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Yes, he has two sons Tyler and Chase:)

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What is the birth name of Brandon Inge?

Brandon Inge's birth name is Charles Brandon Inge.

When was Brandon Inge born?

Brandon Inge was born on May 19, 1977.

What MLB baseball team does Brandon inge play for?

Brandon Inge plays for the Detroit Tigers.

How old is Brandon Inge?

Brandon Inge is 34 years old (birthdate: May 19, 1977).

Does Brandon inge have a family?

Yes, Brandon Inge does have a family. He and wife Shani have two sons Tyler and Chase:)

When and where was baseball player Brandon Inge born?

Brandon Inge was born May 19, 1977, in Lynchburg, VA, USA.

Who is the tigers thirdbaseman?

Brandon Inge

How tall is Brandon Inge?


What is Brandon Inge's birthday?

Brandon Inge was born on May 19, 1977.

Where does Brandon inge live?

Dexter Michiagn

What infielder has the strongest arm in baseball?

Brandon Inge

Where did Brandon Inge go to high school?

Inge went to Brookville High School in Lynchburg, VA.

Where did Brandon Inge go to college?

Virginia Commonwealth University

How many career grand slams does Brandon Inge have?


What college did Brandon Inge play for?

Virginia commonwealth university

Is Brandon Inge married?

Yes, he is maried. His wifes name is Shani

Why is Brandon Inge famous at his sport?

Brandon Inge is famous at his sport because he exceeded his 2005 totals with 398 assists. He also is known for dislocating his shoulder during a game but popping it right back in!

What is Brandon Inge famous for?

Brandon Inge is a professional baseball player in the United States. He is mostly a third basemen but has played many different positions. He used to play for the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland A's.

How Much is a Brandon Inge signed baseball?

Anywhere from 9-20 dollars.

What kind of bat does Brandon inge swing?

Louisville Slugger TPX Maple

Who did Adam Wainwright strike out to win the 2006 World Series?

He struck out Brandon Inge.

Who made the most errors for Detroit Tigers in 2010?

Brandon Inge did, with 20 errors.

Why was Brandon Inge kicked off of the Detroit Tigers team?

Because he is a clean player.

When and where did baseball player Brandon Inge play?

Brandon Inge debuted on April 3, 2001, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park; he played his final game on July 21, 2013, playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park.

Does Brandon Boyd have kids?

No! he does not have any kids!

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