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Yes Mia Hamm owns a dog that is named Max. Mia Hamm retired from playing soccer in 2004 after the 2004 Olympics.

yes one dog name tylor

The famous Mia Hamm is of white origin and I do not think that she has any Mexican origin in her at all.

she has 2 brothers and 3 sisters

yes she does she has 5 brother's and sister's.

Yes she had two twin girls

She was born with a partial clubfoot and wore casts on her feet when she was a baby to help correct them. When the casts came off, Mia's feet were ready to take on the world.Read more: Mia Hamm Biography | Pictures & Photos | Soccer Player | Kids Sports | Mia Hamm Foundation

her brother actually died when she was younger!

Mia Hamm had an injury during the final match of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. The US team won the match 2-1 against China.

yes Mia Hamm has contributed to society. She helps raise awareness of bone marrow diseases and transplants. She does charitable events to raise money for childrens hospital.

Mia Hamm played on the American National Team. She has not played on the national team of any other country. Use the link below to review the career of this exceptional player.

Mia has two sisters and had three brothers (her brother Garrett died of a rare blood disorder).

She played for the USA national team, but she does not play for that team any longer.

Yes. Twin girls--Ava Caroline and Grace Isabella

there is only one MIA HAMM in the world,and if any one finds it, please put it on google! I need it 4 a biography!

No she is only 2 years old

Mia Hamm is a famous soccer player that went to the Olympics and brought home gold. She scored more points than any soccer player male or female until she was outscored by Mary Abigail Wambach, andChristine Margaret Sinclair.

There are a bunch of players that are celebrities out there. For instance David Beckham or Mia Hamm. I could name a bunch but it would take me forever.

No, she only played Soccer for the USA national team for 23 years and she retired. She never played any other sports

i have a lovely little dog!! :)

tupac had a little doggy.

Mia Hamm has had a very accomplished soccer career. She has scored more international goals than any other player in the world, male or female. In addition, she was named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2001 and 2002.

Yes, in international competition she scored 158 goals which is more than any female OR male in history.

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