Did NFL players Jim Brown and Franco Harris ever race each other?

Jim Brown and Franco Harris Race

Yes they did race in the early eighties when Franco was ranked second in all time rushing. Jim Brown trash talked him and said he could beat him in a race today. It got built up big time and they had a big special on one of the networks interviewing both of them and showing heilights. This all led up to the big race in which Franco dusted Jim Brown and about halfway through the race, Brown new he was dusted and stopped running while grabbing his hamstring.... It was funny stuff


No Jim Brown and Franco Harris did not race.

There was a televised unsanctioned race between Olympic champions Michael Johnson and Donovan Bailey in 1997 to determine who was the world's fastest man.

Johnson was the 200 and 400 meter champion; Bailey the 100m champion. The race itself was 150m.

Johnson pulled up lame when it was clear that Bailey would trounce him.