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no some shapes like the rhombus have 4 sides making it a quadrilateral but 2 of its sides are not parallel

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it is a trapezoid. Quadralaterals can be groups according to how many pairs of parallel sides they have. A square and a rectangle have all 4 sides parallel since they are parallelograms and by definition a prallelogram has two sets of parallel sides. A kite has no parallel sides.

quadralaterals have 4 equal sides and angles

No any polygon with four sides is a quadrangle. Quadrangles can also be called quadralaterals.

Quadrilaterals are shapes or figures that has four sides.

Any shapes that have 4 sides are quadrilaterals

A square's opposite sides are parallel and all the sides are congruent.

A square or a rhombus has two pairs of parallel sides and all sides are equivalent.

There are 2 pairs of parallel sides in a parallelogram. Each pair of opposite sides are parallel. Adjacent sides are not parallel (they intersect).

no, but all parallelograms are quadralaterals.

No, and all parrallelograms are not quadralaterals.

All of them have parallel sides except for the trapezoid.

Yes opposite sides are parallel in a rectangle

All sides of an octagon are parallel to one other side. There are 4 sets of parallel sides.

There are 3 pairs of parallel sides. All 6 sides are parallel to 1 other side.

All 4 sides are congruent and opposite sides are parallel to each other.

All regular polygons with an even number of sides. Irregular polygons with an odd number of sides can have parallel sides. There are also non polygonal shapes that can have parallel sides.

All parallelograms have two pairs of parallel sides.

none, the three sides meet so there are no parallel sides but all the sides are equal.

No. A trapezoid only has one pair of parallel sides. A chevron has no parallel sides.

No it doesnt, they are all adjacent but not parallel.

A four-sided polygon with opposite sides parallel and all sides congruent is a square.

All sides of a trapezoid cannot be congruent, all sides of a rhombus are congruent. All opposite sides of a rhombus are parallel, only 1 pair of opposite sides of a trapezoid are parallel, the other pair are cannot be parallel.

Yes it does. All the four sides have an opposite. The opposites are parallel so in a parallelogram there are two pairs of parallel sides.

No. Circles have absolutely no sides at all.

Two parallel sides is part of the definition for a rhombus.

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