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Yes. Just as long as the NFL players aren't with the Dallas Cowboys.

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What era did the cowboys date from?

The Dallas Cowboys entered the NFL in 1960.

Who does Jessica Simpson date?

Currently she is dating Tony Romo off of the Dallas Cowboys{{GO! Cowboys}}

Can the NFL Cheerleaders date NFL players?

Yes I think some are married actually.

Do football players only date cheerleaders?

no not ONLY cheer leaders they sometimes go after geeks or base ball players....... weird.... NOT weird, they date who they wantt....

Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at the veteran stadium in 1989?

The Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys on this date, but of more interest was the fact that a day or so prior to the game snow had fallen in Philadelphia. The stadium seating area was never cleared, and during the game fans took this opportunity to throw hundreds of snowballs at the Dallas players and coaches.

Who did troy from the Dallas Cowboys date before he married?

He reportedly dated actresses Janine Turner and Sandra Bullock, country singer Lorrie Morgan and a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

What was the date of the last Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win?

On January 28, 1996, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 to 17 in Super Bowl XXX at Tempe, Arizona.

Which NFL team has won the most Monday Night Football games?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins are tied. The Dallas Cowboys have 42 wins to date. Where as the Miami Dolphins only have 40 wins.

Can NFL players date cheerleaders?

yes they can because it's not like lawyers dating judges if you know what i mean

Can cheerleaders date the players?

Ithink cheerleader are just stuck up brats that they think they can get whatever they want so no they shouldnt

What is a stereotype used in high school?

cheerleaders date football players there are jocks, geeks, cool kids, kids on drugs.

How many games have the Dallas Cowboys won in the nfl in 2009?

The Cowboys are currently 8-3 (as of 12/01/09), so they have won 8 games in 2009 to date.

Why are cheerleaders bitches?

They think they have all the style and fame and fortune because the football players date them all the time making them think they are perfect.

How many super bowls have Dallas Cowboys won?

The Dallas Cowboys won 5 Super Bowl Championships to date. Appearing in the Super Bowl 8 times, which is a tie with the Steelers for most appearances.Super Bowl VIDate: January 16, 1972 Location: New Orleans, LouisianaStadium: Tulane StadiumMatch-Up: Dallas Cowboys - vs - Miami DolphinsScoreboard:Cowboys 03 07 07 07 24Dolphins 00 03 00 00 03Super Bowl XIIDate: January 15, 1978 Location: New Orleans, LouisianaStadium: Louisiana SuperdomeMatch-Up: Dallas Cowboys - vs - Denver BroncosScoreboard:Cowboys 10 03 07 07 27Broncos _00 00 10 00 10Super Bowl XVIIDate: January 31, 1993 Location: Pasadena, CaliforniaStadium: Rose Bowl StadiumMatch-Up: Dallas Cowboys - vs - Buffalo BillsScoreboard:Cowboys 14 14 03 21 52Bills ____ 07 03 07 00 17Super Bowl XVIIIDate: January 30, 1994 Location: Atlanta, GeorgiaStadium: Georgia DomeMatch-Up: Dallas Cowboys - vs - Buffalo BillsScoreboard:Cowboys 06 00 14 10 30Bills ____ 03 10 00 00 13Super Bowl XXXDate: January 28, 1996 Location: Tempe, ArizonaStadium: Sun Devil StadiumMatch-Up: Dallas Cowboys - vs - Pittsburgh SteelersScoreboard:Cowboys 10 03 07 07 27Steelers 00 07 00 10 17

What was the date of Super Bowl 13?

Super Bowl 13 was played January 21, 1979. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31.

Who was the Denver quarterback to beat Dallas in Super Bowl?

Denver has never beaten Dallas in the Super Bowl. When they did face each other in Super Bowl XII, the Broncos lost to the Cowboys 27-10. XII Dallas Cowboys - 27 (Roger Staubach, United States Naval Academy Denver Broncos - 10 (Craig Morton, University of California Berkely Location: Lousiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA Date: 1/15/1978 co-MVP's: Randy White, DT, Dallas, Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas

What year did the cowboys win back to back super bowls?

