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As far as batting average goes that would be Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby who played with the Cardinals, Giants, Braves, Cubs, and Browns between 1915-1937. His career batting average was .358 and he is second all time in career batting average behind Ty Cobb.

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Who gets to first base first - left or right handed batter?

A right handed batter would get to first base first because a left handed batter has to take extra time turning around to start running.

A right handed batter gets a strike then switches to left handed is that legal in asa softball?

Yes, this is legal. As long as the pitcher has not started her motion, or the pitch is not already being delivered the batter may switch sides at any time. This is used a lot for players who swing away right handed but can drag bunt form the left hand side.

Are the Big Time Rush boy's left or right handed?

Logan,James,Carlos Are Right Handed. While Kendall Is Left Handed. :)

Are polarbears right of left handed?

Polar bears are Left Handed most of the time

Who lives longer right handed or left handed?

On average, right-handed people live about nine years longer than left-handed people.

Is Kevin spacey left handed?

No hes right handed. in a time to kill you see him writing.

Left hand spends a lot of time here on a string instrument?

depends on if your right or left handed, right handed the neck

How do you paint you right hand?

To paint you right hand it depends if your left handed or right , i even struggle to do my right hand because I'm right handed but if your left handed its easier to do but now i can, all i takes is practice but i take my time, hopefully this helps some.

Do you think it's fair not to play a LEFTY catcher just because she's left handed. and one of the best catchers around?

Starting a lefty catcher does have disadvantages. She will have a harder time throwing out runners at third because she will have to clear the batter and then turn her body to throw. A right handed catcher can just clear the batter and already be in a good throwing position. Also, on a play at the plate lefties have to backhand the tag, which is very hard and often umpires have harder times seeing that type of tag being applied. If the girl you are talking about is the best catcher on the team, then she should start. But if there is an equal player in a right hander, it makes more sense to start her.

Why can't you throw out a batter from right field?

You can, there is no rule against throwing the batter out if the ball is hit to right field you probably just won't be able to get the ball to 1st base in time.

Is GOD right-handed?

God created "right-handed" and "left-handed", just as he created time, but these things were for us, humans. God isn't stereotyped into "right-" or "left-" handed, he created these things, and since he is a spirit, he is GOD, he may not even have "hands" , and if he had, he would be able to use them both the same, both way better than humans.

Why are there no left-handed throwing catchers in baseball?

A left-handed throwing catcher would have a harder time throwing runners out at third, since it's easier to throw across your body, a right hander to his left, and a left hander to his right. This is the same reason that there are no left handed second basemen, shortstops, or third basemen, since their most common throw (to first base) is to their left. A left handed catcher would have an easier throw trying to pick a runner off first. Also, since most batters hit right handed, a left handed catcher would more commonly find the batter slightly in his way as he tried to throw down to second.

When is the best time to get a left handed rifle?

Why, when your left hand of couse.

Was Anne Frank right handed?

If you look at the majority of pictures of Anne Frank you will see that she is usually shown to be right handed, however in some she is shown to be using her left. If you have seen the films of Anne Frank all of them show her as being right handed, also at that period of time she would have been forced to write with her right hand anyway. So it is likley to expect that she was right handed.

Is James Maslow a lefty?

James Maslow from Big Time Rush is right handed. He signs autographs with his right hand.

What average percentage of right handed people are in new zealand?

Last time I checked it was 63% for right and 37% for lefties

Who is it easier to steal first base from left or right handed pitcher?

You can't steal first base. It's easier to steal second base off of a right handed pitcher because the right handed pitcher has his back to the runner on first, and therefore has a harder time trying to pick the runner off.

Is Rihanna right or left handed?

I think she's left handed if you watch her in concert she hold the mic in her left the majority of the time - i write with my right hand but when i sing i usually hold the mic with my left hand

Is baby Ariel right or left handed?

im not sure but I'm guessing she left handed because when she is holding her phone most of the time she uses her left hand which is scientificallyy proven that if a person uses a certain hand it means that its the hand they use to write

Is there a difference between right- and left- handed field hockey sticks?

Yes. Right-handed sticks are by far the most common, and are the only ones permitted by rule. They have the flat side on the left side when the hook is facing away from the body, meaning they are used in a right-handed fashion. Left-handed sticks are virtually nonexistent (because they are illegal for use and so are not not worth the time to make or use), but can be found in some specialised places. They are the mirror image of right-handed sticks.

Was Bruce Lee left-handed or right-handed?

From my analyzes, Bruce Lee was a right-handed. Bruce Lee's right biceps were 0.5 inches larger than his left. And his right forearm was .05 inches larger than his left. (Age: 24) Source: Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing The Human Body compiled and edited by: John Little page 41 This is a very left brained answer. It is obvious that he is ambidextrous, which ultimately means that he is left handed, because he fights left- handed most of the time but then switches. Left handers have better connection between the two spheres of the brain an so ambidextrousness is primarily in lefties. Jimmy Hendrix who coincidentally shares the same birthday as Lee was lefty, but was able to play guitar both left handed and right handed. Lee's primary pose is left handed with his left hand in the back and his right hand is in the front. This is a left handed posture. From a right brained perspective (watching what he is doing) he would appear to be left handed. Not to mention that his whole theme was to not be restricted by tradition which is more of a left-handed or right brained perspective.

If the ball hits home plate then hits batter are you out?

No, on a throw the runner can't just be hit by the ball and be out. Even if it hits the plate. The catcher would have to tag the runner with the ball, or with his glove while the ball is in his glove. The only time a runner can be out like that is when they are running the bases and hit by a ball hit by the batter(The runner must be in fair territory). Wrong. If you are a right handed batter, it is possible to hit the plate then hit you. You are out. If you are out of the box. If you are in the box, the ball will called dead. Scored as a foul.

When the right time to throw a curveball in baseball?

The best time to throw the curve is when you have two strikes on a batter. If you have good enough control on the pitch you can throw it more often. If you dont have a lot of control avoid throwing it with 3 balls and/or baserunners on.

Is the Seasonstyle creator right or left handed?

I am ambidextrious. That means I write with my left and right hand. It's fun to be both handed because you can draw and do your homework at the same time! Keep visiting -Abigail, Seasonstyle creator

Why do some right handed fighter fight left handed.people like manny pacquiao and Anderson silva are right handed but fight left handed?

Anderson doesnt fight right or left handed he fights southpaw (most of the time), which is right hand in front. Bruce lee was also right handed but would fight southpaw. I think they do this to confuse people, it also strengthens their weaker side.... so when anderson switches to orthodox people prob think that is his weaker side when really its his stronger side. But who really knows other than Mr. Silva...

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