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No, they are not!

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Do snowflakes look like?

All snowflakes are six-sided crystals

What contains all geometric figures?

The only thing that can contain all geometric figures is the set of all geometric figures, which is an infinite set.

What is the name for all four-sided figures?

All four-sided figures are quadrilaterals.

What is a 4 sided geometric polygon?

A square, rectangle, trapazoid, and a rhombus are all examples of a 4 sided geometric polygon.

Are all six sided figures hexagons?

All six-sided two dimensional figures are hexagons.

What is the sum of sides of a snowflake?

Most, but not all, snowflakes are six sided

Are all 5-sided figures similar?

No. There are some figures that don't have a name that are five sided.

What are all 6 sided figures called?

A six sided figure is a hexagon.

What is the basic building block of all geometric figures?

The most basic building block of all geometric figures is simply the point. A point has no size or dimension but it does have a location. Lines are made up of a series of points.

What are all 4 dimensional figures?

There are none to be seen but if you meant 4 sided figures then they are quadrilaterals

Are all snowflakes six sided?

Yes, but there are an infinite number of possible variations to the arrangement of smaller crystals. It is said that no two snowflakes are exactly alike, but many will have the same patterns and angles.

What are all 9 sided figures called?

A nine sided plane figure is a nonagon. A nine sided three dimensional figure is a nonahedron.

What are all 5 sided figures called?

Pentagon is a 5 sided figure. Pent=5 gon=shape

What is the inverse of all quadrilaterals are four-sided figures?

There exists at least one quadrilateral which is not 4-sided.

DefinitionWhat is the difference between a traipizoid and a parrololegram?

A parrolulegram is all 4 sided figures, and trapizoid is not a 4 sided figure?

Why are all squars quadrilaterals?

Quadrilaterals are four-sided figures. So are squares.

How do you determine the area and perimeter of geometric figures?

Area is length x width. Meanwhile Perimeter is the addition of all the lengths and widths of the entire geometric polygon.

What do all the angles on a quadrangle add up to?

Same as all other four sided figures, 360o

What geometric has four sides?

All 4 sided polygons are quadrilaterals such as a square, a rhombus, a rectangle, a parallelogram, a kite ..... etc

What is the sum in degres of a rectangle?

All four sided figures have the same sum in degrees. 360.

Is a square rhombus and parallelogram a quadrilateral?

yes they are all four sided figures classifying them as quadrilaterals

What is the vocabulary for parralel lines?

in all parts equally distantone of a set of parallel geometric figuresto mark with lines

What is the name for a four sided figure?

There are many four sided figures that are named some are:squarerectangletrapezoidparallelogramrhombkiteAll of these are called quadrilaterals

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