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Can you hold on defense in football?


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No, its called illegal use of hands.

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No, Holding is a foul whenever it is committed (and spotted by the officials!)

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No. The chant 'defense' is used in the sport of American football.

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Yes. There was a rule in college football where the defense could not advance the ball after recovering a fumble but it was abolished in 1992.

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Zone defense is a football term. It begins with the letter Z.

In American football there are 11 players on defense as well as offense.

There is no midfielder in football. You may be speaking of a middle linebacker, which is the player who is the leader of the defense

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if you have the ball in your possession then your on offense if not your on defense

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In UK and world "football" (known as soccer in the US), the spelling is defence.In American football (NCAA and NFL), the spelling is defense. (D-fenss) This is a word that has an American English spelling.(see the related link below)

A defense is the opposite of offense they stop the offense from touchdowns,passes and etc. If the offense fumbles the football they got a ready to recover it. They can also catch a ball called a intercepation.

In football The offence and defense both run plays but the offence has the ball

There are 11 players on each side (Offense and Defense) in American Football.

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