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On June 11, 1985 Hayes hit two Home runs against the New York Mets, and became the first player in MLB history to hit two home runs in the first inning of a Baseball game.

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What is the most solo home runs in a game by both teams?

I just wached the Rays hit 5 solo homers all by themselves and all against CC Sabathia to beat the Yankees. So I say 5 HR by a single team in a 9 inning game.

What team scored the most runs in the first inning?

The Yankees scored 12 runs in the first inning against the Orioles.

What NBA team does Chuck Hayes play for?

Chuck Hayes plays for the Toronto Raptors.

What NFL team does Geno Hayes play for?

Geno Hayes plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What NHL team does Jimmy Hayes play for?

Jimmy Hayes plays for the Florida Panthers.

What is the most runs scored in a single inning by a major league baseball team?

The MLB and National League record for runs scored by a team in an inning is 18 by the Chicago White Stockings in the 7th inning of a game against the Detroit Wolverines in 1883. The American League record is 17 by the Boston Red Sox in the 7th inning of a game against the Detroit Tigers in 1953.

What MLB team does Brett Hayes play for?

Brett Hayes plays for the Kansas City Royals.

What NFL team does William Hayes play for?

William Hayes plays for the St. Louis Rams.

What NHL team does Eriah Hayes play for?

Eriah Hayes plays for the San Jose Sharks.

Most hits by an MLB team?

33 hits by Cleveland against Philadelphia in 18-inning game

How long is an ending in a baseball game?

You probably mean 'inning.' An inning continues until each team has recorded three outs against the other team. In other words, there is no time limit for an inning in American Baseball; both teams have to record three outs.

Which team bats in the bottom of the inning?

The home team bats in the bottom of the inning.

How many outs does a team a team have in an inning?

3 outs per inning

What is Hunter Hayes' favorite football team?

The Steelers.

Which is homers favorite football team?

Dallas Cowboys, mentioned on the episode "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" Year.1990

What is the most runs scored by a MLB team in a single inning?

The all-time record for most runs scored by a team in a single inning is 18, set by the Chicago White Stockings (now the Cubs) against the Detroit Wolverines on September 6, 1883. The modern NL record is 17 in the seventh inning on July 14, 1908 in game between the Chicago Cubs against the Boston Braves. The Boston Red Sox had a 17-run inning against the Tigers on June 18, 1953 to set the AL record.

What is the top half of an inning?

The top half of the inning is when the visiting team is batting. When the home team is batting, that is called the bottom half of the inning.

What is the top of the inning in baseball?

the top of the inning is the first three outs in an inning. an inning has a total of six outs, three outs for each team. each team takes as many at-bats as they can get before they get three outs in their half of the inning. then the other team gets at-bats until they get three outs. after that, the inning is over. ============================================ The home team gets "home field advantage." In baseball, the visiting team bats first and the home team bats last. The advantage to batting last is that the visiting team does not get another chance to take the lead if the home team is ahead after the visiting team has batted in the ninth inning, or if the home team takes the lead during its turn at bat in the ninth inning. The home team always gets the last chance to tie or win the game in the ninth inning or extra innings. The "top" of the inning refers to the visiting team being at bat. The "bottom" of the inning refers to the home team being at bat.

How many outs are there in a inning?

There are a total of 6 outs per inning... 3 for the Visiting team (top half of the inning)... and 3 for the Home team (bottom half of the inning).

Which Team bats in the bottom of an inning?

The home team.

In baseball How many outers in an inning?

Each team bats for a half-inning, and each team gets 3 outs. 6 outs in a full inning.

Who wore jersey 34 on the 1981 Iowa football team?

jon hayes

Who played Hannibal Hayes on tv?

George Peppard (I take it this is the guy from the A Team!)

What is the Highest score by a team in a one day international innings?

South Africa chess a 438 against australia Australia hits a 434 in this inning

How long is one inning?

An inning doesn't have a set length in time; an inning is simply the period within which the team at bat continues to get to bat until that team has three strikes. Theoretically, if a team never got a strike, an inning could go on indefinitely.

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