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Can you return a blocked point after an attempt in football?

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2009-12-10 21:05:34
2009-12-10 21:05:34

== Returning a Blocked Point After an Attempt =

yes you can and same goes for a 2-point conversion


if you return a blocked point all the way back to the other endzone you are awarded 2 points

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A blocked PAT attempt that is returned into the end zone is worth 2 points for the returning team.

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You can score on a blocked field goal as long as it isn't an extra point. In college football you can return PATS for a defensive 2 point convo

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In college football, a blocked extra point can be returned for 2 points for the defending team. In pro football, however, any change of position instantly kills the play in a PAT situation.

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You cannot score a touchdown if you intercept an extra point. If you return it for a touchdown (all the way to the other team's end zone) you get two points. This is only for college level football. Professional football and High School football immediately blows the whistle and the play is dead when an extra point kick attempt is blocked.

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