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No. There are same rules for both


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3 international badminton players are aryan james, mayukh gupta, kabir singh arora

Mainly the reproductive system is different for male than female.

=The female pandas can have babies and the male pandas cant= is a male and one is a female

Different bwtween male and female kidney

Their size is different; male humming birds are bigger than female ones.

Yes you can. The male usually serves behind the female in competitive mixed doubles.

There are many different religions, some of which have a male god, some of which have male and female gods, and some of which have a god that is neither male nor female.

Male turkey has a dick and a female has a vagina.

The difference between a male and female sponge is that the female lays the eggs the male doesn't the male helps with different things

The male and female parts matuers in different times. There are barriers between the male and female. The male and female parts are located in different places. A student from A.G.S.

The 2 pairs of chromosomes that are different from male and female are called sex chromosomes. They are also called X and Y. The male has XY and the female has XX.

Male tigers are larger than female tigers and male tigers whiskers are also longer than the female tigers

to tell the different of an male and female is by the male hang their feathers down low and the female don't

the male sea elephant is different from the female sea elephant because it has a pingas

No, there is no difference in the colors of male and female raccoons. They are not sexually dimorphic.

Each fingerprint is different whether it be male or female, it does not matter.

Well, the male and female are different genders and the female is able to have puppies. The male is not.Pretty much the same as the difference between a female and male human being.

No. The male platypus is larger, but otherwise the male and female are very similar in appearance.

Respiratory is different because amount of blood is different from male to female,males have more blood volume, therefore heart rate can be different.

male gamets are motile but female gamets are non motile female gamets produce pheromone which attracts male gamets

A male and female cricket are roughly the same size. The only way to tell a male from a female is that a female has a slightly different body shape.

Different species have many different ways of being identified as male or female. In some there is no external difference at all.

all fingerprints are different. there is no distinquishing feature that indicates male or female

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