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The increase in estrogen when going from Alesse to Ortho Tricyclen could cause breast tenderness, which should disappear within the first three cycles. If it lasts longer than that, is accompanied by other symptoms, or if it's driving you nuts, contact your health care provider for advice anda possible change in pills.

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Birth control pill beginning with A?

There is Alesse 21 or Alesse 28 and Apri. The difference between Aless 21 and Alesse 28 is merely that Alesse 28 has 7 placebo pills, whereas Alesse 21 requires for the user to remember to start a new package of pills 7 days later.

Who makes Alesse?


What does Alesse look like?

It is a pink pill

What has the author Sally Alesse Casey written?

Sally Alesse Casey has written: 'Directing parental cooperation in teaching reading' -- subject(s): Reading (Elementary)

What is levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol tablets?

Alesse and Nordette tablets

What is the dosage for Alesse?

Five pink pills per dose

What has the author Francesca Alesse written?

Francesca Alesse has written: 'La Stoa e la tradizione socratica' -- subject(s): Ancient Philosophy, Criticism and interpretation, Methodology, Questioning

Is Lutera and Reclipsen the same generic brand for Alesse?

No, Lutera is the generic form of Alesse. Reclipsen is the generic form of Desogen (sp?). They are very similar except Reclipsen has a higher amount of progesterin.

What birth control pills start with the letter A?

Aviane, Alesse, Apri

What actors and actresses appeared in Red Light - 2010?

The cast of Red Light - 2010 includes: Francesca Alesse

Will Alesse help with migraine headaches and mood swings?

It helped with my mood swings and mine were absolutely terrible! I am not sure about migraines though. I don't get them.

Could you please give me a name of a birth control pill?

Usually you start with Alesse But there is multiple brands : Diane, Marvelon, Tri-cyclen, Yaz, Jasmin.....

What birth control pills make you fat?

It's different for everyone! I've been on Alesse, Yasmin and Marvelon On both Alesse and Yasmin I didn't have any weight gain, but I gained about 7 pounds on Marvelon. One of my friends was on Alesse and gained 10 pounds in a few months. Yasmin gave me chronic yeast infections. I've heard mainly positive things about Tri-Cyclin from friends, but it could just be a coincidence based on the women i know! Low-risk pills for weight gain are most of the new generation ones, including the ones I mentioned above. You won't know for sure how it will effect your body until you take it!

How does the ales birth control pill works?

Alesse works as any other combination birth control pill. A combination of progestin and estrogen prevents ovulation when nthe pill is taken daily.

What are some Oral contraceptives?

Some commonly used brands are Demulen, Desogen, Loestrin, Lo/Ovral, Nordette, Ortho-Novum, Ortho-Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep, Orthocept, Alesse, Levlite and Ovcon

You are on antibiotics and birth control Alesse and had unprotected sex and a week later got your period on time but seems light could you be pregnant?

If you got your period after you had sex then you cannot be prenant...unless you had sex again after your period.

When you are down to the green Alesse tablets and you have had your period for 20 days should you start the new pack right after the green even though your period may not come?

Hi, You should continue taking your pills as normal and as they were prescribed to be taken by your doctor.

Is it normal to have two periods in one month when first starting birth control?

yep it sure is i never had two but they were very prolonged and i had friends who had their periods all month if this persists for every pack consider switching because the hormones are probably not right for your body i dont know a single person who has gotten the right brand of birth control right away i recently had to switch after being on Alesse for 8 months because of irregular periods which didnt happen in the beginning but ya it is perfectly normal

Can taking Alesse and antibiotics while pregnant cause birth defects?

It really depends on the antibiotic and the class drug it is. Drugs are rated different classes based on their risk to a pregnancy. For example, Amoxicillin is considered a class B drug. Class B drugs are considered relatively safe. Tetracycline on the other hand is considered a Class D drug, meaning there is sufficient data to determine the drug is harmful during pregnancy.For more information on drug classes, you can start at the related link. To find out what class of drug your antibiotic is, go to any drug database and look up the drug information. It should list the pregnancy category in the information.I would discuss the use of Alesse and the antibiotics with your doctor or midwife if you are pregnant.

What actors and actresses appeared in Videoblog - 2007?

The cast of Videoblog - 2007 includes: Barbara Alesse as TV journalist Mariano Aprea as Priest Alessia Babrow as Sveva Claudio Battiferri as Slave Andrea Di Stefano as The Boston Strangler Yassmin Pucci as Alessandra Matteo Pugnali as Important man Armando Sanna as Gianmarco Giulio Squillacciotti as Photographer

What is the name of the low dosage birth control pills?

Low dosage birth control pills are usually a BCP which contains 35mcg or less of estrogen. The very low dose birth control pills are BCP hich contains 20mcg of estrogen. The ulatre low dose birth control pills are: Alesse Mircette The Low Dose birth control pills are: LoOvral Nordette Ortho-Cept Cyclessa Yasmin.

After you have completed the Alesse birth control pill 21day pack you are supposed to get the period the week of no pills when do you start taking the pills again?

You start your next pack of pills 7 days later. So if you took your last pill on Saturday for instance you would start your next pack of pills the next Sunday. Maybe it would be easier for you to ask your doctor for the 28 day packs with the week of sugar pills during your period so your always take one and this way won't forget.

What are your options if your scalp hair has fallen out since you started using ortho lo birth control in the last two months?

Birth control pills can cause hair loss. Generally, it takes about 3 months for your body to adjust to the new influx of hormones. Often, your estrogen/progestin levels will even out, hair loss will stop, and all will be fine. However, there are birth control pills that are "notorious" causing hair loss (Alesse, ortho tri-cylen lo, estrostep...) because they either have low estrogenic activity or high androgenic activity- in that case, if your hair is continually affected, it would be certainly advisable to talk to your Ob-Gyn about different BC options.

How do you suppress your menstrual cycle?

One way is to use birth control pills and skip the sugar pills. Firstly you would want to look for a pill pack that contains the same amount of progestin and estrogen in every hormone pill, such as Alesse. Most birth control pill packages contain 21 hormone pills followed by 7 placebos. To suppress your period you would take the first 21 pills from your first pill pack then move immediately on to your second pill pack, tossing out the leftover sugar pills. Keep in mind that suppressing your period might contribute to spotting throughout the month for some women. Checking out might be a good place to look for more information.

Why is the birth pill cure acne?

Birth control pills don't cure acne, they merely change the levels of hormones in your body which in turn can impact acne breakouts. Sometimes they can actually exacerbate acne. Aim for birth control pills with high levels of androgen. E.g.: Loestrin, Estrotrep Fe, Levlen, Alesse, Ovral, Norestrin, Nuvo Ring, and Depoprovera shot. The following pills are higher in estrogen and may help your breakouts, (again, it won't CURE acne): Diane 35 (Dianette), Yasmin, Demulan (Zovia), Ortho tri cyclen, Nevicon Modicon, Ortho Evra, Mircette and Desogen, (April). The above lists are only a guideline to use when going to your doctor for birth control pills.