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Red Sox. Just watch any of there games and the fans in the stands.

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Yankees fans. The Yankees have a more storied and longer history than the Mets. 27 World Championships the most winningest Franchise in all of professional sports.

There really is no way of telling who has more fans. It is all a matter of opinion but I have read surveys that said Yankees have the most fans compared to Mets and Red Sox.

To be honest with you, I think there are more Mets fans

Yes since Boston has a NATION and the Yankees are the EVIL EMPIRE.

Probably more Yankees fans because they have more wins then Boston.

Darryl Strawberry hit 252 HRs for the Mets and 41 for the Yankees.

absolutely not Yankees are a much better team therefor have more fans

No the Yankees have more money to spend and are a better team. The Yankees have beaten the Mets in the World Series, the subway series. The Yankees are probably the best team in baseball, because they have the most money to spend hiring great players.

Mets. The Yankees have been playing in New York since 1903 and have 21 losing seasons. The Mets have been playing in New York since 1962 and have 25 losing seasons. Numbers are good through the 2008 season.

Yes, they are in fact. They have more championship titles than their rivals the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. Yankees: 27 Titles Red Sox: 7 Mets: 2

THE BOSTON RED SOX !!!!!!!! No Manchester United 330 million followers (casual fans) while there are 110 million fans... still more people than all nfl teams combined but 220 million casual fans is more than the Yankees nhl and nfl combined in total number of fans

New York has had four, though never more than three at once: the Yankees, (Brooklyn) Dodgers, Giants, and Mets.

It is believed that the New York Giants have more fans than the Jets because the Giants have been around since 1925 mean while the Jets joined the NFL in 1963. The NFL got very popular in between 1925 and 1963 and the New York/New Jersey area supported the Giants (because they were the home team). When the New York Jets entered the NFL, they moved in Shea Stadium with the newly formed New York Mets. Some of the New York/New Jersey area fans supported the Jets/Mets, leaving the Giants/Yankees fan base. The Jets fan base has gotten bigger in the last 47 years, but not big enough to over populate the Giants fan base.

Saint Louis Cardinals -- 11 New York Yankees* -- 27 *Translation for baseball fans in New England: "New York F**** Yankees"

The 2008 New York Yankees hit 180 Home runs, and the 2008 New York Mets hit 172. This stat is not a good comparison because the two teams play in different leagues, face different pitchers, play in different ballparks, and the National league does not use a designated hitter.

Tomorrow there will be more Steeler fans nationwide!

yes there are there are 200 fans

You can get more fans by promoting your FB page to your friends and they share it or you can use some pages like to get more fans (real fans or not) :)

manchester has more fans meaning theyre more popular, but liverpool fans are more passionate towards their club

vijay has the more fans equal to rajini

Yah Right lol There are way more footballfans then hockey fans

The New York Yankees did NOT buy the World Series. There are opinions, but these are facts. The Yankees gain lots of money form the fan booth, wich provides 50,000+ fans every single game. That many fans come because the Yankees are a successful team and win alot of games, wich teams are suppose to shoot for. Other teams, are not as successful as the Yankees, so wich leads to less fans to come see them, less money. It may seem the Yankees are "buying" because they get alot of money. They get it from wining. The Yankees work hard every game to win, and the more you win, the more fans, the more money. George Stienbrenner the Yankees owner, cares about his great Yankees. When he receives fan booth money, he doesn't keep it to himself. When he think his team (Yankees) need an improvement, he goes out there and makes an improvement buy picking up a player, (wich is what your suppose to do). This may seem like the Yankees are "buying" because other major league baseball teams owner's keep the money to themsleves and don't use it to help the team like the Yankees George Steinbrenner does help. If other teams owner would help the team by using their fan booth money to make an improvement, they would be just like the Yankees, and be in contention with them. The decision by owners keeping it to themselves hurts their team by, losing more, gaining lesser fans every game, gaining less fan booth, and less money. This looks like the Yankees are buying because they have a lot of money, because their owners keep the money to themselves, and make people think that they are broke, and stink. Everyone would have the same amount of money as the Yankees if they would do what their suppose to do, and help the team. The Yankees have been dominate since 1923 winning 27 championships, the most in the world. They have done it by great leadership by Lou Gehrig, Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson, Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter and many more. They have great talent, great personalities, and are a very successful team, who have been made by their great owner George Steinbrenner, now in his late 80's. The Yankees main goal is to win, and be loved by fans, which makes them the #1 most liked team in America. This team will never go down without a fight, and the Yankees ghosts will always be there. (P.S, the Yankees also pay their extra money to the other 10 lower market teams, to help them out. That shows the great personality, and care that the Yankees have.) Team on the 20th century, 2009 champs, and forever lasting team, and players, and years that will never be forgotten for true fans. I am a true Yankees fan, and very, very proud to be one.

more then twilight fans

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