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Q: Can a regular decagon tessellate
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Can a decagon tessellate?

There are decagons which will tessellate.

Does a decagon tesselate?

yes of course * * * * * A decagon does NOT tessellate. All triangles and quadrilaterals do, there are 14 tessellating pentagons and a number of hexagons (including regular hexagons). There are no tessellations which use polygons of the same shape - regular or irregular - for polygons with 7 or more sides.

Does a decagon tessallate?

There are decagons which will tessellate.

Can equilateral dodecagons that are not regular tessellate?

Yes. For example if you have a decagon in which the top, bottom and the four sides on the left are as in a regular decagon, and if the four sides on the right make the shape concave. These decagons will "slot" into one another.

Does a decagon tessellate a plane?

No. No shape with 7 or more sides will tessellate with multiple copies of itself. All traigles and quadrilaterals will tessellate, there are 14 irregular pentagons (the last was discovered in 2016), and a number of hexagons - including the regular hexagon.

Can you tesselate a decagon?

There are decagonal shapes which will tessellate the plane.

Can a regular nonogon tessellate?

yes, most regular shapes can tessellate :)

Does regular heptagon tessellate?

True * * * * * No. The only regular polygons that will tessellate are a triangle, a square and a heagon. So a regular heptagon will not tessellate.

Can a regular octagon tessellate?

No, it can't be tessellate.

How can you tell if a regular shape will tessellate?

It will tessellate if its vertices divide into 360 degrees evenly. The only regular polygons that will tessellate are an equilateral triangle, a square and a regular hexagon. There are other, non-regular, polygons that will tessellate.

Can a square and a pentagon tessellate?

A square can tessellate but a regular pentagon can't tessellate

What shape can't you tessellate?

A regular pentagon will not tessellate.

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