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When the acceleration is at constant 0, then the velocity will be constant.

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Can an object be moving but not accelerating?

Yes, it can. When an object has constant speed it has no acceleration.

How can an object moving at a constant speed have a nonzero acceleration?

Because an acceleration is a CHANGE in speed or direction.

Can an object moving at a constant speed have acceleration?

An object can not accelerate if the speed is constant.

What is the difference between speed and acceleration in phisycs?

Speed - is something moving at a constant rate. Acceleration is an increase of the rate an object is moving.

What has zero acceleration?

Anything that is not moving or is moving at a constant speed has zero acceleration. An object that is slowing down has a negative acceleration, an object that is speeding up has a positive acceleration.

When is acceleration 0?

[Acceleration = 0] means an object is moving in a straight line with constant speed.

Can an object be moving when its acceleration is zero?

Yes, it can. The speed for such object is a constant for both direction and absolute value of speed.

Can an object be moving if acceleration is zero?

Yes. Acceleration is defined as a change of speed and/or direction of motion. If the speed and direction of motion are constant, then there is no acceleration.

Can it be possible that a particle have constant speed must have zero acceleration?

It's possible, but not necessary, that a particle moving with constant speedhas zero acceleration. In order for acceleration to be zero, it's also necessarythat the particle be moving in a straight line.An object moving with constant speed around a curve has acceleration."Acceleration" does not mean "speeding up".

It is possible for a body to have acceleration when moving with costant velocity and constant speed?

constant velocity means no acceleration. An object can be moving at constant speed, like a satellite in orbit, but its velocity is changing because direction is changing

How is am object moving at a constant speed and in a straight line like an object at rest?

An object moving at a constant speed in a straight line has an acceleration of 0. An object at rest also has an acceleration of 0. So, the two things I see in common are their accelerations, which are both 0.

Why an object moving in a circular path at a constant speed is undergoing acceleration and has a force excert on it?

-- An object with no net force on it continues moving at constant speed in a straight line.If it's not moving in a straight line, then there must be net force acting on it.-- "Acceleration" is the word for the situation where either speed or direction of motion changes.Even if speed is constant, acceleration is present if the direction is changing.

Under what circumstances can an object moving with an constant speed (uniform magnitude oits velocity) have an acceleration?

When the direction changes. A simple case is an object moving in a circle, at constant speed.

How is motion with constant speed different from motion with constant acceleration?

A motion with a constant speed will always be moving the same speed A motion with a constant acceleration will constantly be gaining speed, and does not remain moving at the same speed.

How are velocity and acceleration different?

acceleration is the increase of speed in a moving object. velocity is the speed and direction of a moving object.

How are constant speed and constant acceleration different?

There is a huge difference between constant speed and constant acceleration. Constant speed is when the object is travelling constant, no change in its velocity and acceleration or in other words no extra force to speed up. Constant acceleration when the object is acceleration constant, it means that the speed of the object is change at the same rate each second. The acceleration rate at which the object is travelling is constant. for example, when a car is stationary at a traffic light and it starts acceleration, picking up speed but the rate of acceleration will not constant because the amount of force applied differs each second due to the acceleration rate.

What is the difference between zero velocity and zero acceleration?

Zero velocity means the object has no speed, that is, it's not moving. Zero acceleration means the object is moving with constant speed in a straight line, that is, its velocity is not changing.

For a car moving around a circular track at a constant speed the acceleration is?

constant speed=0 acceleration Acceleration is the change in speed. If the speed doesn't change(ie constant) the acceleration is zero.

Can you use average speed to calculate the speed of an object that is moving at a constant speed?

Yes. If an object is moving at a constant speed the average speed and the constant speed are the same.

Why does an object moving at a constant speed of 35 mi hr Does not show a change in velocity?

constant speed means no acceleration and thus no change in velocity

Can a object with no acceleration be stationary?

If acceleration means to increase in speed or pace, then a stationary object is static, without movement, without acceleration. But, if an object is moving at a constant rate, then I suggest acceleration is not present, unless, or until the objects speed increases. Yes, an object with no acceleration may be stationary.

As speed increases for an object in free fall does its acceleration increase also?

No. Acceleration is constant. The effect of constant acceleration is speed that increases at a constant rate.

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