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Should you quit basketball or not?

No never quit.

Why did Daichi from Kitchen Princess quit basketball?

because he replace sora and in order to do that he need to quit basketball.. i think..

How is Michael Jordan inspiring?

He is inspiring by being the best Basketball player in the world. And he showed us not to quit Basketball, like how he quit basketball and showed up again. But he quit the second time because maybe of his age.

Why Did Michael Jordan's Dad Get Shot?

because Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever and they wanted to make him quit. "lakers"

Why does Danny want to quit basketball in the book basketball?

He got cut from a team

How old was Michael Jordan when he quit basketball?


Do men who hit women ever quit?

no they don't quit unless you make them quit by LEAVING.

How do you quit yahoo fantasy basketball?

While there is no way to officially quit Yahoo Fantasy Basketball once you have drafted a team, users can stop logging in. Also, if you have not drafted yet you can close your account.

You quit basketball and its your senior year. How can you join basketball in college?

You just try out in collage and if you make it then your on the team!

How do you quit a basketball team?

Why am i even answering this question? You're an idiot.

How do you create a financial plan for a basketball team?

Step 1-Quit basketball Step 2-Pick a proper sport

Why does Michael Jordan quits playing basketball?

Well, he quit basketball 2 times, on the first, he retired because his father died and so then Michael Jordan promised that he will play baseball. After 2 years, he decided to come back and play basketball again. On his game, he was not good at basketball so he decided to train really hard. Then he had another game and he became the strongest ever. Years passed and Michael Jordan became the most oldest player to play in the NBA. I forgot how he quit again but i think it is because of his age.

Why did Michel Jordan quit basketball?

I don't know that's why I'm asking you.

Did Maurice Cheeks ever quit shcool?


Can you ever get employment if you quit your job?

Of course.

How do you tell your committed basketball coach you want to quit?

Tell him sadly that you just dont want to play basketball anymore and you think your no good

I quit basketball and its my senior year. How can I join basketball in college?

go to try outs or show the team that u are pretty good

Has John Cena ever said I quit in a match?

No, John cena never said I quit he has been 4 I quit matches and won all of them

Has Ohio state ever quit playing in a game?


Did Bow Wow ever quit school?


Did samurai ever quit their job?

No they did not as it was dishonorable to do so.

What wil happen if you quit ballet?

You will regret it for ever!

Did Randy Johnson play basketball at USC?

Yes. Johnson attended USC on a baseball and basketball scholarship. He quit basketball after his sophomore year to concentrate on baseball. I have not been able to find any statistics concerning his basketball days.

What ever happened to Keith Quill off Orange County Choppers?

Quit, or rather, asked to quit. An A hole.

How you quit the cigarette?

My father ever tried to quit smoking by using the electronic cigarettes. Here is a kind of that for your reference.

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