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Are there health benefits of snowboarding?


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September 12, 2011 3:11PM

oh yeah, Snowboarding has a ton of heath benefits.

Its a killer workout for your lower body (Quads and such) and all so works your core (abs, lower back and yeah) if you hav'NT boarded before you will be sore as heck the first few times you go up.

its also a really good cardio cuz of how thin the air is in the mountains and if you ever have to hick your bad self out of some deep powder you will be winded really fast trust me its hard work.

and unless you have a major wipe out or something its not to hard on your body, and its pretty easy to kill your self like hitting a tree or a rock or a yeti you know that kinda stuff. I personaly snowboard without a hemlet I don't like them that much and I recently as of this season started boarding in shorts ( i live in western Washington so it never gets too cold like anywhere below 14 is where i call it quits and put on some pants.) ANYWAY don't do what i do if ur starting ware a helmet and put on some pants.

long story short Snowboarding is a great workout!

oh and you will probably get stronger joints and bones in ur legs from all the jumping and landing and falling and stuff.

so yeah go snowboarding, do it, DO IT NOW