DVD sets, They aren't as well.

They are simply named a season ahead but they are the same episodes that air in the states.

Family Guy

How old are the Family Guy family members?

Peter | 43 (unofficially he's 45 since he's 2 years older than Lois but his last stated age is 43)

Lois | 43 (as stated in Lois Comes Out of Her Shell)

Chris | 14 (as stated in Trading Places)

Meg | 18 (as stated in Meg & Quagmire)

Stewie | 1 (it should be noted he was seen celebrating another birthday in a flashback, so he's unofficially 2, but his stated age w/in the show is still 1)

Brian | 8 (as stated in Hannah Banana)

Cable Television
Family Guy

Where do the Griffins live?

They live on 31 Spooner Street in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island

(A bit of trivia | Spooner Street is a real street in Providence RI, the city that is featured in the background of the external shot of the Griffin house)


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