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Did the Minnesota Twins logo change?

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a baseball with the word minnesota and the word twins. you know, its not that hard to find this information if you just search the internet. Did you not know there was a twins website? Some people's children...

The "TC" on their hats and helmets stands for "Twin Cities." The "M" on their other hats and helmets obviously stands for "Minnesota."

...The MINNESOTA Twins are from Minnesota...

The word twin stands for the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. That is why the logo of the Twins is the T over the C.

The TC stands for twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul

The Minnesota Twins are named after the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. And so the TC stands for Twin Cities.

Minnesota Twins was created in 1894.

Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart

The Minnesota Twins manager is Ron Gardenhire.

The Minnesota Twins were originally The Washington Senators.

Click on the 'Minnesota Twins Rosters' link on this page to see the rosters of all Minnesota Twins teams.

Last year, the Minnesota Twins' payroll was $97,559,167.

In 2009, Brian Duensing wore #52 for the Minnesota Twins.

The current manager of the Minnesota Twins is Ron Gardenhire.

In 2012, Ron Gardenhire was the manager for the Minnesota Twins.

In 2013, the Minnesota Twins had a 66-96record.

T for Twin, C for Cities. For the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

Aaron Hicks is number 32 on the Minnesota Twins.

Anthony Swarzak is number 51 on the Minnesota Twins.

Brian Dozier is number 2 on the Minnesota Twins.

Brian Duensing is number 52 on the Minnesota Twins.

Caleb Thielbar is number 56 on the Minnesota Twins.

Casey Fien is number 50 on the Minnesota Twins.

Chris Colabello is number 20 on the Minnesota Twins.

Chris Herrmann is number 12 on the Minnesota Twins.

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