Can you break your hymen while playing badminton?

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April 19, 2012 9:16AM

yes there are chances that by playing games or involving in

physical activities including sex can break your hymen. hymen is

basically a fragile thin layer in vagina or you can call it the

opening. many girls thinks that by breaking the hymen , they had

lost the virginity. its a wrong concept. many boys thinks only a

sexual activity can break the hymen. it is also wrong. many girls

finger during their menstrual cycle foe cleaning the vagina or for

the sake of removing blood clots. there are chances while doing

this they had break their hymen.

Again while playing sports like tennis , badminton , football,

riding etc that includes the continuous movement of the lower body,

can break your hymen. absence of hymen is not the proof of your


if a girl has lost her hymen by playing games or fingering, she

is virgin , for the boys side, the mouth of vagina is really tight

of a virgin. so during an intercourse the width of the penis

widened the mouth and they can feel a rapid decrease in the body

temperature of their wives. the intense pain cause low blood

pressure and sometimes a shock as well.

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