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yes there are chances that by playing games or involving in physical activities including sex can break your hymen. hymen is basically a fragile thin layer in vagina or you can call it the opening. many girls thinks that by breaking the hymen , they had lost the virginity. its a wrong concept. many boys thinks only a sexual activity can break the hymen. it is also wrong. many girls finger during their menstrual cycle foe cleaning the vagina or for the sake of removing blood clots. there are chances while doing this they had break their hymen.

Again while playing sports like tennis , Badminton , football, riding etc that includes the continuous movement of the lower body, can break your hymen. absence of hymen is not the proof of your virginity.

if a girl has lost her hymen by playing games or fingering, she is virgin , for the boys side, the mouth of vagina is really tight of a virgin. so during an intercourse the width of the penis widened the mouth and they can feel a rapid decrease in the body temperature of their wives. the intense pain cause low blood pressure and sometimes a shock as well.

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Q: Can you break your hymen while playing badminton?
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What happens if you break your hymen while inserting a tampon?

If you partially or completely break your hymen while inserting a tampon, you may have some discomfort. If you are part of a culture that finds the presence or absence of a hymen significant, you could have problems. Talk with your mother if you have concerns.

What happens when hymen break while you are on periods?

If that happens, then it will have happened. That's what "happens".

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Breaking your hymen while horseback riding How does this happen?

I've heard that you can break your hymen by riding horses. I ride horses. Do you have to ride them all the time in order for it to break? I am so curious. Help.

Is hymen is broken while riding the bicycle?

it can be. you can break it during pretty much anything

Can playing tennis or doing squats and lunges break your hymen?

Many girls and tear or dilate their hymen as a result of partaking in like bicycling, horseback riding, gymnastics, inserting tampons or while masturbating. Other case is that they tear only partially.

Can your hymen break while on your period?

Not from being on your period, but it can break for things other than sex. Athletic activity is a common one.

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When you lose your virginity do you bleed after or while he's still inside you?

You bleed as soonest the penis enters your vagina. if of course you still have your hymen.If you still have your hymen, than yes sometimes alot of girls break their hymens without even having sex for example a girl could be riding a horse and her hymen will break. days later she wil have sex and not bleed.

How do you tell if you have a hymen?

Every girl has a hymen. When you have sex for a while it get stretched and appears smaller.

How do you break your hymen while fingering?

well i dont really think you should be worrying about things like this, expecially if you are under the age of 16

How can the hymen break in sports do you bleed?

The hymen cannot be 'broken' while doing sports, no more than any other part of your body could spontaneously tear from sports. The hymen cannot be broken, it can tear but only as a result of rough or forced penetration, which is obviously something you'd avoid.

Can you break your hymen while putting in a tampon?

Yes, but not necessarily.The hymen is often nothing more than a narrow crescent shaped piece of tissue located at the back of the vaginal opening, thus can allow items into the vagina without tearing - especially as the hymen is flexible so can stretch to allow things through without tearing. The hymen can be torn from tampon use, but it's not necessarily the case.

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Can a person take a break while playing soccer?

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Can you get pregnant while the hymen is intact?

Yes, it is possible.

If your cherry is popped while getting fingered are you still a virgin?

losing your virginity is the act of having penetrative sex, not the breaking of the hymen. some girls loose their hymen during excessive sports, like tennis and horse riding. Answer:You may not even have a hymen but it will probally break before you have sex. I have been riding horses since i was about 8 and at 9 i found blood in my pants so i loose my hymen then. You are a virgin till you have sex

What did the brady bunch boys break while playing ball in the house?

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What tears when a girl loses her virginity?

Sometimes, a female's hymen tears, while other times, nothing tears at all because she doesn't have a hymen.

How can you find out if what if your cherry popped?

Your 'cherry' is your hymen which is a membraney bit of skin that covers the entrance to your vagina. It can break from excessive exercise or riding a bike or inserting a tampon. It can also break while having sex. When you are a virgin and had sex for the first time many say that your 'cherry' has been popped. So if you can insert a tampon without any pain or force then I would say that your hymen is not intact anymore.

If u bleed while ur boyfriend is trying to break u in but only the head goes in and ur hymen is still there but u bleed from 2 days after would you still be a virgin?


How can you give birth while your hymen is not broken?

Its impossible to give birth while your hymen is broken because hymen is the outermost layer of vagina and sperm cannot reach the ovules with the hymen intact either artificially or naturally by intercourse. Hymen is a thin muscular layer which breaks either due to sudden strain or on the eve of first intercourse which is marked by the spur of blood coming out of vagina . The breaking of vagina symbolises the end of puberty of a woman.

Can your hymen break while you're on your period?

No, during your period the hymen is unbreakable by any force in the universe. If the sun were to explode and you were on your period...everything in the universe would be destroyed with the exception of course of all the hymens of girls on their periods... No, during your period the hymen is unbreakable by any force in the universe. If the sun were to explode and you were on your period...everything in the universe would be destroyed with the exception of course of all the hymens of girls on their periods...