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a lot because he is so good

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Who invented the arm shooting sleeve?

Allen iverson

Who started wearing the NBA shooting sleeve?

Allen Iverson

Why does Allen Iverson where an armband?

It's actually a sleeve and it keeps his shooting arm warm.

Why does Allen Iverson wear his armband?

It's actually a sleeve and it keeps his shooting arm warm.

Who invented the sleeve for basketball?

allen iverson

Who started the arm sleeve?

Allen Iverson

Who started the shooting sleeve?

Allen Iverson got his arm injured and his doctor gave him a sleeve to put on it. Even after his injury was healed, he wore it. It was like his trademark. Then other players started wearing them

What is the sleeve called Allen Iverson wears on his arm?

to keep his arm safe

What position does Allen Iverson play?

Allen Iverson played shooting guard/ point guard when Eric snow left Allen played point guard

Why the sleeve on Alan Iverson?

His name is spelt Allen IversonIverson began using a basketball sleeve during this season during his recovery from bursitis in his right elbow.[16] Other players, including Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant,[17] have adopted the sleeves as well, as did fans who wore the sleeve as a fashion statement.[18] Iverson continued wearing his sleeve long after his elbow had healed.[17] Some believe that the sleeve improved Iverson's shooting ability, while Steven Kotler of Psychology Today suggested that the sleeve may act as a placebo to prevent future injuries.[17]And that is why he wears the sleeve.

Why does Allen Iverson wear an arm band?

its to keep his shooting hand loose

Ray Allen vs Allen iverson?

Allen iverson

Was Allen iverson arrested?

Allen iverson was not arrested

Is Allen Iverson dead?

No, Allen Iverson is not dead.

Full name of Allen Iverson?

Allen Ezail Iverson

Is Allen Iverson Canadian?

No. Allen Iverson was born in Virginia.

What hand is Allen Iverson?

Allen Iverson is right handed.

Allen Iverson what state do Allen Iverson lives in?


Who is better Allen iverson or Micheal redd?

Allen Iverson is way better. Michael Redd is not nearly as good as Allen Iverson.

Who is better Allen Iverson vs Chris Paul?

Allen iverson

Who influenced Allen Iverson?

Allen iverson was influenced by yo mama.

What is the sleeve Allen Iverson wears on his arm?

He wears it, because of his gang tats he has to cover up due to league policy. What he wears is called a shooting sleeve, they are made to warm your arm and prevent injury while playing, and also it is supposed to improve shooting form, but some people say they are just for show and not helpful at all, shooting sleeves can keep your arm warm and prevent injury, and many people say that they are fantastic.

What is the birth name of Allen Iverson?

Allen Iverson's birth name is Allen Ezail Iverson.

When was Allen Iverson born?

Allen Iverson was born on June 7, 1975.

How many rings does Allen iverson have?

Allen Iverson has ZERO championship rings.