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Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, “South Park” is an American animated series that features satirical and dark humor about the American culture. The series currently airs on Comedy Central.

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How long is a episode of south park?

22-23 minutes mostly

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What does Kenny say in the South Park theme tune?

Kenny says different lines every season. In the related links there is a site that has all of the lyrics for the themes.

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What channel is south park on in comcast?

Comedy Central

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Do Matt stone and trey Parker do drugs?

They have done drugs in the past. When they went to an award show, they wore dresses and took acid beforehand to help them get through the show.

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Rosa Parks

Where should you park to get to Sheffield Town Hall?

there are a few multi story car parks and a pay and display around the town hall just drive into the town centre and you will be fine

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Is Kenny's parka the reason he dies on South park?

Yes. In the episode "Cripple Fight" Timmy tricked Jimmy into putting on an orange parka and Jimmy is almost killed several times.

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What stores are in the Randall Park Mall?

Not much! stores are going fast. Great mall dies again!

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Why did south park kill off chef?

The voice of chef didn't want to be a part of the show anymore after they made fun of his beliefs ....So they decided to kill him off in an awesome way

wrong wrong wrong.... he suffered from a stroke and could no longer continue working and died several years later...

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What day comes three days before the day that comes two days after the day that comes two days after the day that comes three days before Wednesday?


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What are the lyrics to the butters episode in south park?

"Who's the boy that can laugh at a storm cloud?"

"Turn a frown into a smile for free?"

"Who's the kid with a heart full of magic?"

"Everyone knows it's Butters!"

Butters: "That's Me!"

"Who's the kid with eye full of wonder?"

"Who thinks being yourself is the best thing to be?"

"Who's that rascal with the tweezers in his pocket?"

"Everyone knows it's Butters!"

Butters: "That's Me!"

"Jumping in puddles." "Skipping down the hallway."

"Petting goats at the petting zoo." "He loves John Elway."

Butters: "No Way!"

"Who's the little tyke with the cutest little dimples?"

"Batting his eyes at puppy every he's sees?"

"If you look inside yourself you might be surprised to see,"

"A little boy named Butters!"

Butters: "That's Me! Yeah."

South Park

Will pip pirrup return to south park?

No, unfortunately, as Pip was killed off by the Mecha-Streisand in "201".

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How many seasons and episodes are there of South Park?

As of December 2015, there are 19 Complete Seasons & 267 Episodes.

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Is Kenny hotz married?

yes, his wife is extremely attractive

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What are the adults names from south park?

OK, this is defiantly not all of them because I'm listing from memory:

Sharon Marsh (Stan's mom)

Randy Marsh (Stan's dad)

Jimbo Kern (Stan's Uncle)

Sheila Broflovski (Kyle's mom)

Gerald Broflovski (Kyle's dad)

Laine Cartman (Cartman's mom)

Carol McCormick (Kenny's mom)

Stuart McCormick (Kenny's dad)

Linda Stotch (Butters's mom)

Steven Stotch (Butters's dad)

Mr. Garrison (4th Grade teacher)

Thomas Tucker (Craig's dad)

Cindy Tweak (Tweek's mom)

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When does the next Saw Film come out?

Saw 4 is coming out this Halloween (Oct. 26)

Saw 5 is being worked on...and a release is sceheduled hopefully for Halloween 08. Since not all actors will comply it might be 09

Saw 6 is on stand by...will probably be greenlighted if 4 makes the big bucks

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Celebrity Sexual Orientation

Are Trey Parker and Matt Stone gay?

No. There is no evidence either man is gay.

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Where to get South Park Signed Memorabilia?

There a cool place to get South Park Memorabilia, on WWW.EVERYMEMORABILIA.COM. there nice!!!

Don't Go there!!!! Don't take my word for it look it up yourself- They have an F rating/ with the BBB. Directly under the Ne autographs site AKA everymemorbilia is Anthony Daniels website and his professional opinion of Ne autographs forging his name-along with the misspelled autographs of his coworkers- It is actually quite funny! The South Park poster is cool- I bought one for 165? from everymemorbilia then brought it to Antiques road show- They said I could have bought just the poster for about 15.00 A good place to find them is all posters- and if you must forge eveyones name- and keep the savings. Believe me when I tell you even if you do spend the money to have it authenticated- Everymemorbilia will NEVER return your money- I am still waiting!( and I do believe Anthony Daniels is better qualified to authenticate his own signature. In an effort to dismiss Anthony's accusations on his website- Ne Autographs has posted a (very distorted picture of Anthony signing an 8X10 picture- Not to be confused with a poster. Don't know what that is suppose to mean because Anthony Daniels says he did not sign the Star Wars poster as the COA indicates from We really need to stop making these idiots rich because we are naive.

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What animation software does south park use?

nothing. they just used spare paper, thus south park was born

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Rosa Parks

Why did Mrs.Rosa Parks die?

I not really sure how Rosa Parks died, but she died Octber 24, 2005. I am also doing a project on her, Im going to dress up as her!

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What is kyles superhero name in south park?

The Human Kite

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What is the history of the Trumbull Park Homes in South Deering?

All I know is the neighborhood was one of the first Mexican neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, that are along with South Chicago from about 87th to 92nd, Buffalo, to Houston. The reason Mexicans moved to this area was to work in the mills. Wisconsin Steel was by South Deering, and U.S. Steel was in South Chicago.

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Prison Incarceration

Who is South Park Mexican SPM?

SPM is a Mexican rapper from Houston, Texas. His name stands for South Park where he grew up. his record label has finally released his latest album, Last Chair Violinist. He is currently in prison for conviction of Aggravated Sexual Assault against a Child, two nine year old girls.

SPM is not dead although many may think that he is. SPM is one of the greats even though you may not hear his name everywhere his music is truly touching to those who have lived a certain lifestyle.

SPM is like the best rapper ever! He will be in prison until he is 84 years old. He is in prison for raping two girls.

He is 39 years old right now.

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How old is Trey Anastasio?

Trey Anastasio is 46 years old (birthdate: September 30, 1964).

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What episode of south park do they say in school?

i think you mean stay in school, if so, then there are a lot of episodes that do. i reccommend pulling up an episode guider and find one that centers around school.

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What does Kenny look like on south park?

Kenny has blond, messy hair and blue eyes, although you hardly ever see him without his big, orange hood that covers most of his head. You see what he really looks like at the very end of the movie; South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. You also see him without his jacket a few times throughout the series:

  • The Jeffersons (episode 6, season 8)
  • The Losing Edge (episode 5, season 9)

You can also hear him speak in all of the episodes with the Coon, where he is dressed as Mysterion.

If you search for images of Kenny on Google, you will most likely find a screencap of him from the movie, where you can see him without his hood.


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