The Dallas Cowboys won back to back Super Bowl titles in 1992 and 1993. Super Bowl XXVII Dallas Cowboys - 52 (Troy Aikman, UCLA) Buffalo Bills - 17 (Jim Kelly, University of Miami (Fla.)) Location: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA Date: 1/31/1993 MVP: Troy Aikman, QB, Dallas Head Coaches: DAL - Jimmy Johnson BUF - Marv Levy Super Bowl XXVIII Dallas Cowboys - 30 (Troy Aikman, UCLA) Buffalo Bills - 13 (Jim Kelly, University of Miami (Fla.)) Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA Date: 1/30/1994 MVP: Emmitt Smith, RB, Dallas Head Coaches: DAL - Jimmy Johnson BUF - Marv Levy

What date in September does NFL regular games start for 2012?

September 5, 2012 - when the Dallas Cowboys play the New York Giants The bulk of the season begins on September 9.

What date was the Dallas Cowboys started?

They were established as a "swing" team in 1960 playing every other team one time during their first season. 1961 was when they were firmly established in the Eastern Division.

What team won the tenth Super Bowl?

1976 Super Bowl X Date Played: January 18, 1976 Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys Winner: STEELERS

What was the date Dallas Texas was founded?

Dallas was actually founded in 1841.

Do cheerleaders only date athletes?

No...you can date anyone you want It all depends on there personality...it is all up 2 u

How many Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys have made eight Super Bowl appearances. The Cowboys are 5-3 in Super Bowl play. Super Bowl VBaltimore Colts - 16 (Johnny Unitas, Uniiversity of Louisville)Dallas Cowboys - 13 (Craig Morton, University of California Berkely)Location: Orange Bowl, Miami FLDate: 1/17/1971MVP: Chuck Howley, LB, DallasHead Coaches:BAL - Don McCaffertyDAL - Tom Landry Super Bowl VIDallas Cowboys - 24 (Roger Staubach, United States Naval Academy)Miami Dolphins - 3 (Bob Griese, Purdue)Location: Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, LADate: 1/16/1972MVP: Roger Staubach, QB, DallasHead Coaches:DAL - Tom LandryMIA - Don Shula Super Bowl XPittsburgh Steelers - 21 (Terry Bradshaw, Louisana Tech University)Dallas Cowboys - 17 (Roger Staubach, United States Naval Academy)Location: Orange Bowl, Miami FLDate: 1.18.1976MVP: Lynn Swann, WR, PittsburghHead Coaches:PIT - Chuck NollDAL - Tom Landry Super Bowl XIIDallas Cowboys - 27 (Roger Staubach, United States Naval AcademyDenver Broncos - 10 (Craig Morton, University of California BerkelyLocation: Lousiana Superdome, New Orleans, LADate: 1/15/1978co-MVP's: Randy White, DT, DallasHarvey Martin, DE, DallasHead Coaches:DAL - Tom LandryDEN - Red MIller Super Bowl XIIIPittsburgh Steelers -35 (Terry Bradshaw, Louisana Tech University)Dallas Cowboys - 31 (Roger Staubach, United States Naval Academy)Location: Orange Bowl, Miami FLDate: 1/21/1979MVP: Terry Bradshaw, QB, PittsburghHead Coaches:PIT - Chuck NollDAL - Tom Landry Super Bowl XXVIIDallas Cowboys - 52 (Troy Aikman, UCLA)Buffalo Bills - 17 (Jim Kelly, University of Miami (Fla.))Location: 1/31/1993Date: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CAMVP: Troy Aikman, QB, DallasHead Coaches:DAL - Jimmy JohnsonBUF - Marv Levy Super Bowl XXVIIIDallas Cowboys - 30 (Troy Aikman, UCLA)Buffalo Bills - 13 (Jim Kelly, University of Miami (Fla.))Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GADate: 1/30/1994MVP: Emmitt Smith, RB, DallasHead Coaches:DAL - Jimmy JohnsonBUF - Marv Levy Super Bowl XXXDallas Cowboys - 27 (Troy Aikman, UCLA)Pittsburgh Steelers - 17 (Neil O'Donnell, Maryland)Location: Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZDate: 1/28/1996MVP: Larry Brown, CB, DallasHead Coaches:DAL - Barry SwitzerPIT - Bill Cowher

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