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Do paintballs hurt?

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Yes If you have body armor, WEAR IT!

And usually there is a disclaimer that is accepted by patrons of paintball places that implies the user can't hold the park/facility liable for personal damages/injuries.

Yes but not very bad. Its a stinging sensation that hurts for a few seconds, then quits. Like getting popped with a towel or something. Usually you will have welts or small bruises

It won't hurt too bad as long as you have a few layers on. I found that it stings more the moment you get shot and then it hurts if its touched the next few days.

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Do reballs hurt more than paintballs?

Re balls hurt almost exactly about the same as paintballs.

Do pellets hurt more than paintballs?

Never shoot someone with a pellet gun. Pellets will break skin easily. however Airsoft pellets hurt much less then paintballs.

Would a paintball hurt a 13 year old boy who takes hard skateboard falls each day?

Yes paintballs will hurt. All guns will hurt about as much as a thick rubber band snap on the back of the neck, but wherever you get hit. If you can handle large scrapes and bruises, then you will defiantly be able to handle paintballs, which do not break the skin (if chronographed correctly) and hurt for less time.

Are paintballs the same as 40 cal blowgun paintballs?

no, paintballs for markers are .68 cal.

Why do paintballs hurt so much?

Because paintballs are coming at you at around 204mph. Something with a hard shell and liquid fill will sting on the impact spot with the equivalent pain of a thick rubber band snap to the back of the neck.

Why do you adjust velocity on a paintball gun?

to make sure the paintballs are coming out at the field velocity limit and therefore you will not hurt anyone

What paint balls hurt the least?

There are no brands that hurt less then others. However, paintballs tend to harden up as they age. A hard older paintball is less "squishy" than a fresh new one and will hurt more when it hits.

How it feels when frozen paintballs hit you?

There is a misconception that some players use frozen paintballs to hurt more, but in reality, they hurt about the same, because when the gelatin shell is frozen, and it generally warms up by game time, it becomes brittle and breaks easily, so unless someone literally takes paint out of an industrial freezer and shoots it at you, you will be fine.

Are there paintballs with black fill?

no, no manufacturer fills paintballs with black paint.

Would paintballs hurt a 11 year old?

It depends on the 11 year old, but there are many people who can stand the pain who are only 10.

Are all paintballs the same size?

no, there are different paintballs for different types of guns

What are paintballs made out of?

Paintballs consist of a few ingredients. Synthetic plasic, laytex, fish oil, water, and food coloring. This is why it is possible to eat paintballs.

Can red and pink and black paintballs go bad?

All paintballs can go bad, however no paintballs are allowed to have red, pink or black fill.

Are impact paintballs oil based?

Most paintballs are made of a lard/animal fat mixture. Although just recently a company developed water based paintballs.

Is there antifreeze in recseries paintballs?

There is no antifreeze in any paintballs. Trying to freeze paintballs will ruin their structural integrity, causing them to become brittle shelled, and overly viscus in the center.

Are paintballs edible?


When was For a Few Paintballs More created?

For a Few Paintballs More was created on 2011-05-12.

Can you use different paintballs in an opus-a kingman spyder?

No. only .50 caliber paintballs.

How much do paintballs weigh?

a case of paintballs weighs about 16 pounds. There are 2000 paintballs in each case plus about 1 pound of packaging. 1 paintball = about 4 grams

Why are monster paintballs bad?

Monster paintballs are considered the worst paintballs because they not only stain clothes, but they do not break easily, causing the shooter to not get a hit, and the receiver to be in a lot of pain.

How are paintballs made?

go on and type in paintball you should see it there it says "How it's made: Paintballs"

Are paint balls washable?

The paint from paintballs will wash out of clothing; however, the paintballs will dissolve when soaked in water.

Does airsoft hurt less or more than paintball?

Much less. If you find the ratio of mass to speed, paintballs have a greater ratio, more power, and more pain.

How bad does a paintball hurt on a scal from 1 to 10?

Depends how people feel it and how strong they are. But on an average person it would probably be 7.5, Paintballs are pretty strong and painful!

Where do you keep your paintballs?

Paintballs are tempermental when it comes to weather. Therefore leaving paintballs in the sun will make them swell, and in the cold will skrink them. The best place would be in a basement, that is slightly cooler then room temperature.

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