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Can a catcher use a 1st baseman's glove?

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No, a catcher must wear a catchers mitt for extra padding and the width of the glove make it easier to catch a ball that's flying at a slow 60 mph to a quick 98 mph

The catcher may wear any legal glove allowed to any player, though only he may wear the catcher's mitt. Many catchers switch to a first baseman's glove to catch a knuckle ball pitcher for example.

As stated above though, the extra padding helps for high velocity pitchers.

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No, same goes for catchers gloves, only a first baseman can use a trapper and only a catcher can use a catchers glove

It is not a good idea considering that a first basemans glove is designed for catching line drives thrown from other players in the infield. A good outfielders glove choice is a 13 and 1/2 inch glove

Brandon Inge on the Detroit Tigers uses a small first basemans glove. Im in high school ball. I can play the infield. And when i play third base i use my mizuno first basemans glove. It helps me from jamming the finger when a hard liner comes straight at you. so i help this helps

It is perfectly within the rules to use a first basemans mitt anywhere on the field. However, there is no advantage in using a first basemans mitt for third other than simply for catching. A third baseman must field more balls batted hard to him than a first baseman. This requires a glove that can not only catch the ball, but be flexible enough to scoop balls from the ground, shallow enough to shovel the occasional ball to second or short, and shallow enough to easily transfer a ball from glove to throwing hand for a throw to first, second or home. None of these traits are inherent in the first basemans glove.

A pitcher glove, short stop, 2nd base, 3rd base and outfielders are usally all the same. 1st base and catcher are the only people who shouldn't use a "fielders glove" as most players call it.

In non-professional leagues, a catcher can technically use any kind of glove to catch. However, a catcher's mitt provides the most padding and is the best glove suited for catching.

He needs to use a glove, but it does not have to be a special catcher's mitt.

yes a first basemans mitt because the are bigger and they are thicker so it wont hurt your hand but some people in little league just use normal baseball gloves

A fielder can use his palm if he wants.

The only position that a distracting item can be removed by the umpire, is the pitcher. You could have a lime green glove as a catcher!!!

well of course they use a glove ,face mask, chest protector shin guards & knee savers (things u put on the back of the shin guards to help with the pressure of bending your knees so long.) and some girls wear batting glove on their glove hand to give them a better grip of the glove

Would use the term against the rules. Yes, a mitt is not allowed to be used in other fielding positions, except catcher

No. Catchers use mitts (no defined fingers) not gloves. Although, there are similarities there is a difference in padding, mainly on pinky and figer side of mitt. fastpitch catchers mitts tend to have thicker padding.

any player on the field can use any type of glove as long as they fall within the rules for size. Generally speaking, infielders use smaller gloves then outfielders, as they have a need to get the ball out of their glove quickly Catchers generally have gloves with a small pocket and thick padding around the edges, this helps control the ball that is thrown faster then a typical fielded ball

No a pitcher isn't supposed to use a 1st baseman's glove. however if you are talking about in a local league some umpires will not call you. i do by the way have had expierence where i had to change gloves during the game because i was called.

The catcher caught the baseball.

1st use a glove If no glove is available make sure that as you catch the ball move your hand in the direction the ball is moving there by increasing the time it take for the ball to decelerate

Olive oil is one of the best glove cleaners.

It depends on the age. Younger girls use a 10 inch glove, older girls use at least a 12 inch glove.

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I have never heard of that method, but the absolute best way to work in a glove is playing catch. I also use glove conditioner by "nokoma"

The praising glove will reward your person. When they're doing something you want them to do more just use the praising glove. The scolding glove does the exact opposite.

Derek Jeter uses a Rawlings glove. He endorses the Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove.

No. this will burn the glove. You must go to the store and buy the proper oil for the glove.

Mycologist use microscopes and glove.

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