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Do pro football players earn extra money during the playoffs?

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Yes, They get paid a predetermined amount for each playoff game that they are in. They get more money the farther they go in the playoffs.

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Do NHL players get extra money for playoffs?


How many extra players are there in football?


Do football players get paid per goal?

yes.they get a extra bonus

Why do football players kick for an extra point?

Because it is in the rule book

Do the players make extra money for themselves if the team wins the Stanley cup?

NHL players only receive extra money for winning the Stanley Cup if they have an incentive clause in their contract. For instance, they might make an extra 20,000$ if they make the playoffs, and an extra 100,000$ if they win the Stanley Cup.

Why so many players on a football team?

to fill all of the positions and have extra for injuries

In football why is injury time so called?

extra playing time added on to compensate for time spent attending to injured players during the match, thus injury time

Do NHL players get paid for playoffs?

Yes they do. And if they win certain awards, they get more. (like con smythe, toews got an extra 1.2 mil)

How many extra player in a football match?

11 players and upto 3 substiturtes each game

What do you need for football?

22 players. 11 a side. A Ball. A Goal and a few extra people for some referreing

In football What is the penalty for jumping on another players back in an attempt to block a kick such as an extra point or field goal?


How much will each player earn for winning the Stanley cup?

a player wont get extra money for winning the Stanley cup. they will get the same salary wich usually is from $45,000 to $8,000,000. The NHL pays $6.5 million towards players playing in playoffs. in new CBA it will double. to $13 million. And it is prorated by games won and who wins the cup. NO ONE plays for free. Salary ends last day of season. For all players. players are paid for regular season. Extra funds are for playoffs

What if football is intercepted during extra point can it be returned for td?

A football cannot be intercepted on an extra point. As the extra point is kicked, not thrown. As far as two point conversions are concerned, if an interception is caught, it can be returned for two points, not a touchdown.

When was Football League Extra created?

Football League Extra was created in 1994.

When did Football League Extra end?

Football League Extra ended in 2004.

What is rushing extra players in football?

This is what is commonly called a blitz. Most defensive plays will have four players trying to rush the passer, when a team adds a fifth or even a 6th it is called a blitz.

What is the average salary for football players in Angola?

3 sheep, and a chicken. When a player makes a touchdown he is rewarded with an extra chicken, and sometimes even a rooster.

Has a team ever had to lose to make the playoffs?

No, the extra win always helps.

Why is aerobic endurance need for football players?

because footballers need to get up and down the pitch, and last the full 90 minutes, aswell as if there is extra time.

How many extra players are in a cricket team?

4 extra payers

Who in the NFL in the history of football has the most blocked extra points?

Who in the NFL in the history of football has the most blocked extra points

Do Football players earn extra pay if they do special things like man of the match or fulltime parttime finals captains?

Most players earn a basic wage, they are then paid bonuses for appearances, goals scored, and extra for competition games (fa cup, league cup, etc) these bonuses can double the salery.

What record did George Blanda achieve during his football career?

George Blanda holds the record for most extra points kicked.

Who did Germany defeat in the 2014 football world cup?

In the finals, they faced Argentina and won 1:0 during extra time.

Do basketball players get paid extra for a dunk?