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== == == == Contrary to popular opinion, it is proven true that two men's regulation size basketballs can fit in a rim at the same time. Although many people have suggested this to be false, this has been proven possible a few times.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-01 16:56:02
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Q: Can two balls fit in a rim at the same time?
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Can two men's basketballs fit through the rim at the same time?

no, two mens basketballs cannot fit throug the hoop at once. two girls regulation basketballs, however, can fit through the rim at the same time

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Is the diameter of the rim the same as two basket balls?

no, its much smaller

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Can a 16 in rim fit on a 97 Jeep Cherokee?

yes it can. the factory rim size is 15 in. as long as the new rim is the same five lug pattern and it doesn't have enormous tires on it there should be no problem

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will a silverado 2007 after market rim fit a 2007 nissn titan

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Will as 20 inch after market rim that's on a Chevy fit my Titan

Will a 1977 ford F150 rim fit on a 1986 Suzuki Samurai?

Although this rim is the same as a Suzuki Samurai (5x5 1/2) the center hole Must be 4 1/4 or the frront hub on a 4x4 will not fit.