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The term they used in Glacier National Park in 1959 was "Hanging Valley." I always thought that was a particularly apt term but I suspect there is a proper geological name. You came see some over St. Mary lake from Going to the Sun Highway.

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Q: A bowl-like depression where glacial ice cuts back into mountain walls?
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A bowl like depression where glacial ice cuts back into mountain walls?

It is a cirque.

What is a bowl like depression where glacial ice cuts back into mountain walls called?

The answer is Cirque.

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What are Land forms created by a glacier?

terminal moraines--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They can be:Cirques, bowl-shaped depressions where glacial ice cuts back into the mountain walls.Horns, sharp, pyramid-like peaks that form when three or more alpine glaciers carve a mountain.Arête, a jagged ridges that form between two or more cirques that cut into the same mountain.Also U-shaped valleys and Hanging Valleys.

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Ussually by three cirques A cirque is an origin point for glaciers in mountainous areas. It is a deep depression with three high walls and an open area from which the glacier moves forward, down the mountain side. Over time, as rock is eroded, these become wider and deeper. A mountain horn, such as the Matterhorn in the Alps forms when a peak is surrounded on two or more sides by cirques. As the cirques expand and rock is eroded the peak is honed into a point, forming a horn.

What are smaller glacial valleys that join the deeper main valley?

They are called hanging valleys. The smaller glacier valleys are the hanging walls that join the deeper main valley called the U-shaped valley.

What is a stream of ice that flows between steep rock walls from a place near the top of a mountain valley?

Valley Glacier

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A large elongated depression with steep walls formed by the downward displacement of a block of the earth's surface between nearly parallel faults or fault systems.

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Glacier or glacial caves. They are developed by melt-water from the glacier's or ice-sheet's surface melting the walls of cracks that allow the water to flow through the ice mass; or along the surface of the ground below a glacier.

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