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Can high school players skip college ball to go to the pros without ever playing a minute in the NCAA?

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Yes, it's actually very common in Baseball. Fortunately, though, MLB teams are starting to lean towards college players more than high school players.

You're eligible for the MLB draft three times (basically): 1. After your senior year of high school. 2. After your junior year of college. I actually know someone who was drafted after their junior year of college, then went to school for the next two fall semesters to finish his degree. If you're drafted after your junior year, you have until the next year's draft to sign, otherwise you're put back in the draft, and that team no longer owns you (but they can draft you again). 3. After your senior year of college.

Other sports such as Basketball and football (American) don't allow this, though athletes can leave college early if their prospects are very high.

2015-07-15 18:27:28
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Q: Can high school players skip college ball to go to the pros without ever playing a minute in the NCAA?
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