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Did Jerry Holloway play for the Saint Louis football Cardinals?

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A Jerry Holloway from Western Illinois University was the 10th round draft choice of the Cardinals in 1979. Other than that I can find no mention of him on a roster.

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What football team did st Louis hav before rams?

St. Louis Football Cardinals

What city's team are Cardinals?

For football it is the Arizona cardinals, which is not a city. But if you you are talking about baseball that would be the St. Louis Cardinals.

When did the St. Louis Cardinals change to the Arizona Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals football team moved to Arizona in 1988, becoming the Phoenix Cardinals. They changed the team name from Phoenix to Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

Who wore 81 for St. Louis football cardinals?

Jackie Smith

Why did the Arizona Cardinals come to Arizona?

they could not get a football only stadium in St. Louis

Who is the only player that played for the St. Louis Rams as well as the St. Louis Football Cardinals?

RB Ron Wolfley played for the St. Louis Cardinals between 1985-1987 and St. Louis Rams in 1995.

Has St. Louis Cardinals ever played in the Super Bowl?

Well the St. Louis Cardinals are a baseball team, so there isn't a Superbowl. You might be thinking of the World Series. Or, if you're thinking football, then that would be the Arizona Cardinals.

What city and state is the St. Louis Cardinals call home?

If you mean the baseball team, they're in St. Louis MO. If you're referring to the "old" St. Louis Cardinals football team, they moved to Arizona. Previous to being in St. Louis they were in Chicago.

When did the Cardinals football team move to St. Louis?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest of the NFL teams, dating back to their origins in Chicago in 1898. They moved to St. Louis in 1960, and to Arizona in 1988.

Who is the highest paid player on the St. Louis Cardinals?

These are the five highest paid Cardinals as of August 2007 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals $ 12,937,813 Scott Rolen St. Louis Cardinals $ 12,311,637 Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals $ 9,562,540 Jason Isringhausen St. Louis Cardinals $ 8,750,000 Chris Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals $ 8,500,000

Did the St. Louis Cardinals ever play in a super bowl football game?

No. The St Louis Cardinals have never been to a Super Bowl. However, their repalcements the St. Louis Rams have been to the Super Bowl twice since they moved from Los Angeles.

When did Arizona get a pro football team?

Arizona acquired a football team when St. Louis Cardinals' owner Bill Bidwell moved his franchise from Missouri to Phoenix after the 1987 season. The team was named the Phoenix Cardinals from 1988-1993. From 1994 onward, they have been known as the Arizona Cardinals

Are the Chicago Cardinals a football team?

The Arizona Cardinals football franchise is the oldest surviving team in the National Football League, having been organized as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898. The team joined the NFL in 1920 (it was renamed the Chicago Cardinals two years later) and won two league titles, its last in 1947. A move to St. Louis in 1960 did little to improve the team's success on the field, nor did its relocation to Phoenix in 1988. (The franchise became the Arizona Cardinals in 1994.)AnswerYes. The Chicago Cardinals began as the Morgan Athelic Club in 1898, then became the Racine Cardinals in 1920 before officially becoming the Chicago Cardinals from 1922 to 1959. After a 2-10 season in 1959 owner Violet Bidwell relocated to St. Louis. and then the st. Louis cardinals became the Arizona cardinals.

What was the first name of the St. Louis Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals were originally the St. Louis Browns

What sports do Giants Oilers and Cardinals play?

Giants and Cardinals are both football and baseball teams. In football, there are the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. In baseball, there are the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. As for the Oilers , there are the Edmonton Oilers in the National Hockey League. Also the Houston Oilers were a football team that moved to Nashville in the 90's to become the Tennessee Titans where they remain today.

When was Jerry Louis born?

Jerry Louis was born on 1978-02-12.

Who did the Arizona Cardinals used to be?

The Cardinals used to be the St Louis Cardinals..

Are the red cardinals from St. Louis Missouri's?

Not necessarily. Red Cardinal birds, the male of the species, are found and are native to many areas of the United States. The name "Cardinals" is just a nick name of the St. Louis baseball team in the National League. It is also the nickname of the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League. That francise was the Cardinals when they started in Chicago, then moved to St. Louis and, finally, Arizona.

When did Jerry Kramer Die?

Former NFL Football player Gerald Louis "Jerry" Kramer was born on January 23, 1936. He is not dead yet but does have an array of health issues.

What is missouri's state professional sport's team?

In baseball: Kansas City Royals St Louis Cardinals Football: St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs Hockey: St Louis Blues

Jimmy hill who played football for the St. Louis Cardinals is he still alive?

American football player Jimmy Hill, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals and was on the 1966 AFL-winning Kansas City Chiefs team, was born on June 7, 1928 in Dallas Texas. As of 2009, he still appears to be alive.

Cardinals left St Louis when?

The Arizona Cardinals left St. Louis after the 1987 season.

St. Louis Cardinals when did they become a team?

The St. Louis Cardinals were established in 1882.

In what years did the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series and who did they defeat?

Here is a list of the World Series opponents and results involving the St. Louis Cardinals franchise since 1926 (world championships in bold):1926 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, New York Yankees 3.1928 -- New York Yankees 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0.1930 -- Philadelphia Athletics 4, St. Louis Cardinals 2.1931 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Philadelphia Athletics 3.1934 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Detroit Tigers 3.1942 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, New York Yankees 1.1943 -- New York Yankees 4, St. Louis Cardinals 1.1944 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, St. Louis Browns 2.1946 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Boston Red Sox 3.1964 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, New York Yankees 3.1967 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Boston Red Sox 3.1968 -- Detroit Tigers 4, St. Louis Cardinals 3.1982 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Milwaukee Brewers 2.1985 -- Kansas City Royals 4, St. Louis 3.1987 -- Minnesota Twins 4, St. Louis Cardinals 3.2004 -- Boston Red Sox 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0.2006 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Detroit Tigers 1.2011 -- St. Louis Cardinals 4, Texas Rangers 3.2013 -- Boston Red Sox 4, St. Louis Cardinals 2.

How much does Albert Pujols from the St. Louis Cardinals make in a year?

2001 St. Louis Cardinals $200,0002002 St. Louis Cardinals $600,0002003 St. Louis Cardinals $900,0002004 St. Louis Cardinals $7,000,0002005 St. Louis Cardinals $11,000,0002006 St. Louis Cardinals $14,000,0002007 St. Louis Cardinals $12,937,813Career (may be incomplete) $46,637,813 However Albert Pujols also donates what I beleve is half of his salary to charity, so even though he his still very rich he gives away a lot of money also.