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No, Soccer Players Don't get Rings because it's not a popular sport like Football,Basketball, and Baseball.


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A championship ring given to the players and staff of the Stanley Cup winning team.

Yes, the players and staff of the winning team traditionally get championship rings.

The requirements to getting a MLB championship ring are winning an MLB championship. There should not be a time limit for players being on the team.

all the players get a ring on the winning team

Karl Malone played 193 playoff games in his career, with two teams, without a championship.

no but there is a trophy for winning their conference

yes each player gets a championship share and ring for winning title, and some players have bonuses in their contracts also if they win championship? pretty much same for all 4 major sports - i belive superbowl champs get the biggest payout??

A ring is a ring you get after winning the super bowl(championship)... this ring is given to everyone in the franchise and is very expensive.

only a participation ring but really they dont get crap

The NFL gives the winning team $5,000 towards each player's ring (over $2 million just for all players rings). The players winnings are not affected by the cost of the ring.

Charles Barkley does not have a championship ring. The closest he has ever got to winning a championship, was in 1993, when he played with the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls and lost 4 games to 2.

no they don't because they get a ring whenever they win a championship

During early superbowl games (1960's) the newscasters routinely told us how much the winning and losing players made, and the cost/value of the superbowl ring. Now, it's probably so disgustingly huge - they are embarassed to tell the public.


NFL championship ring is a ring that is awarded to the winners of the league's annual championship game.

some players kiss the finger where the wedding ring should be to dedicate the goal to his wife.

Instead of a ring, a gold pocket watch was given to players for winning their first World Series in 1923.

No, only the winning team gets to receieve the Superbowl Ring. ---------------------- Wrong---the winners get the Super Bowl ring, but the losers also get their conference championship rings.

Each member of the winning team, as well as selected team employees, receives a championship ring of their own design. The team receives the Lombardi Trophy. Many players receive bonuses, some up to $1 million USD, for either for winning the game or for playing in the game (i.e their team won the conference).

Michael Jordan has 7 championship rings. With the North Carolina Tarheels, MJ made the game-winning jump shot in the 1982 NCAA Championship game against Georgetown University for his first 'championship ring'. In the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, MJ won championships in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1996, 1997, 1998 giving him his next six 'championship rings'.

Yes the team that loses the nba championship game gets the conference championship ring not as big or nice but a ring is a ring I guess...

Derek Jeter won his second championship ring in 1998.

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