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Any idea when The Undertaker will come back? Without him on the show I'm getting bored.

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Does Undertaker Love any Diva?

The Undertaker loves Michelle McCool.

Are there any superstars returning to the WWE?

Some rumors have it that the Undertaker might be coming back to the WWE. He probably might come back at Summer Slam. And he could just be taking a break like he always do during this time of the year. KK hoped I helped. *~*

Is undertaker better than john cena?

the undertaker. this question doesn't have any relevance

Who faced undertaker in WrestleMania 16?

Undertaker didn't have any matches at WrestleMania 16.

Was the undertaker in any movie?

Undertaker (MarkCalaway) starred in Suburban Commando alongside Hulk Hogan

Is edge scares with undertaker?

yes because any time the undertaker go in the ring he goes out .

Are any of the original members of the Ministry of Darkness coming back?

mideon definiteley isnt, viscera no one knows, faaroq is retired, bradshaw is wrestling, and paul bearer is supposed to come back soon and hate the undertaker Vicera has started to wrestle. he had a match against Kane at backlash.

Did any of Magellan's ship come back to Spain?

Yes, Victoria but Magellan did not come back. he died in a war.

Why the undertaker is not wrestling any more?

The undertaker is wrestling but he just has a reduced schedule instead of a full time one.

Do you need a passport to come back to the US from Tijuana?

Yes, you need a passport to go to any country outside of the U.S. and you need it to come back so they can verify that you are any American Citizen.

Does the undertaker have any mercy?

yes he is a person having values

Will the Dust Bowl come back?

It has come back only once, but not in all of america. Our technology is too powerful for a dstbowl to do any damage to us

Does any come back to life in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Nobody can come back to life if they die, not even in Harry Potter. His parents, Sirius and Remus sort of come back but they aren't fully alive.

Does herpes come back in the same place?

Some times it can. If you contract herpes on your mouth then it can come back any where on your mouth. Same goes for genital herpes.

Does any type boomerang come back to you?

well...it depends on if you have/made a good quality boomerang. The only other boomerang that wouldn't come back is a stick. :)

How old must you be to present a idea for a law?

Ideas for laws can come form anyone, of any age.

Did undertaker ever date any WWE divas?

The Undertaker married WWE diva Michelle McCool on June 26, 2010 in Houston, TX

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