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would you be able to tell me what code you used? cause i recently purchesed an old one and am having a ruf time trying to find the code.

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How much does a Photographer?

abouy 50,000

What is 153 cm in feet and inches?

Abouy 5 ft 0 in.

What vampire diaries episode does Damon talk abouy twillight?

Season 1 episode 4, "Family Ties"

What is an educated guess abouy an outcome?

An educated guess is an estimate or assessment which cannot be justified through rigorous methods.

How far is it from San Antonio to Houston Tx?

Well ,abouy 2 or three hours but san antonio is near Houston

Which of these is true abouy the information coming from news media outlets?

Different news programs sometimes contradict one another.

How many wins do you have for the blue belt in cp?

abouy 10 bazillion times!!!!! but, seriously, i am pretty sure its 15. hope that helps :) - Poopface

Has Bruno mars a girlfriend?

Yes Jessica Caban which rumored to be engaged to bruno mars and they are living together which the house cost abouy $3million

What's the best way to tell doctor abouy anxiety?

tell him about the things you worry about and under what conditions, and he will probably figure it out himself while talking with you.

There was a cancelled tv series a comedy abouy an alien that was on earth and he had super powers a female earthling counter part. I believe it was put out by Disney and lasted about 1 or 2 seasons.?

I think your talking about Invader Zim. But that's a Nickelodeon show.

Are Sasuke and sakura in love?

It's very complicated. Sakura has obvious feelings for Sasuke, but Sasuke doesn't care abouy Sakura at all. In addition, Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha and its residents. This would include Sakura. So the answer would ultimately be no, they are not in love.

Can you buy video games from gameflycom?

Yes you can. GameFly sells the games they don't need anymore starting around $5.99. You get free shipping on used games if you're a GameFly member. If not, you'll have to pay abouy $3.00 bucks for shipping.

How much blacktop needed for 10.000 square feet driveway going 2 inches deep?

Since it's hard to say whether you are asking abouy 10 thousand feet (10,000) or ten feet (10.000) I'll just say the answer is sqft/6 for 2 inch depth. So, it's either 1666.66 cubic feet or 1.6 cubic feet of Macadam or asphalt.

Could you be pregnant if you are still having periods And you are having heartburn nausea all the time?

If you are not messing around since your last period you are probably ok. This news should also cure a lot of your distress. There was a comic book called MAD. I think the story there was: Dont worry about anything - and much less - if you can't do anything abouy a problem then dont worry about that either. Get some Prilosec too.

How do Peter Susan and Edmund react to Lucy's story abouy the world inside the wardrobe?

They didn't believe her at first, none of them did. However one night Lucy decided to slip back into the wardrobe, and Edmund saw her and followed, therefore finding Narnia. While Lucy went to visit Mr Tumnus, Edmund had bumped into the White Witch who had tricked him by using Turkish Delight. A few days later, all the Pevensie kids were playing cricket when Edmund batted the ball to hard and it smashed a window. They ran around the whole house, trying to avoid Ms Macready ( the extremely strict house keeper ) and they all hid in the wardrobe, and they all went into Narnia. Peter and Susan for the first time, Edmund for his second and Lucy for her third.

How do you adjust a lawnmower carburetor?

Initial set: Close needle valve (rotate clockwise) until the tip just snugs (do not over-do), then open (rotate counter clockwise) 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns. Start engine and allow to warm up abouy 4 minuyes. Fine tune: With engine warmed up and running, close needle s-l-o-w-l-y valve until engine starts to stall for lack of fuel; then open needle valve s-l-o-w-l-y until engine starts to stall from over-flooding. Set needle valve half-way between the both extremes. If engine sputters or stalls when load is applied (blade engaged or mowing), open needle valve 1/8 turn for a slightly richer mixrure.

If a guy like you and he dont want any body to know abouy it?

well then you need to get out of there sounds to me in my opinion that he's either ashamed or has done something he don't want you to know about like for example he could have another girl somewhere and he knows if he said any thing then his hand would be caught in the cookie jar as it were. Look im not you and im not saying you dont but i would strongly consider self respect in this you need to have enough self respect to know this is an unhealthy and rude relation ship im a guy and when i get a good looking girl (girl friend) i cant wait to show her off to my family friends and acquaintances heck iv been known to make a day of showing her off and be like this is my woman and im her man it very fun for both of you makes you feel good about each other and very very healthy for the relation ship and he should be proud of you no matter what i stand with mine thick thin and if she's in the wrong or not because that the way it supposed to be. No matter what

Can your Parents kick you out of there house because there kids droped out of school?

can your parents kick you out of there house becasue there kids dropped out of school? no they shouldn't becasue what if they don't have the ability to work because of the facted that they dropped out and don't know how to read or write? what if they get into an accident because the parents don't know what they don't have the time if they are not even under the same roof as you to check up on them. what if they become drug dealers and theyt have an younger brother or sister that they WA NT them to do the same as them and drop out of school they should be the better person. if they want to leave them as least do it they right way not just because they dropped out school i know that its wrong but still their your life a part of you but still are you going to be able to handle the fact that your son or daughter goes to jail becasue she/he dosent anyone to support them think abouy that? you try to the dicision for them even if they don't want a least for them to know that you care and if they do do somethin g stupid try to help them out don't be a fool and let them become someone thart has to live on the streets. help them out try to make them understnad why you are doing this for them. at least what you can do is try help them get job. love Janet cardenas 14

Why do people think that cross dressers are gay you have been cross dressing for years and you only like being with girls yourself you feel better abouy yourself when you are wearing girls cloths?

Who has been cross dressing for years? Only people that are messed up in the head cross dress. I certainly have never wore girl's clothes, nore do I intend too. And if you now any guy that feels better about themselves wearing girls clothes tell them they are guy and messed up.New Answer: Dude, there is nothin wrong with cross dressing. Its just how some people are, and there is nothing wrong with being who you are, if that is who you really think you are. Do not regard the answer that was before mine!im a 16 year old cross dresser i told my parents last year after a while my parents understood it i even told my best friend who is enfact the same as me and we now have sleep overs and use his sisters make up and get her to do our makeup and only once we all kissed each other while playing spin borttle and his dad found out but he though that we were just messing about until i kissed my mates sister in front of his dad so i am still straight and my girlfriend really likes me being a girl as she does my make up and styleWe need to remember that some people are just born to be transgendered and cross dress.Just like some people are born to be straight and some are born to be gay or lesbian , some are born to be a cross dresser transgendered.