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Do baseball players only play for money?

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February 14, 2008 5:23PM

No. For a ballplayer to become good enough to play professional

baseball he would have to have a love for the game. All the work

and dedication it takes to play at a professional level cannot be

achieved unless the player truly enjoys playing the game.

Being successful has been defined as finding something you love

to do, and get paid to do it. Ballplayers were not always paid as

good as they are today. Many ballplayers in the past had to work a

second job during the off season to make ends-meet. They played for

love of the game.

Today the salaries to play baseball is beyond great, and could

be a great motivator to play ball. It could be perceived that greed

outweighs the love for the game, and that they are only playing for

the money. -Steven KeyMan

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