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Can a goalkeeper touch with his hands a ball that is outside his box although his feet are inside the box?

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No. When determining whether a goalkeeper may touch a ball with his hands, only the position of the ball matters. If the ball had not crossed (or touched the plane above) the boundary of the goalkeeper's own penalty area, it would be considered deliberate handling, The restart would be a direct free kick at the location of the handling.

The goalkeeper might be cautioned if the act prevented the development of a promising goal scoring opportunity in the opinion of the referee. The goalkeeper might be sent off if the ball would have entered the net if not for the handling (and without being touched again by any player) in the referee's opinion.

2011-07-21 10:51:44
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Q: Can a goalkeeper touch with his hands a ball that is outside his box although his feet are inside the box?
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In soccer can a goalkeeper kick the ball from outside and pick it up by hands?

It depends on how the goalkeeper received it. If the goalkeeper received it from a deliberate kick or a throw-in by a team-mate, then no. Otherwise, yes.

Can a goalie use their hands outside the 18 yard box?

No once the goalkeeper comes outside the circle at the box he is booked.

Do you have to wash your hands after scratching your crotch?

Depends if you scratch outside or inside your pants. If outside, no, if inside, if no smell, then no. If your hands have been inside your pants and they smell, wash.

Can a goalkeeper score using his hand?

He can only use his hands inside the painted box on the side he is assigned to. So if he can throw it that far, yes.

How many hands must the goalkeeper have on the to have control?


Which goalkeeper signs his autograph as safe hands?

david seaman

Which goalkeeper signs his autograph as 'Safe Hands'?


Soccer rules after using the feet then picking it up with hes hand back pass?

I'm going to assume that you are asking about a ball that is deliberately kicked back to the goalkeeper by a teammate, then picked up. If the keeper touches the ball with his hands outside of the penalty area (the "18"), the offense is handling and the other team is awarded a direct kick from the spot where the keeper first touched the ball with his hands. If the keeper touches the ball with his hands inside the penalty area but outside the goal area (the "6"), the offense is goalkeeper handling and the other team is awarded an indirect kick from the spot where the keeper first touched the ball with his hands. If the keeper touches the ball with his hands inside the goal area, the other team is awarded an indirect free kick from the spot on the goal area line nearest where the ball was first touched by the keeper.

Can a goalkeeper score from a kick from his hands?

Yes a goalie can score goal from a goal kick if he is kicking it from his hands.

How do you hit an outside and inside pitch?

on an outside pitch, step toward the ball and extend your hands. be sure not to step out of the batters box though. on an inside pitch step back with your front foot and pull in your hands and make a quick short swing

What happens if a soccer ball touches a player's hands?

If it's not the goalkeeper and outside the area, and the referee thinks it's deliberate, then it's a free kick to the opposition. If it's not the goalie and inside the area, and deliberate, then it's a penalty. If the goalie handles outside the area, then it's a free kick - this is most likely to result in a sending off as well.

How do you play soccer with your hands?

Soccer is played with your any part of your body except the hands. The only person that can use there hands is a goalkeeper.

What is the player who can use their hands and stay near the net?

This person is the goalkeeper.

Why can't you use your hands in Football?

: the players can touch the ball , just the goalkeeper because it would be a hand ball. It's too easy if permit to use your hands. but the goalkeeper must be in the penalty box to grab the ball with his hands or else... it will be considered handball

Can a goalkeeper catch the ball outside the box if his feet are inside?

No because the parts of the body in the box, the goal keeper can touch. If the goal keepers hands are out the box they cant touch it. when the 'keeper's hands in contact with the ball were inside or on the penalty area line, then no infringement occurred and no verbal announcement of any sort is necessary by the Referee or Assistant. There is no hand ball even if the rest of the keeper is outside the penalty area. If kicking from hand by the goal keeper and the ball is released but then crosses outside the penalty area then again no infringement. However, the officials must be vigilant that the ball was indeed released before crossing the white line. If however,the ball was not released until after the goalkeeper's hands were outside the penalty area, then the proper restart is a direct free kick, not an indirect free kick. And, to just clarify, there is no such thing as "a possibility of a sending off for deliberate hand ball" unless the goalkeeper handled the ball outside his penalty area to prevent it from going into the net.

Within what area is the goalkeeper able to hold ball with hands?

The penalty area.

Can the goalkeeper touch the ball with his hands from a throw-in?

Only if the throw-in was taken by an opponent.

Who can use their hands when playing soccer?

During active play only the goalkeeper can use his hands. Out of active play anyone.

If a goalkeeper has the ball in his hands and puts a foot behind the goal line is this a goal if the ball is still outside the plane of the goal?

absolutely no goal. only the position of ball dete rmines the goal.

Why do m and m's have hard shells?

Because its meant to not melt in your hands. The outside covering protects the chocolate inside.

What muscles do goalkeepers use most?

Most muscles used by the goalkeeper is their eyes and hands.

What type of kick is used by the goalkeeper in soccer?

Either a goalkick(from the line) or a punt (out of his hands).

What is the only position called that allows the player to use their hands in soccer?

GoalKeeper (Goalie)

Why can goalies use their hands and feet?

A goalkeeper within his own penalty area (the 18-yard box) is allowed to use his hands to defend the goal. Only one player on each team may act as the goalkeeper any any given time, and they need the referee's permission to change the person filling that role. Outside of the penalty area, the goalkeeping is no different than any other player.

If goalkeeper holds ball can a player head it from his hands?

A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball when... ...the ball is between the hands or between the hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body) ...holding the ball in the outstretched open hand ...bouncing it on the ground or throwing it in the air A goalkeeper cannot be challenged for the ball even when in the process of throwing or punting it.