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No, Tiger Woods is still sponsored by Nike.

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No, Nike does not sell these golf balls, they are made specially for Tiger Woods.

The amount of money that Tiger Wood's genterated for Nike in 2004 was $200,000,000!!

No, Tiger Woods has not been dropped by Nike, they are sticking with him for the mean time.

There is the Nike Swoosh. There is the VR, which stands for Victory Red a line of Nike clubs. One stands for the golf ball he plays, the Nike One. The TW is his logo, Tiger Woods.

Yes. He wears nothing but Nike when playing golf. His clubs are all Nike apart from his putter.

Nike, he wears head to toe Nike clothing and 13 out of his 14 clubs are Nike. He also uses a Nike ball and bag.

your mom , tiger woods.

No, but he is their biggest name.

Tiger Woods earns about 30 million dollars a year from the nike sports company.

You can email Nike through their website, although I wouldn't hold your breath.

Tiger Woods endorsements include: Nike Lasik eye surgery

Tiger Woods uses a Nike Jacquard golf towel as he is sponsored by the brand. You can purchase towels similar to what Tiger uses from Amazon as well as the official Nike store.

Tiger Woods uses Nike Golf Clubs. Every single one of the 14 clubs in his bag are Nike - In July 2010 he switched from his Scotty Cameron putter (the only non Nike Club in his bag) to a Nike Method, he currently uses the Nike Method 003.


He is endorsed by Nike, Gillete, and Gatorade

Number 1, he only uses Nike #1 golf balls, and the golf balls themselves are called Nike One, inspired by Tiger Woods.

Is who the only player who uses the Nike One Tour? If you mean Tiger Woods, then no, most of the Nike staffers use the Nike One.

He uses Nike Victory Red TW Blades. They are forged blades by Nike Golf.

The logo on the front is obviously the Nike 'Swoosh', Nike is his main sponsor for clubs and clothing. On the back there is his TW logo, which is obviously his logo, standing for Tiger Woods. There is a 'one' logo above his right ear, which is his Nike Golf ball, the Nike One. The vr logo above his left ear is the iron he uses, the Nike Victory Red.

Tiger Wood's contract with Nike.

It stands for Nike One Golf Balls. Tiger uses the Nike One golf ball and that logo on the side of Tigers hat is for the ball that he uses.

You must be referring to the VR on the side of Tiger Woods' hat, it is just above his left ear. This is the type of Nike irons he uses, the Nike Victory Red.

For the first time, Nike is paying more than a dollar per day for an Asian!

Nike became Tiger Woods official sponsor in August 1996 along with Titleist. At the time was considered the most lucrative endorsement contracts in golf history.

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