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Tiger Woods

Does Tiger Woods like rap music?

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yes he did in his childhood, mabye not now...

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What kind of music does Tiger Woods listen to?

I've seen that he likes rap and things from the eightys to listen too

Do Peas Like Rap?

Yes. Peas do like rap music.

What kind of music is Nicki minaj?

her music is like pop and rap but mostly rap

Why do teens like rap music?

In my opinion rap music is horrible. Sometimes I can understand foreign music better than rap, which is sad. I think some people like it because, they think it's cool.

When was rap music first discovered?

Around the time rap was. Rap is fast and furious like the movie

What music does didier drogba like?

African music of course and he likes rap because he brought a lot of rap albums.

Does Saddam Hussein like music?

He does like rap especially.

Do more people like country or rap?

Country music is a lot better than rap because it has more meaning to the music and it takes almost no skill to rap.

What is the homonym for wrap?

rapDo you like rap music better than rock music?The doorbell is broken so you'll need to rap loudly on the front door.

What can you tell me about rap and music?

Well rap music has a catchy beat but the lyrics aren't always friendly, there are some nice Christian rap bands like Lecrae.

What tipe of rap is there?

there are all types of rap music like gangsta rap, hardcore rap, alternative rap, East Coast, West Coast, South etc.

What music does Snoop Dogg like?

Snoop Dogg likes rap music

Is rap music violent?

Alot of rap music is, actually, violent. But alot of raqp music is not violent. In rap you have people like 50 cent, but you aso have people like Lupe Fiasco or Common.If you look for violent rap you will find it, but if you look for clean lyrics you'll find those as well

Why rap music is a oxymoron?

Don't listen to what they say. If you like rap, listen to it. If you don't, then be on your own.

How does rap music affect god generally?

In general rap music does not affect God. It is the lyrics that people do not like and believes that it offends God. Rap music doesn't affect God. Nothing affects Him...He affects things.

What percent of Family Force five's music is rap?

Well, their music isn't really considered rap, they call it crunk rock. some of it sounds like rap, but it's sort of a mixture of every type of music.

What kind of music did Andrew Jackson like to listen to?

he specifically like underground rap music as i remember it

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