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Quadrilaterals are polygons having four sides. Quadrilaterals may have 1, 2, or 4 right angles. It is impossible for a quadrilateral to have exactly 3 right angles because the fourth angle would also be a right angle.

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Do some trapezoids have 3 right angles?

Yes, a trapezoid can have 3 right angles.

Can a trapazoid have 3 right angles?

no. if you have 3 right angles it is impossible to not have a 4th right angle which would then be a square

How many right angles does a tetrahedron have?

a tetrahedron has 3 Right angles

Have many right angles does a pentagon have?

A pentagon can have 0 to 3 right angles.

Pentagon with 3 right angles?

A pentagon with 3 right angles is considered to be an irregular pentagon because not all angles and all sides are equal.

How do you draw a pentagon with 3 right angles?

First you draw a square. A square has 4 right angles. If you draw a line above one of the right angles and rub out the angle which you have drawn a line above you have a pentagon with 3 right angles.

How many right angles does a triangular prism have?

It has 12 right angles. 4 on each rectangular side. 3*4 = 12

How many right angles do you see in the letter F?

There are 3 right angles in the letter F

A shape with 3 right angles?

If the question is about a plane shape with exactly 3 right angles it could be an irregular polygon of 5 or more sides. If the shape can have more than 3 right angles then a square or rectangle are also possible. Finally, in 3 or more dimensions, a polyhedron with any number of faces can have 3 or more right angles.

Can a quadrilateral have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle?

No a quadrilateral can't have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle because if a polygon did have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle then it would not even be a quadrilateral.

Does a diamond have 3 right angles?

If a diamond does not necessarily have to have right angles in it, but if it does then all four corners have to be right angles. Think of a diamond as a turned square or rhombus.

Does a triangle has no right angles?

A triangle has no right angles when it is not a right angle triangle as for example as in the case of an equilateral triangle that has 3 equal 60 degree angles.

How many right angles are in the letter H?

There are 4 ninety degree right angles

Can a parallelogram can have at most 3 right angles?

No because a parallelogram in the shape of a rectangle has 4 right angles

How are parallelograms and trapezoids alike?

they both are trianglesThey both are QAUDRILATERALS.

What is the greatest number of right angles a hexagon can have?

A concave irregular hexagon can have up to 6 right angles. A convex irregular hexagon can have up to 3 right angles.

A figue has 2 right angles and 3 line segments is this a triangle?

No, not with two right angles. All the angles in a triangle add up to 180, you have that in two angles.

Can a parallelogram have 3 right angles?

Depends on your question. A rectangle is a parallelogram and has 4 right angles. BUT A parallelogram can have only a total of one, two, or four right angles. Mathematically, 3 right angles is 270 degrees. A parallelogram has 360 degrees. 360 - 270 = 90 degrees = right angle.

Write a word using capital letters your word needs to have 5 acute 2 obtuse and 5 right angles?

PANT. P has 3 right angles A has 3 acute and 2 obtuse angles N has 2 acute angles T has 2 right angles

Can a pentagon have 3 right angles?

Yes, my attempt at text art, below, is a 5-sided polygon (pentagon) with 3 right angles. _ | \ |_|

Does a equilateral triangle have any right angles?

No. It has 3 angles of 60° each.

How do you draw 3 lines and get 4 acute angles 4 right angles and 4 obtuse angles?

Extend all the lines of a right-angled triangle with sides of 3, 4 and 5 units. The extension of the lines forming the right angle will produce 3 other right angles. The extension of the lines forming the other two angles will produce 6 other angles. This gives a total of 12 angles, 4 of which are acute, 4 right and 4 obtuse.

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